Life in Bangalore II

An auto in Bangalore
Typically the case, this auto guy just refused a commuter

Its 11.30 in the night and I can’t sleep.

Came to bed at 10 been tossing and turning since then, eyes are burning, there’s a headache, feeling feverish and yet I can’t sleep. The bloody mind just won’t stop thinking.

I have not been able to understand Bangalore’s weather yet. I am basically a hot person (pun intended), used to taking cold water bath Feb onwards while I was in Delhi. The entire month of Jan when I was in Pune there also I used to take cold water bath, but here I find the water a bit too cold, so I prefer warming it up a bit. May be that’s why ever since I have come here I feel feverish every night and also cough a lot and get up every morning with a headache and sore throat. Just not been able to understand what to do. May be should start taking cold water bath.

During the day however I just love the weather. The only thing that I don’t like about Bangalore so far are the auto-walaahs. I’d say they are much more rude than their Delhi counterparts. To begin with, all place seem to be unacceptable to them. Ask them, “Assayee Road to Millers road?” “No” comes the answer.

At times they are so rude, they won’t even respond to you. At the very utterance of the name Assayee road they would make such a face and would drive away from you so fast, that you would feel sorry for ever wanting to go to a place like Assayee Road.

Now ask them vice versa, “Millers Road to Assayee Road?” “No.” “Assaye road to Vasanth Nagar?” “No”. “vice versa?” “No.” “Millers road to MG road?” Yes. Thankfully. But “Vice Versa?” No. “MG road to Assaey road?” No. or Yes but one and half.Mahtani mansion bangalore

Its so damn irritating. If I tell them Assaye road, they don’t know where it is. So I tell them the nearest known place, that’s either Cox Town or Ulsoor Lake. And those places are again unacceptable. One would think since Ulsoor is a sight seeing place (well not really but kind of), auto guys shouldn’t have problem finding passengers from there…but usmein bhi problem.

The other day while coming back from MG road I told the autowallah, “Assaye road?” He said, “Achint Road amma” I said, “No, Assaye Road, Ulsoor Lake ke paas”, but he is adamant. He thinks I am mistaking Achint Road to be Assaye Road…how weird, as if I wouldn’t know where I have to go.

Anyway, I spotted a pre paid auto booth. A lady there made a strange face at the sound of Assaye Road. I told her Near Ulsoor Lake. On hearing Ulsoor Lake, she went about telling me a whole lot of things for 5 long mins in her mother tongue…most probably kannada. I just could hear the word, Ulsoor Lake and railway station too many times amidst her conversation. Once she stopped I told her, “not near the station, its near UlsoorLake.

She then charged me Re. 1 as service charge and gave me a bill of Rs. 18/- Here you don’t pay to the authorities. You pay to the auto wala only but the amount is pre fixed. So it’s actually ‘rate pre-fixed auto booth’ and not ‘pre-paid’.

When I finally reached my PG the guy started saying, (read this with the accent) “Ulsoor Lake bola tha na amma ye to aage a gaya na, paanch rupiya aur dene.” I got very infuriated. I yelled at him and stormed out. If the authority don’t understand Assaye Road is that my problem, and my PG is just about few meters from Ulsoor Lake. And in any case I had given him Rs. 20/-

The first day, when I couldn’t get any auto while coming back from work I got really worried. Didn’t know bus, didn’t even know the routes that I’ll walk down. After being turned down by about 7-8 autos I got emotional with the 9th one. “Cox town?” I said. (that time I didn’t know I should be calling it Assaye Road) “No” came the response.

I immediately asked stopping him from driving away, “Idhar se Cox Town ka bus route pata hai aapko?”No”. I said, “aapko bus route nahi pata, hum ko nahi pata, aur aap log koi nahi jaate ho, koi ghar kaise jaayega. kyon nahi chalte hai aap log.

He said, “abhi us side mein nahi jaane ka hum ko,” and quickly drove away.

I repeated the same question to the 10th guy as well. He didn’t know what to say and drove away. I guess the 12th or 13th guy agreed to go.

I have now realised it completely depends upon theories of probability whether I’d get an auto or not. There’s no other logic. I just keep hitting on each one of them.


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  1. the driver licence display system at the back of every autodriver seat should have a websitelink to lodge complaint on the autowala.
    then only these people will change. the govt should look into solving this issue seriously,,


  2. It is unfortunate that you had to have such experiences in B’lore. Kannadigas are warm people but in recent times there is some hostility seen towards outsiders. A traveller like you should know better…cities are hardly habitable these days.

    How about you write a good post about bangalore and make us feel better :)


  3. hi i understand u’r gratitude. i was staying in bangalore for more than 4 years, and i too have observed though, being a kanagadiga, i too have faced many problems woth the auto walas, they just have to say no most of the time, There commutteres have increased like any thing in blr so they r not bothered abt losing the passangers. HTe best solotions os to own a vehicle


  4. Hi!! sorry to see you have a tough time. It’s happened to me for 4 long years and finally I quit and settled in Pune. I simply love Pune.

    Here’s a small account of a very very helpful auto-wala I met the day I was catching my train to Pune. Initially we agreed on going a small distance I thought I knew, I had to return the BSNL landline + telephone book etc and get my money back since I was bailing out for good. Well, I was in for a shock…I kept being bounced between various BSNL offices and no one was ready to accept the stuff and return my money…I wasted around 1 hour to finally locate the correct office. I reached there at 4:30. I seems the office is supposed to be open till 5:00 or 5:30…I forget, anyway, on reaching the watchman said that ‘saaab’ has left since today is a friday! Son-of-a-gun! I had spent more money locating the damn place than what I would get back from BSNL. I took the entire set, phone book et all and dumped in front of the watchman and went home. All through this the auto-driver never complained and stopped at a dozed places and talked in Kannada to help me find the place.

    Hats off to him! That one auto-driver = !(all the sadistic and selfish auto-drivers in the city).

    brrrr….even thinking about Bangalore is giving me the chills…

    anyways.. live & let live.


  5. Bangalore is the most hostile city in India i have ever visited.

    I am a Mangalorean by birth, but was brought up in Kolkata. And have studied and worked in so many places Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati and recently chennai too.

    But when i visited Bangalore (almost for the first time you can say – as the last time i came here was when i was a kid) – i found terrible hostility right from the auto driver to ordinary locals. I am well travelled and can sense and differentiate hostility from simple misunderstanding.

    Here are some examples – i asked auto driver what was the fare to MG Road (from kormangla), asked in hindi (i dont know kannada) – he answered 120 rupees. Upon reaching MG Road, i gave him Rs 150 expecting Rs 30 in return, but he refused to return, and started talking in kannada. Ofcourse he was playing the trick of using local language (having mysteriously forgotten hindi he spoke just 30 mins back). Anyway, i laughed and left rs 30 extra with him, with a very poor view of the city.

    Another i took a ride in a friends car, and the dude made some minor mistake perhaps not sure what happened, but i heard not less than three people hurling abuses at him. And i just peeped out, and tried to explain and say sorry – in english hindi (whatever works) – but the crowd immediately grew from 3 to over 10, all no interest in resolving the situation, but hurling abuses – and only reason i could see was that – locals sensed that we were outsiders – and were acting themselves from that point onwards.

    i was left wondering if i was still in india?

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  6. hi

    can u please tell me
    how to reach sona towers , Millers road
    from baglore city railway station.

    i will be grateful
    thanks(before 9 feb 2008)


  7. I am wondering why you did not bother to learn a few Kannada phrases before getting onto an auto. Why would you expect the locals to learn your language? A little respect goes a long way !

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  8. I totally agree with u M….why should people expect these autowallas to know the language u speak ….U plan to stay in a city for long time…u should try to pick up the language….their attitude remains the same in any city….remedy..get adapted to this…or …go for own vehicle…[no other choice]


  9. I agree with demigod. Bangalore is highly corrupted, polluted and dirty. For that matter the whole India. Indian govt is inefficient. All politician bastards should be burnt to death!!!! Shame on Indian govt. All bloody politicians are shameless. Full of corruption. Good for nothing!


