Scribbling these last few lines as a Delhi based blogger.  Moving to Bangalore in another 6 hours for some uncertain period of time. I have never lived alone, never been to hostel or boarding school, extremely pampered by mom and dad all these years I am taking the rough road finally.

Feeling very weird, never thought I would cry while moving out but I am crying. On dinner table tonight dad was as always trying to convince us he doesn’t need any more rice, when we all know that’s his style of saying he needs more, and mom was as always forcing some more rice on his plate asking him to give up the ‘drama’, I had tears in my eyes having realised how I wasn’t sure when again will I have these moments in my life. Its a long unknown way ahead, don’t know where it leads having mixed feelings…

No more crazy chest beating arguments with mom, no more visiting the boring Rabindra Sangeet Programs with her, no more telling her how her friends are actually not what the pretend to be and then end up getting into an argument because I said so… I have never told mom that I love her.

Everything is going to change in few hours, life would never be the same again…the walls, the furniture, the sound, the smell everything… and the scariest part is I don’t know what happens next.

Me and sis would never live together again… who would we share our daily stuff with? What would dad do? His whole world is around the three of us, Sis, Mom and me and I am his spoilt brat… Couldn’t fulfill his wish of learning to drive… What if Jango dies before I visit next…

I can’t write anymore today can’t see the key board and the PC screen…

Update: Jango Indeed died when I was not in Delhi in July 2009


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