  10. Well,

    Sorry to hear yet another account of a person harassed by what I have to call “Bangalore-iyat”!!

    The truth is, in Bangalore, its a seller’s market, simply because the buyers have no time to raise a voice against the inferior quality service rendered to them everywhere from restaurants to shops to everywhere! The fact that I have lived in at least 7 different states in India, hopefully, gives you an idea that I have seen a lot!

    Fact remains that Bangalore is a seriously deprived city! I had never in my life bought a movie ticket in advance! But, here, you can’t imagine of planning watching a movie just like that! Plus, it now even costs Rs 300 for some movies on weekends!

    About the price, its an artificial situation created by some people out to fleece the corporate population! Now, even the locals have to face the brunt simply because some idiots jacked up the prices in order to earn a quick buck, and now, everyone, including the “not-greedy” locals also bearing the brunt of price rise!

    Bangalore sucks way more than any other city I have been to / heard of! (I live in Bangalore, bdw!)


  11. Bangalore is crawling with ___ like these coming from various ___ in India. Learn kannada you

    If you can’t, go back to ___ you came from. Stay away from our land all you
    (Edited by blog author)


  12. I was in bangalore for 3 yrs and now m in mumbai. The auto wallahs in bangaloe are a pain. Mumbai is much better off in this regard. The only thing i miss abt bangalore is the weather…. MISS IT!!!.


  13. Outsiders in Bangalore need to understand that they are increasingly hated by the locals. And why should any of the Auto drivers know Hindi? Bangalore is not in North India and Hindi is not the native tongue of any Bangalore native. If you want some good service in Bangalore learn Kannada, speak in Kannada, and then post. When in Rome – do as the Romans do.


  14. I thought I wouldn’t spread anymore hatered for the autodrivers in Bangalore, but everytime one of the so called Localites tries to defend this nastiest breed on the face of earth I just can’t stand it.. The other day I was so sick, I could hardly walk and I had to look for an auto to reach office. You guys won’t believe I literally begged them to go, I offered 3 of them to pay Rs.10 extra, when that didn’t work to the 4th one I offered simply said ‘bhayia extra lelo.’ to the 5th, 6th, 7th ones I requested with a please and said I was not well…But none would go. I guess the 10th guy was ready to take me.

    Just how disgusting is it. Not just that, I just read in Bangalore Mirror that these MFs made the maximum money on the Bangalore Blast day, they demanded as much as 1k from shaken people wanting to reach home ASAP.

    When Delhi blasts happen the auto wallahs were the first one to give free service to the victims and others. No wonder it is the city of dilwalas

    And language has got nothing to do with this..

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  15. Hey,

    Iam have been in bangalore for the past 6 years…and i understand the difficulty with autos and bus numbers…
    Follow these rules:

    1. try to learn basic kannada atleast to speak to these locals…say “how much”,”Will you go to…”

    2. Bus numbers and routes are availble as books in book stalls.Get that…

    3. If nothing works, own a vehicle.

    My Tips:
    If you can speak tamil,it would be good… as most of the auto wallahs can manage Tamil.

    If you find that auto wallah is a muslim, try talking in Hindi.If it is urdu, the better :)

    I can handle Hindi, Tamil and a bit kannada…so talking in not a problem.

    But one thing i must admit…Bangalore ha lost its charm..i no more feel good to be at bangalore!


  16. Maybe the Auto drivers can reduce the enormous pressure on Bangalore from all the migration.

    If you don’t like Bangalore, please leave. Most cities from where you critics are from are anyways cesspools.

    Just because you couldn’t clean your native town doesn’t give you the free reign to attack Bangalore locals and natives. Kolkotta, Patna, Lucknow, Ranchi, Bhopal, Agra, NCR and Mumbai are all cesspools.

    When you are in Chennai, try talking in Hindi to the Auto driver and see how far you go. Atleast you should be gratefull that the Auto drivers acknowledge you in Bangalore when you speak in Hindi.



  17. what does poor a transport system have to do with language… really funny… I guess no one wants to hear the truth about anything now a days … I guess we should all behave like Gandhis 3 monkeys… c no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…


  18. Hi,

    Bangalore Native, why should we learn Kannada, its not our national language? I guess living in Bangalore has made you forget that a country has a national language which we all should speak. Dont just speak for Bangalore or South India speak for the whole nation ok. This is a democratic country, have u forgotten that….

    I really dont understand the communalism here.Why the locals are so insecure?
    Its been 2 years in Bangalore for me. I clearly remember the day when I was new , an autowala for no reason told me that all north Indians are taking up all the good jobs in Bangalore.
    The ignorant guy dosent know that MNC’s hire not on the basis of caste or creed but on merit. If we have the calibre we get the job, I guess all will agree to this.
    So why this attitude?

    Its been 2 years and though i have tried I just cant understand the attitude of the people here.
    They are rude and extremely hostile.

    Its really not giving a good impression about Bangalore and its people I must say.

    The autowalas seriously need guerilla training for their attitude and rudeness.

    All I can say is Bangalore just chill and smile. It dosent pay much to be hospitable to outsiders but surely leaves a good impression about the people, culture and Place.


  19. Bangalore is a terrible place. The IT industry came here just because things were cheap here and the weather was good, there was less pollution. Now, except for the weather, everything else is upside down.

    The pollution is horrible, the narrow crappy roads unable to accommodate the growing traffic, and more people flocking into this place every day like this is heaven. Not to mention the auto wahllas. Arseholes.

    Add to it the ones who have never a test before acquiring a drivers license. I wonder how these idiots managed to get a license, if at all they have one.

    Bangalore is one of the shittiest place in the world, only next to chennai.


  20. Hi,
    Whatever you have written here, are nothing but the FACT….
    I have also had same kind of incident with me…
    Here in angalore I found,a few people who r helpful.But most of hte people, when thye get to know that, u r not from Karnataka, Immediately their response becomes too harse, rude.

    Their should be one community, which will handle this kind of problems.
    Anyway I found something on WEB, If it will be helpful, then let me know….


  21. Thats true, i faced this problem in everyday life. But i am free from it now, coz i bought a bike :-)

    I advise the same, and one more thing..bangalore is better than any other south indian cities.


  22. It’s true that bangalore auto-drivers don’t “serve”, and that has (a?) little to do with what language you use. While I’m not condoning this, please show me a place in the country where auto-drivers (or people of comparable socio-economic background) are standing examples of courtesy or service.

    What is indeed surprising is that NOT a FUCKING soul on this blog (or elsewhere) realises – or analyses why auto-drivers (or anyone else) reacts in the way they do. There is shit-load of reaction to this post, but the content and quality is really scatological.

    The mumbaikars can barely hide their displeasure at the mention of the word “bhaiyya”. The delhi-wallahs reserve choice phrases for “madrasis”. The chennai-ites simply can’t get worked up enough about “northies”. The mallus can only get along with the “gelf” returned. The neighbourly love between the surds and the jats can inspire an ashes series. So, (me included) stop this finger pointing.

    Auto-drivers are underpaid – no Madam, the Rs10 extra that you offered will go no way in paying the monthly Rs1000 school fees per child that the auto-driver has to dish out. Nor will it buy a plate of idli. The Rs10 means next to nothing to us (bloggers). Just imagine your boss offering you a Rs10 extra for putting in some extra time !!!! What choice phrases would you employ on him?

    Social inequity is what makes auto-drivers behave the way they do.

    In India we take pride not in what we have, but in what we have when compared to someone else who has lesser than us. As long as we keep this inequity, we cannot expect courteous, civil behavior.

    And please stop taking outrageous positions of moral (or social) superiority by offering Rs 10 extras.


  23. In response of Vinay’s post-
    go to Ahemdabad and you will know about the behavior of an Auto Driver. When visited Ahemdabad last summer, I was pleasantly surprised.


  24. If you guys dont like bangalore then why do you want to stay here & make it more populated,just leave it & go to some other place.


  25. To Sonia (and Deepak ),
    Sonia`s statement about Kannada not being the national language speaks enough about northies`knowledge of India, like most of the northies you too are naturally ignorant of India. Are you too from Italy? Lat me tell you that India has more than 15 national languages and Kannada is one of them. And your stupid Hindi is nothing but a copy of Arabic and Persian with immoral mixing of some Sanskrit words in it and does not have a history earlier to muslim invasion into India. We should be ashamed of that language. Ask anyone who has read our constitution and don`r ask Sonia, she doesn`t know it.


  26. The more these local idiots burn their calory hating us, north indians, the better for us. These SOBs dont have a proper education system, a fucked up notion about intellect a dish full of safron coloured cowdung inside their head. We have come to bangalore and have earned a decent buck in the last decade. Now if these morons dont start their introspect, our next generation in north india is gearing up to come here and accumulate all the money from right under their nose. It seems these MFs are perfect exceptions of Darwin theory. They started their journey from apes to homosapians but midway lost the plot. Even our LORD RAMCHANDRA had to spend a few days with them (banar sena) to achieve his great goal.

    And for these local Auto-walas?
    Just give them a MIDDLE-FINGER and move on in life. I bought a car in 1999, just after one year of landing in this shithole. Not that I could easily afford a car but shelling out EMIs is far more satisfactory than begging autodriver.


  27. The author of this post is a mere capitalist pig. Go Google for term.

    If you find Delhi – autowalas better, please go and settle there back!!! What stopped you in Bangalore?? Money?? hmmm…

    Sane people don’t fall into the generalization trap (like all bangalore auto – wallahs are bad, all Delhi – wallas are dilwale). But, yep, these north India people are full of ‘literate but not educated’ kind of folks and are insane. How much is your Delhi safe for women ma’am, as compared to Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad and Bangalore? Sometimes, it feels as if you guys talk out of inferiority complex. Especially, I have a high regard for Delhi – ites, but UP Bihar bhaiyaas also talk as if kannadigas are beggars like them.

    If you are living in Bangalore, from many years, earning money, whats the problem for you to get basics of the local language? Learn Marathi in Money – pur, what we call as Mumbai.

    BTW, I am a Marathi from MH, ok? I think you live in B’lore for 5 years or more, learn the local language. DO NOT BE NORTH INDIAN FASCISTS.

    Support MNS. Support Akali Dal. Support Manipuris killing Bhaiyas. okay?


  28. Whoa!!! So glad I read this…born in Delhi, living in Chicago, US since I was 13 years of age – I recently got a lucrative offer to transfer to the company’s Bangalore R&D center. While I have not made a final decision yet, reading the comments here is certainly not giving a very encouraging picture :( I don’t believe in North Indian – South Indian divide, but it seems some people do. Sad, but its true.
    What’s appalling is that there’s more racism in India (differentiating between North and South Indians) then there is in other parts of the world.


  29. Whoa, pple, pple, hang on a minute, u guys r nothing but liars. I usd to think hindi is our national language n delhi is awesome, so is north india n rest of india.
    But what i experienced was a culture shock, when i first stepped into the hindi heartlands!!!!
    Its totally screwed up system- IAM NOT KIDDING!!!
    its like dog eat dog world out there n pple r disgusting with no personal hygene. man, when i came back to Bangalore, it felt like heaven(with train filled with immigrants from upnorth ofcourse!!!). Im proud that i m born n raised in this beautiful garden city, those who suffer here r the only ones who want to make bangalore just like the rest of india, which aint gonna happen – dream on… bitch.
    stop bad mouthin u stinky northies, congas, mallus. And if u think hindi is national language, u must be the dumbest person on the planet earth, coz its a misconception, its not a fact. learn GK first, u morons.
    And one more thing, all those Congas(Tamils) who openly bad mouth abt kannadigas will get their due very soon…. get ready to get ur ass kicked u rascals….
    Nobody is tryin to divide any1, u urself is tryin to be alienated from the rest of us – which is very gud, we dont want any bad Karma.
    Live n let live, dont bring ur native influences around here…..




  31. most of the comments seem to be written by idiots. We ave the largest number of movie goers in the world ( more than the next ten big countries put together) so it is obvious. If you like you can invest and make money instead of writing some stupid comments.


  32. Yes, speakeroftruth you really are a speaker of truth!
    Hindi is not the national language of India. It is not even 150 year – old, a dirty mixture of Persian, Sanskrit and what not! Tamil and Marathi are two of the most ancient languages in India.
    Go check Wikipedia.

    Hindi heartlands completely suck and they will never grow! How many cosmopolitan cities can one show me at the Hindi speaking places where all people, Kannadigas, Gujarathis, Punjabis and Bengalis stay together? Almost none except Delhi. That too, because Delhi is the capital!

    Civility and Delhi are two opposites, be it crime, be it safety for women, or be it a good huge educated class public with modern thoughts, that is all found only in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore, or else we can say Deccan Plateau in short!

    Learn civility.

    Ma’am, how safe are women in Delhi? Would love to know your replies!


  33. I think Bangalore is still better, when compared to what happens in middle east and european countries for people who dont have ther own vehicles —

    you are at the mercy of them if you dont have your own vehicle, i agree there has to be a system that has to be in place, but to say … i have been in bangalore for 25 year – from my birth, i have never heard of the road name what u told, it might be because the road name has been changed or something similar….


  34. I guess I can’t defend the indefensible… Auto drivers in Bangalore are bad… But as a frequent traveller over the last 6 month, I’d like to point out that I’ve had bad experiences in Chennai, Delhi, Bombay, Pondicherry, Pune, Jaipur and Aleppey (in Kerala) as well.

    The eye opener was when I had to get out of an auto at 10:30 pm in the night in the middle of nowhere in Bombay (of all cities! never thought I’d ever have a problem here) because the meter was so obviously rigged.

    Guess the underlying problem is economic, which is something that one of the earlier commentors mentioned as well.


  35. Both sides of the argument are extreme. However, I agree that:
    1) Auto drivers in bangalore are not saints, primarily due to economic underpinnings.
    2) Non-natives of karnataka should learn to speak at least barebones kannada to live in bangalore; Kannada is a recognized national language in India. Even if it were not; who cares? learn to speak the language where you live.
    3) If Bangalore provides you a livelihood, make it your own. Why distance yourself from your home away from home? Why would you expect respect and sensitivity from people towards whom you don’t reciprocate such behavior?

    Bangalore has for a long time been a city filled with chivalrous people. Bangaloreans have loved it as a calm and peaceful city. With the huge influx of people now, bangaloreans are taken aback. The situation will equilibrate and get better. Please be patient, and try to help the process. Show that you genuinely care for bangalore and it’s people, and in turn bangalore and bangaloreans will care for you.

    Well, thats my two cents worth. If you are too good for this advice, solve your own problems and dont rave and rant in public fora.


  36. To Jayati, (if you still follow this thread),

    Please read these two books: “The journey of man”, and “The real eve”. Your misconceptions about North and South Indians may get cleared.


  37. Bangalore is not a rude city. I was there for three years and mostly loved it (except the overpriced food, and the horrible auto guys). Of course auto guys are too bad there. But I found the same in Delhi and Chennai too. In Kolkata I didnt find any non-shared autos :D (around salt lake area). Only Mumbai comes out with some grace.


  38. Well, I heard enough from both sides. I have an offer to go to Bangalore to lead a project. As I am a Born Jaffna Tamil British citizen, do you think I will have any problem leading the Indians. Can I find a nice accomodation need to be safe and clean.


  39. See, Auto Drivers own or run their autos and they have a right to take u in or keep moving.He gets to make the choice.And I get the same response as you do.I am basically from TamilNadu and I speak good Kannada.To keep trying without taking offense is the best thing.

    Before blaming bangalore go try talk in Hindi to any auto driver in Chennai.Don’t blame me if u get hit.

    Not just Bangalore, any new city is like that.No one can talk in a south indian language in north india and survive.You like it or not it is like that.if you intend to survive in this city(any city) , learn the basics.Don’t act like u r too good to learn Kannada.Even our auto drivers(not much educated) take steps and learn to speak Hindi.If you can’t learn a new language, if u have problem with languages you should have not come to a city where most people might not speak Hindi.Did u think u can come here and educate every.Sell your Hindi is national language some where else.Too bad…

    (Irrelevant :)
    If u look back into the history of Tamil Nadu, u can see so many protests against learning Hindi and find some anti hindi movements and these are not long ago.But still that attitude is well rooted in Tamilnadu.And their english is good by the way.Not one person in Tamilnadu might say ‘ij’
    to mean ‘is’.But Kannadigas are better than that chennaites.Even auto wallas as u call them, have learned some Hindi and have taken steps.And it’s really difficult for the well educated group to learn a few basic kannada.You don’t fit in Bangalore.Run away.You just don’t have the right attitude.

    And people who want to leave Bangalore, please do it early.No one is begging you to stay.No kannadiga is really pleased to see you violating their land and language.


  40. i have never come across a more HOSTILE set of local population than in Bangalore.

    Its not just auto-drivers, the common man on the street displays significant Hostility towards outsiders. Whats wrong with them?


  41. Bengali is the mother tongue of the people in WEST BENGAL, people do not have good hold over Hindi, but people try and speak in Hindi, when Bengalis are ridiculed more often for bad hindi but I guess we feel ashamed, we try and improve our Hindi, when we speak to Non Bengalis we speak Hindi RASHTRA BHASHA
    In buses autos we cooperate and speak in Hindi
    I guess that is due to proximity to North India, the huge Marwari, Gujrati settlement and the warmth of the people


  42. I see people telling others to leave Bangalore
    Just want to highlight West Bengal is the among the most densely populated states in India
    You have huge number of people from Andhra, Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, Nepal and to top it all immigrants from Bangladesh

    Bengal is like a mother – who so ever comes she will accept with arms wide open


  43. It would be unfair if I do not say this historical truth, Bengal was part of the Kingdoms in North & Central India
    Devapala the King of Bengal ruled much of Central and North India at one time

    Bengali & Hindi and close from Linguistic point of view
    So I think it is more North Indian

    South India through most of its history was not part of North Indian Kingdoms

    Lets understand our differences
    respect one another’s culture
    and find
    resolution to our problems


  44. i am re-visiting bangalore after a decade – and damn, i was in for a culture shock!! what little fond memories i had of bangalore back in the late 90s flew out the window, the moment i landed. the fact that “south indian were better than north indians” notion suddenly seemed laughable. except, i found myself seething in rage over a fight with the most uncivilized crude and f#$#%$%^ crazy auto driver. it felt as if the devil possessed the souls of 3 wheeler drivers… some kind of nasty spell that made them cheat, demean and misbehave with just about any passengers… probably worst with out-of-state visitors. Language is just an excuse for them to swindle passengers. I love Bangalore for its weather.. and then hate the autowallas that roam the streets for easy victims..i wish them all to hell… the karnataka govt. should put them through some moral science class and teach the basic of politeness, all that is good and righteous…
    and shed that bad skin of diseased attitude…
    seriously, where are the rama senas.. when they need to straighten these bad apples..


  45. @hatethemautowallas

    I don’t blame you, I have exactly the same feelings.. just yesterday, from yeshwantpur rly station to kammanahalli one of them asked for Rs 280. After negotiating he came down to ‘meter + one and half’. This at 10 am in the morning. When I asked what for one and half, he said “Off ring road no mam” I mean they come up with the most bizarre of experience to suck all your blood.

    The actual cost by meter in the evening was Rs.106 + 20 I paid as tips, and in the morning from pre paid auto booth they made a bill of 134 + I paid 15 as tips.


  46. Hi,

    I am getting pretty nervous now. I am a pucca Dilli-wala who is in Hyderabad for last 1 & a half year. I visit Bangalore almost every three months and always find it a better place than Delhi or Hyderabad. Now I have an option of either staying back in hyderabad (which I don’t like for some business reasons), going back to Delhi or moving to Bangalore. I will be making same kind of money in all three places. I have a family and own cars- so commuting in auto rickshaw will be least required. All I need is real good atmosphere for my kids to grow in, good company for my wife and some nice friends for myself that I always miss in Hyderabad. What do you guys suggest – Delhi or Bangalore? Need honest opinions from both north Indians who have settled there & locals?

    And, for God’s sake & for the sake of this country with rich diversity, please don’t abuse others who may not be like you. Being a tourism professional, I can tell that the biggest advantage our country has got is the diversity – both geographical and cultural, don’t ruin it by expecting everyone to be just like you, and every city to be just like your own city. Learn to respect others, at least till they do no intentional harm to you.

    Let’s shift focus of this blog from Auto-wallahs to other aspects of Bangalore.


  47. all bangloroians are fucking ass holes..and mother fuckers are the autowalas..they dont how to behave and react..they are the shit and blzck hole for our country..they shuld be short dead asap..thats it.!!!


  48. What bangalore is today is just because of Tamilians and Andhrites. Some contribution of north indians also… But kannadigas are real dumb people with absolutely zero IQ. I think kannadigas are not even evolved. They hate tamilians but they don’t realize if tamilians were not in Karnataka , they would have been beggars begging from other states


  49. really sad to read all the comments man.. im almost suprised the majority of the ppl who post on this blog are haters, very few sane voices- maybe this is what india is turning into


  50. Dear outsiders in Bangalore: First of all bear in mind that you people are OUTSIDERS here anyday. Why do you people blame auto drivers. The kind of treatment you people get from them and we localites get is totally different. They are sincere people who work hard to make their living and they don’t tolerate the rubbishness of you people.

    Somebody above has said that Kannadigas are dumb people and beggars. The world knows that not even a dog can live happily in Tamil nadu. If you people are so patriotic about your mother land, you would have naturally lived and worked in your own town and made it beautiful. You are a parasite depending on others mother land and it’s resources and talking wrong things about them. Kannadigas are not cheap people like you. They don’t have a cheap mentality. They are broad minded and they are self sufficient. They don’t stoop to a low level of ridiculing other people in Bangalore. You are getting your bread in other’s home town, other’s mother land, not in yours. If you have the guts in your balls go and make your city like Bangalore. You can never do it. A day may not be too far that you will be kicked out, so just mind your tongue.


  51. This thread actually reveals the true face of India’s unity in diversity crap. I dunno whether I should be proud or ashamed for hosting this thread…


  52. Its not about Delhi,Bihar,Maharashtra or B’lore.. the point is.. “Poori Country ka Haal yahi hai !”..


  53. You all people SUCK ! If you are the fighters for your Bloody Motherland..Go and fight for Army..stop Blogging you Bullshits !


  54. OriginalBangalorean.If We all go back to our hometown.
    U people cant survive.
    Did U forget how you get the income?we pay Rent and don’t stay here for free. The companies based here are paying taxes.
    And what are you talking about Motherland and India is my Motherland and your hometown is a part of it.

    Read the above comment against the Autowallahs.if you can, just ask them to so justice to their job and demand money what he deserves and keep the hooliganism at his hows.

    @Rajesh,North India is a better option.
    @Ramalingam,Mean comment sir.Hehe Almost truth

    @Everybody:I would have replied to everybody,but they would understand.

    just one thing. THink as an Indian first. and Keep your Bangalore to yourself


  55. There is no need to learn kannada to live in bangalore..I read someone said this is bangalore not north india…how can u forgot tht u live in india…if u hv guts show me ur PAN card written in kannada or ur passport in kannada…the north indian who lives in bangalore pays more income tax thn others….The bangalore IT industry is running due to the north indian…u dont even know to pronunce English n u talk big …..I am also kannadiga so better mind and talk


  56. Learn Kannada.
    We are demanding proper service.

    M & Eliza: Your Language?Grow up guys.Due to some of you peoples small thinking, so many others have to take the blame.
    Whats up with you people.Is Hindi an alien language ?Never Learnt atleast one subject in school?Is Karnatakan education system so ignorant that they dont include Hindi in their languages?
    Hindi almost uses urdu words.I dont speak Hindi at home.I ‘m from the south and I speak Hindi.
    If we coming here should know your language, why you people run to spoken english institutes.Join a call centre with your kannada oriented english(No everybody).
    Putting in so much effort to learn an accent.Why cant u ppl make an effort to learn basic phrases of Hindi.

    Priya :Go ask the Traffic Cop.
    Once in Brigade Road, an autoDriver got thrashed denying a passenger who approached the auto.
    Try reading some auto0traffic Rules.Khule Saand Nahi Hain woh, they have rules too.

    It was such a good city when I first came to Bangalore in 2002. 3 days, I had the best times. Really nice climate. One shopKeeper uncle.(found one bad autowallah. Took me to JC Nagar when I said JP nagar and said because he didnt understand Hindi he got confused,hehe.).Some local friends.(Come da, go da.Lets have some breakfast da,it was gud tho)
    Trees on the Roadside as you walk.Just Awsome

    After 2008,Everything seems changed except the Auto Drivers.

    People seem have taken things for granted……..


  57. Anti-Bangaloren – Thanks for your suggestion, the only one received so far against my earlier post of 29th March.

    I had the opportunity to spend almost a week in Bangalore recently, driving all by myself & visiting many places – commercial & residential.

    Having travelled extensively in India, I still felt Bangalore is much better than most cities i have been to including my native place – Delhi. The people are actually better-behaved, the traffic sense is much better despite all the traffic, the roads & pavements & overall maintenance of the city is much much better. I agree it is much more expensive though.

    As my purpose was to evaluate the city from the viewpoint of settling there, I interacted with people from all walks of life (including asking ‘Autowallahs’ for directions) & from different parts of India including the old Bangaloreans, no one showed any kind of negative feelings towards people from other communities or regions. So I am left wondering why all this hatred on this blog? Aren’t the bloggers like us expected to be more educated, and therefore suave & gentle?

    The city does have many negative points, but then which city does not have? The problem is, we want our wife to cook like our mother did.

    I think we need to carefully see what we need for ourselves and chose from our options accordingly. Merely blaming others will only add to our own frustrations. If you are staying there & are not liking the place, it means you are forced to stay there for some reason or the other, just like i am forced to stay at Hyderabad for the time being as the cost of relocation & re-admission of children is huge. My request is that instead of spreading more hatred through these blogs, please find out what is best for you and chose your destiny, rather than continuing to suffer. And that holds good for everyone, in any part of the world.



  58. Oh I would like to write a few things too. I am a Kannadiga (Not from Bangalore) and have travelled the whole of the country staying in major metros for atleast a couple of years (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad). And If I were to rate all these places in the order of preference, Bangalore will be towards the bottom somewhere just above Delhi.

    I have seen Bangalore grow closely and in the wrong way. the people in bangalore are getting exceedingly self-centered and opportunistic. In terms of my respect, I cannot differentiate between an auto-driver and a rabid dog.

    Trouble is the educated Bangalorean is much helpless. Bangalore about 15 years back was a heaven to stay in. Now it is being ruled by non-tax paying illiterate and uncultured scums. To add to the misery of a tax paying educated citizen, the law enforcing authorities are…………. Politicians (irrespective of the party they belong to) are ———– of the first order too.

    Unfortunately, people like me can only see the beauty of this great city die before ours eyes since we are helpless and can hardly do anything to influence the prevailing culture here. I am therefore trying my best to get away from this heaven turned shit-hole.

    But for those who are new here (doesn’t matter where you are from, please ignore the rude comments from fellow bangaloreans above), People of Karnataka are one of the most cultured. Really. Therefore do not be judgemental about us just by your interaction with these illiterate bangalore crowd.

    And it feels so cheap to read about karnataka is ours, india is yours, north-indian, south indian — sheesh, talk about progressive society!! The educated young mass is fighting on a blog post using regionalism.. WTF???

    get a life people!!!


  59. Drivers in Bangalore are a bunch of immature kids. They’re like apes with toys too complex for them to handle.
    Ignorant whose only avenue for machismo is behind the wheels of their piddly cars.
    They think they should drive on lane markers, not between them. They also think driving = overtaking. They believe a good drive is when you reach from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, overtaking the maximum number of cars, breaking the maximum number of traffic signals, and cutting across the maximum number of cars on the road, while blowing the horn for the maximum possible time.
    In what way is a single Bangalore car/van/tempo-traveller driver better than his auto-driving counterpart?

    And these believe, with all sincerity, that they live in a ‘world class’ city.


  60. Wow, 80 comments!

    Sometimes I feel glad that this blog post has become such a platform for this debate. Just so you all know, comments from first time visitors are moderated. On an average I edit at least 3-4 comments in this thread and then publish them.

    I delete all F words, all regional and sexist abuse and slangs. So don’t bother using them coz they won’t appear here. Anyway, so keep the debate on..

    On a different note, I sometimes miss bangalore, miss the great breakfast there in Koshy’s, miss the fine dining experience in UB City Toscano or St. Marks Road F&B. Really I miss Bangalore.


  61. Hi,
    I was a Banglorean for 20 years , now an American resident for 20 years. I am looking for even the tiniest link to the good left in Bangalore. I remember we could actually count the number of cars that passed by in a day when we were kids. Now that number can be reached within 1 minute. Good or Bad? Depends on whether you stand to benefit from the explosive mordernization.
    I never felt like an outsider to the US when I moved here from Bangalore. Maybe because bangalore is also a melting pot;- of sorts and it prepared me well for life over here. The difference is that, once here, people have to blend with the existing culture. But in Bangalore the people migrating in, want to put their individual stamp on it. Is that fair? Yesterday I met a lady at tennis court where our kids were taking lessons. “I am from Bangalore too” she said. “Kannada?” I asked. “No, i have lived there for many years but don’t know the language” was her reply. That is the reality. Kannidagas are pushovers and we have a bunch of aggressive people from other states that have migrated to Bangalore and taken over. Kannadigas can either shut up, complain or do something about it. Time will tell.


  62. @Afar,

    I generally agree with you. However, a stark reality is that those who migrate to other places are in general, more aggressive. The less aggressive ones will migrate only if forced to. That probably explains why Indian people do better in USA than they would do in India, and perhaps why those who migrated to Delhi or Bangalore or Mumbai or Hyderabad from other regions are doing better than the natives. We may have a Mumbai-like situation in all other cities very soon, with the natives trying to send the others back to their homeland, just like the people in Hyderabad want all non-Telangana Telugus to get out of here. Is that the situation we want? Definitely not.

    A number of times the aggresion stems from the situations, like trying to explain your viewpoint to a cop after an altercation on road, where the cop in all probability would side by the native. Or when the subzi wallahs try to fleece you more than the others knowing you are an ‘outsider’. A lot of poeple who have vent their anger in this blog may have had these kind of expereinces, and the entire native population becomes the target.


  63. I am a tamilian staying in delhi for the last 6 Years. When i came here i donno hindi and i didn’t expect any autowallas to know my mother tongue.I had tough time till i grasped the local language.This is the case with all cities.But when i visited bglr i was amazed to see the auto drivers were able to communicate 4,5 languages.You shd think in the way that atleast you are able to speak hindi and get response frm shd be grateful for that instead of abusing them. If i talk in someother language to delhi autowallah whether he will be able to understand.They don’t understand english also.The hostile and indifferent attitude is common in all the states towards the outsider including delhi get adapt to the place you live instead of expecting the natives to change according to you.


  64. I stayed for 1 year in banglore.People are of reserve type.Most help others when asked.There is language and cultural barriers and distrust which are normal.
    There is an air of dullness and boredom in bangalore.There is no warmth in hearts there.Life is absolutely mechanical.More than 2500 kms away from their homes and relatives , north indians find life dull, fearful , insecured , bore , meaningless (apart from dry salary), isolated.
    All this is normal.One is free to chose.
    Auto drivers are abusive to elders , gentlemen and ladies too.


  65. man…3 years in bangalore and i still fall short of words to describe the immense hate i have for bangalore…well actually 3 years down the line..i think i am pretty much getting the hang of being a banglorean…just be indifferent and cold…the weather,the people .,everything here is just that…cold and indifferent.This is after having desperately ,genuinely having tried my level best to be open up to a culture which is not too alien…I am a ‘southie’ but have spent some wonderful times in Delhi…all my life minus 3 years actually…and it has been a big minus since then.I did not come to bangalore for lucre but destiny got me here.I guess i am paying for some sins in previous life.Staying here is such a punishment .I am just waiting to leave but love keeps tugging me back.I dont know where to turn when old time bangloreans tell me that bangalore now is not what it used to be.I am surprised why BangIore is considered cosmopolitan(or for that matter a metro…everything is so toy-sized here).I have never encountered parochialism and communalism of the kind that I have seen in 3 years here.I also need to admit that if one can stay put in Bangalore traffic…you should be able to survive traffic in a lot of Indian cities.It is quite an expensive city also ,though I have never seen any enterprise among the sellers.But the time one can feel most depressed in this”city” is during the festive season.It is absolutely dead.Every now and then I take a breather for my soul in Delhi…and then have to come back to fight shit.

    Well but having lived here for 3 years I have to give credit for the following:
    Neer dosa
    Akki roti
    Death by choclate(see i am telling you I have really tried hard to like Bangalore)
    I think my work-life balance has improved in Bangalore.Work was killer in Delhi

    All in all,living here leaves much to be desired.Desperately looking for optiuons to get out.I dont want my kid to grow up here.


  66. @Nisha 1st of all Nisha I have fallen in love with you I mean dont get me wrong its just that whenever someone talks about the reasons why people find it so difficult to live here there are 1000 morons starting a flame war online asking “You bloody outsiders go back.” I mean when did we become outsiders in our own country. As a response to that statement, my husband tells me that South India is a different country that is why we are outsiders within our own country when we are in Southern India.

    I agree with all the points that you raised, this city is a small town and its only for its good luck that it became an IT city just because the engg. colleges are here so its easier to find the talent pool and since most of these so called, S/W eng. come sfrom even smaller cities they love it here. But ask a Bombay wala or a Delhi wala and u wd know how they absolutely hate the life here. Bangalore does not have the charm of a small town nor does it have the convinience of a big city. I am also stuck here coz of love, mu husband works here and till he gets a job back in Delhi I think I am stuck here for life. I also spend a lot of money to get my share of breather to go back to Delhi once in a while and the moment I land my feet on the soil of Delhi I know I am home. Anyway…jitna bolo utna kam hai…


  67. Dude i’m soo glad to be a Mumbaikar…even with our problems we still seem to be the best of the lot…
    we’re more hospitable, safer, cutltural, social, cooler, fun loving…
    we might have a lot of issues such as bad roads, the humid weather, the fundamentalist politicians and a lot of dirty pockets that need to be extensively cleaned…but Mumbai is big city…there’s a place for everyone here…
    And we’re trying to get a hold of the traffic situation here too…and that includes the rickshaw wallas…
    so all in all Mumbai is the place to be…it’s no wonder that people who come to Mumbai never leave this amazing city!!!


  68. dude… u guys are really freaked out man.. am from bangalore and I ive in the US now but really do miss banaglore.. bangalore is the city of rock n roll , of piping hot dosa,s of pecos and purple haze and absolutely amazing weather…to all you people from the north.. you’ve come to a place far ahead of your civilzation and as usual you’ve got your fuckin stupid pompous ignorant frog in the well attitude to the city… it is your fuck all attitiude and incessant attempts of one upmansip that pisses off the locals.. some one posted that north india come will take over.. this is the exact fucked up attittude that I am taling about.. fuckin cromagonon pieces of watse.. pease understand that this used to be a small little sleepy town.. corporate reaserach, socilogy studies and a lot of scientists have come to the conclusion that the index to succeed in banagalore is high and that’s why you are here you losers..nobody is debating that a job is on merit.. of course it’s on merit.. but your job is not the city you asinine .. stop complaining .. because you are in paradise compared to the dredges where you came form .. enjoy the city .. every city has it’s problems.. man i’ve worked in the north of india and it’s the pits.. talking about racisim in banaglore.. my god the sheer adaucity of you arseholes to even bring it up.. u r the guys who inveneted this shit with your petty ways of thinking and fucked up lifestyles.. for those of you reading this who are a little more rational than these losers.. understand that bangalore is a small city which has exploded and with oppurtunity people have just flocked here by the millions.. the city definitely has it’s infrastructure problems but underneath is warm vibrating , pulsating city which needs a little uncovering .. shitheads who keep crying and wankers who keep complaining will not discover this.. and any city in the world will have the same problems for them… pity u who can’t surviive in a cosmoplitan environment like bangalore.. u are dommed to get your ass kicked into a cesspool of shit which shoud be good for you since that’s where you came from anyway.. the animosity in this blog is purely bceause of the narrow minded shitheads..

    bangalore ROCKS so fuck you arsheoles… take a fuckin flyin fuck out of here if you don’t like it…

    Note from Editor: Some abusive words omitted. Please refrain using foul language.


  69. for those of you who who like rock; these are a few bands who played in blore in te last 4-5 years
    deep purple- twice
    roger waters
    Iron maiden-twice
    uriah heep
    mark knofler
    rolling stones
    mr big
    am not even counting the endless bryan adamas and MLTR shows… freedom jam happens first monday of every month so you’ve to check the local underground scene
    it’s mindblowing to experience a rock show in banagalore and come out and be part of the normal local scene

    local based bangalore bands are some of the best in the country …. the local music and theatre scene in banagalore is very lively .. do some probing and you’ll start enjoying it…. Bangalore is what it is due to it’s cosmopolitan culture don’t get put off by these losers who can’t see the bigger picture

    and to all u other wankers and shitheads who keep complaining .. get beyond bhangra and the auto drivers and start living life… phew.. can’t believe you guys.. i know u arseholes will respond and get abusive … because nobody can change your fucked up golem brains…so BRING IT ON …


  70. You better start liking each other. It is a shame the hate between the North and South India. When you get out of India…you will both have something in common. Over here, they hate you both North and South the same. Get over it because in unity, there is power. Come all at the same time…Peace and Love


  71. I’d just like to point out that poor service from such drivers is not limited to India. Taxi drivers of any kind are more likely than not to screw you over. You experiences remind me of multiple experiences I had in Japan. You can tell em in perfect Japanese all you want where you want to go, but they know you don’t know the area and that’s the perfect opportunity to take the long way. I wound up in a ship yard once and nearly scolded my driver’s head off as I was hold a map of where I wanted to go yet he wanted to play the I-only-speak-japanese game. (Only works if I don’t speak japanese idiot…)
    Anyway, I’ve gotten the same thing in hawaii… they like to do ride-around-the-block. They know you’re too busy looking at the scenery…
    But the worst is in Tennessee… i place i rarely admit to be where I was born. I despise it and want out… beside the point. The have a commendable system for holidays to keep drunks off the roads… but if you’re desperate for a ride and you have to call for one, you better be prepared to cut your grocery bill for the month. I’ve spent $200 to get home before after having the driver “mistake” one street name for another… repeatedly. Late nite, long argument and equal threats to involve police led me to give up and consider a long walk next time.

    My point in all this… taxi/cabs/autos suck anywhere. I can’t say I’ve ridden the like in every country, but based on my consistent experience, I imagine it’s not much different anywhere. So when I read you blog about it, I was kinda expecting a bad experience. Bad cabbies are nothing new. I just expect em to be lil shits. Then I’m never disappointed and sometimes pleasantly surprised when I receive good customer service.

    Ha! Good customer service. Oxymoron


  72. Hi…I lived in Bangalore for about 4 years and I would rate that as the best part of my life so far. I had been outside my home state i.e. Tamil Nadu from the age of 21 and lived in the North East, MP, Delhi, Kolkatta and Mumbai. I had a good time in all these places, made lots of friends etc., Wherever I went, I used to take genuine interest in learning the local language and also try to appreciate their cuisine. Believe me…it just made wonders. Though I went to Bangalore with apprehension as I am a Thambi, I found Kannadigas very friendly and civil. Might be I am lucky that I had a great time in B’lore and still you can not refute the fact that the dominant majority in any place impact the overall ambience. In fact,after staying in Bangalore for 4 years, life in my native Chennai is simply unbearable. It is Chennai that really sucks!!!


  73. Came across this article while trying to find out where Assaye Road is…….. and had good time reading it……….
    the autowallas are going about their business the wrong way……….. i would gladly tip 10% extra if only they were courteous and more helpul……. half the working population is in service industry and these guys have no notion of service ……….. auto’s in every other part of the country will take you anywhere for a price… in blore they might not budge even if their life depended on it………. find it really amusing why they do this sort of stupid things…


  74. I find that the blog-post did not start so narrow-mindedly.
    There is a great bandwidth between dumb hindi-haters and anti-south racists who have taken over the debate here—but why then there’s no debate as to the sheer inadequacies of urban facilities and/or local people’s attitude, typically in two South India cities of Bangalore/Chennai..


  75. I was reading quit a lot of the comments. I must admit that I have the impression that the people in Bangalore have forgotten how this city was before all the strangers from all over India and the rest of the world came. That happens quit a lot, everywhere. Happy are always those who participate of the boom and the others are getting frustrated, unhappy and aggressive and finally they turn into racists. It would be so easy just to jump on the train and try to make a life, using the boom and make some money out of it. What would be in Bangalore without the IT and all the “Strangers”? Would that be better? I don’t think so. Two roles made my life so much better:
    1. Don’t talk, do it!
    2. Go to the life because its not coming to you
    The people of Bangalore should be happy that there are possibilities in their Town. How would it be if you all have to leave? I realized that my work colleagues from Bangalore don’t even consider to go to Pune….

    Besides that I am not an Indian and I learned some Kannada and the transport is only working with my driver. All the others are just trying to rip me off if they consider to give me a lift. But besides that even if you are in Rome, Paris, Berlin, New York or Johannesburg taxi and buss drivers a always the worst people you can meet in a city. And I met some really nice people in Bangalore too,…


  76. in reply to Mr Ramalingam who thinks kannadigas are ‘beggars’. and have no IQ…..

    well respected sir going by your choice of words you don’t seem to be mentally or intellectually capable of being part of any healthy discussion…….and need immediate psychiatric help

    The IT revolution in this country was started by MR Narayana Murthy….. a kannadiga……

    A person who revolutionized the aviation business by opening it up to the masses (Air Deccan)…..Mr Gopinath again a kannadiga…..

    The preson who put Indian Beer on the world map Mr Vijay Mallya….a kannadiga…

    The best cardiologist in this country….Dr Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudalaya again a kannadiga…..

    and BTW ure Jayalalitha is also kannadiga and so is superstar Rajkumar…..

    have tamilians contributed anything to this country??..let alone Bangalore??…
    Sincerely awaiting reply


  77. Tamils are brilliant, and so are Kannadigas, and so are Punjabis and Bengalis,,,,,,every state or region has contributed to make India what it is today, whether good or bad. All must share the fame & the blame.

    However going by all this hate messages, I have decided to go back to Delhi, can’t risk another city after Hyderabad now. 41 years in Delhi & I never bothered to find out whether the person I was dealing with was a Keralite or Assamese, Tamil or Marathi. Relationships – whether personal or business were governed by mutual respect & not region or state or religion. Here, if you meet a minor accident on road, the passerbys & the cops too want to know whether you are “one of them” or an “outsider”. Having bought a house & a car here, still I am an ‘outsider; as i don’t speak Telugu. What amazes me most is that whenever there is an altercation, event the Hindi / Urdu speaking local people start speaking in Telugu the moment they get to know that you are a non-Telugu. In business dealings people like to deal with people of their own caste, a Reddy deals with Reddys, a Telangana person wants to give his business to a Telangana person, owner of a company from Rayalseema region would hire all staff hailing from Rayalseema…….The ministries are allocated “to strike a balance between different castes” and not based on competencies. In Delhi, I knew Madan Lal Khurana was from the same caste & region as mine but before voting I did not even bother to find out which caste Shiela Dixit belonged to. I am sure more than 50 % of Delhi’s population will not be able to tell you her caste, and she is still a chief minister for third consecutive term.

    Hats off to you dear “southies”, I am a ‘northie” and I would rather stay that way. You stay the way you are, divided by your self-crafted walls of region, religion, caste & creed. Goodbye & good luck !!


  78. There was a cow… he ate a lot of grass…. he got full then he had some water….. after which he went to sleep…..he woke up.. took a dump… and did all those things again….now and then chatting with other cows….

    stop cribing its completely point less… learn to like where u are…. cause no one cares … ull just remain upset…


  79. Now, now… people let me simplify…see Bangalore was nothing before the IT companies came here..Now since it’s state government is getting the revenue to develop they are doing so…this in turn has created a thinking within the people of Bangalore that it’s because of them(or Kanadagis) the city is developed but in reality they have zero …or rather negative contribution in the development… it’s as simple as this…

    1>Good weather and lots of unused lands attracts a lot many IT companies..,
    2> this in turn creates jobs and brings skilled labor from other states where people are literate..(so you see kannadagis it’s not people are migrating willingly.., but since you kanndagis have very less skilled labor that people are able to come and help you people to create services and businesses like annoying and illiterate auto rickshaws wallas and busses with quite stupid driver and conductors ,real estates, shopping malls with no idea of what they are selling… etc so it’s because of these migrant population and it companies settling in Bangalore indirectly that you people are enjoying a better life…
    3>Kannadagays think they are the kings and that they have developed their city so well…


  80. I strongly object to the last comment.

    Please refer to the following fact which played a pivotal role in the development of bangalore as an IT capital

    “According to the Indian Express, in the early 1970s Mr Baliga envisoned making Bangalore the “Silicon Valley of India” and it was met with skepticism. However, the then Chief Minister D. Devaraj Urs of Karnataka decided to support him and made him the Chairman of the Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation [Keonics] in 1976. In 1978 Keonics established Electronics City on 332 acres (1.34 km2) in Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur Village, near Bangalore. He completed his term as Chairman of Keonics in 1983 during which period he saw the establishment of several firms. The development of the Electronic City gained substantial momentum after India liberalized its economy in early 1990s”

    Long ago the fathers of the constitution envisioned a united India. I think this is not what they dreamed of – picking on people in the name of caste, language, religion.

    There are rational people and irrational people. They are everywhere. There are Kannadigas whose contribution are tremendous. If people give you a hard time then it is not because which religion they follow or which language they speak, they are just irrational.


  81. My blood boils when a Tamilian talks cheap about kannadigas.They have a serious mental illness take for instance LTTE in Sri Lanka. These Tamil MFs have created a havoc there. Some 3rd class Mf called Ramalingam in the above posts says that bangalore is famous because of Tamilians n kannadigas r dumb/ See again its the Tamil fanatic speaking.Its not a secret anymore that Tamilians are Language fanatics.They even tried to make Tamil a national language in the past! anyway, in bangalore these losers occupy jobs only in places like Call centers, or as watch men, or as street vendors.
    Of all the persons in India, these Tamilians are the worst! and they r so screwed up that their children suffers because of their attitude. In bangalore all the major crimes are committed by Tamilians.they come from villages from Tamil Nadu and n do dacoity here.I m telling you this because i am from a police background.They are nothing but a menace to society. Now whose the dumbest of all?


  82. And by the way the greatest contribution of Tamilians in Bangalore is the introduction of “NITYANANDA”.
    and one more among the vast pile of garbage, we can find the former CHIEF JUSTICE OF KARNATAKA who was stripped from his post : Paul Daniel Dinakaran Premkumar or simply PD Dinakaran.This guy was the most corrupt and the top Judge in karnataka.


  83. well, i really repent talking negative things about some people, but wht choice do u have when u are provoked??
    in these posts, sum are saying hindi is national language and we should speak hindi,which is totally bullshit
    and a tamilian that too living in bangalore, is saying kannadigas are beggars.
    Tell me now u expect a kannadiga to be quite after all these rascist comments??
    Gandhiji once said , “he is a kannadiga, he doesnt harm anyone” on his trip to karnataka.
    yes, the very fact that bangalore is a melting pot means that we embrace every1 regardless of their caste, religion, color or nationality. and thts y we r achievers in every field. we are open to good ideas.
    Karnataka is the top most cadre in IAS/IPS where its a dream come true for an IAS officer to get posted in Karnataka.
    One of the IAS officer of a North Indian state cadre said that she had to undergo psychiatrist counselling for dealing with those locals there.and its the same for every one itseems.Its a nightmare to live in these states where there is no law and order situation!
    Kannadigas love to speak in English and we are good at it, which gives us bread and butter. I would love to speak to a non-kannadiga in English and be friends with them if they do not show their native influences and thts what seperates us from the rest. we do not expect u to speak only in kannada, just be little English sauvy and and u will go a long way in life!
    Once i went to Wimpy’s in Delhi, the waiter or even the supervisor, refused to speak to me in english coz i am an indian! Come to bangalore, speaking english is a must for waiters in coffee days, or any other outlets. now, u see the difference.Thats y Bangalore is the Best.
    I grew up watching live musical concerts of enrique,bryan adams,scorpians,and the list never stops…………….
    so, when it comes to English, bangaloreans r the best!
    I see a lot of people who refuse to speak in english let alone kannada.This is where the problem starts!
    Even wikipedia communication officer on her trip to india,told that we find lot of information about Bollywood movies on wikipedia than the Indian culture.
    Finally, If u provoke a snake, it will bite u back – remember this!


  84. Well, dats wot called a life… Experiences count whether it suits u or not…
    To tell you, PUNE is the best city to live considering everything related to our daily matters.
    I’ve visited sevaral places across India & finally draws a conclusion that PUNE is the best city of INDIA…


  85. Well , I am born and brought up in Bangalore (although from a North Indian Family), I must admit local bangaloreans are very warm and friendly people (obviously not the auto guys). But over a period of time specially with the IT boom and economic boom there is a great economic divide which has been created. The rich gets richer and the poor although not getting poorer are facing quite a challenge to make a living.
    Also the “region – language” based politics (which never existed before ) is catching up in Bangalore. Cost of living and inflation are growing the fastest here in India.
    Such factors have created a divide among people.

    All said and done Luv this place and the people here .

    As for the Auto guys must admit never seen such arrogance any where .


  86. I am a kannadiga living in chennai since my childhood and was eagerly waiting to see my Kasthuriga land when i got a job @ Infosys. My kannada sucks(as we speask only in home,which is mostly influenced by tamil). When I tried to speak with my kannada to an autodriver, response came back in partial kannada + tamil. I first thought that he was kidding me 4 ma language,but the truth is kannada was hardly spoken by even natives there. Further, in my workplace, most of them were frm TN & Kerala. I stayed in Shivaji nagar,which resembled my locality in chennai….. Banglore today does not have a unique culture of its own.It has outsiders(?! like me) swarming the city. Even my kannada colleagues there don encourage me to watch movies made in kannada.(I have seen kannada movies only in ushe tv; dvds that too in kannada are a rarity in chennai;when telugu and mallu movies get released here,hardly any kannada movie has been screened despite sizeable kannadas in Chennai). The rudest shcok was my kannada friend booking first show for a jeeva film(singam puli!),that z when i doubted whether kannada films do well at least in b’lore! talking wit them in their broken kannada, i found my already bad mother tongue sinking further!


  87. hello who said Jayalaitha is a Kannadiga – have break she is a Tamil Iyengar – born in Bangalore…ridiculous guys..

    And Tamils have not contributed to the society

    Speakeroftruth : I think you are alien – You idiot – just check out the list

    Sir CV Raman – Have you heard – Raman Effect – Noble Prize !!!!
    RadhaKrishan – Remember Teachers day!!!!!!!
    Ramanujam – then Greatest mathematician even born on earth
    AR Rahman – Oscar winner
    Venkataraman Ramakrishanan – Recent Noble prize winner for Chemistry
    Shiv Nadar – Founder of HCL
    Vsiwanathan Anand – Grand master
    Amirtaraj Brothers , Knight Shyamalan – Holly wood Film maker
    Indira Nooyi – Pepsico chariman
    Raja Ramanna, Former Chairman of Dept. of Atomic Energy and presided over India’s first nuclear test in 1974
    Mylswamy Annadurai (born 1958), Project Director of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1.
    Mohammed Rela, one of the World’s top liver transplant surgeons at the King’s College Hospital – The best medical college of the universe – London.
    Rangaswamy Srinivasan is an inventor at IBM Research. One of the famous inventions he has contributed to is LASIK

    So many many more to telll…..infosys as written by Nanje gowda has more of tamilian than Kannadiga…ooooops…

    Infosys son is finally marrying our own TVS heiress – the tamil woman – Lakshmi Venu…hehehe.

    You people are miserable failure…just accpet and shut up


  88. ok Raji pretty impressive.
    But if u create a list of Tamilians please include these idiots as well, coz without them u loose ur identity:
    who is Nityananda?
    Who killed PM Raijiv Gandhi?
    who formed LTTE?
    who made 2G spectrum scam?
    who killed his own nephew and his aide due to 2G scam?
    what did home minister of india chidambaram say about North Indians?
    who sells Drugs laced with rat poison in KR Market?
    who was the former tainted CJ of karnataka?
    who is Raja’s aide ips officer in karnataka whos in soup?
    who is the ips officer who smuggled sandalwood in karnataka?
    ….the list is endless….., i see a number of fools like u in bangalore.
    its common sense, ask anyone who wants to live in Tamil Nadu – none.
    weather is freaking hot, Yuvraj singh almost fell due to heat during the world cup match.

    The greatness lies in maintaining harmony among ourselves, not in critisizing others. We embrace u fools in karnataka, so u are here in the first place!
    Purandara dasa is the father of carnatic music.
    we have more bhakthi than u fools so, we r cool. u guys are in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

    Its almost a cliche to hear among people from outside bangalore say that bangalore is more tolerable to other languages especially hindi.

    Thats it looser, i m not gonna get into the ditch where u r and speak nonsense with bloated ego !


  89. not to forget Veerappan who kidnapped our Dr Rajkumar for ransom of 3 crores!
    Listen to Nanje Gowda in the above comments here, @Nanje gowda; true buddy, u see a mini chennai in bangalore, nothing wrong in it,but sad thing is they dont want to speak in kannada,but only Tamil and they r filled with rage, though they r residing since centuries! but we speak Tamil in Chennai and loyal to the Land which gives us food, water and shelter!
    We never mention bad things about Tamilians or any other culture like u guys do it everywhere, jus like Home Minister of india said. According to a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Chidambaram told US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that India would have registered higher growth rates ‘if it were the south and west only’, because ‘the rest of the country held it back’.
    What kind of racist remark is this u fool?
    Tamilians want seperate nation in Sri Lanka: What kind of harrasment is this?
    U would be beggars in Tamilnadu if u were locked in ur own State. Boundaries are jus man made, Language is jus an excuse for hatred among urselves.
    Come on stop harrasing Sri Lanka and North indians and live and let live.One World, One Nation!
    Tamilians r jus humans, nothing different than the rest of the world.remember this: even u shit, pee, eat, sleep and have sex jus like others!


  90. It’s all thrash. People need money and they will chew any grass for it.
    I have seen kannadigas quarelling with Autowalahs about the fare. In 90% of cases the meters are not correct. SO LEARNING KANNADA IS NOT A SOLUTION
    As far as autowalas behaviour is concerned, it is same everywhere. In hyderabad you have to literally beg some 20 autos for commuting and amazingly they will refuse to speak in telugu but will be happy to speak in urdu or northish hindi. What you have to tell about this???
    You have good and bad people everywhere. I knew an autowalah who used to take accurate fare and was very friendly, he used to stand before my office in bangalore and many people like that.



  91. hey chill out . every action has a reaction. so, if a tamilian is badmouthing in bangalore like they do it here on on this post or anybody talking crap about any1 doesn’t matter, they r just showing off their culture and the teachings that they taught by their parents or guardians. Their personal life is screwed up, trust me,i have seen many of these congas who bully locals here n they r all from broken homes/family, rich or poor.
    so the moral of the story is that u have to show ur middle finger to these third class loafers and move on with ur lives. The world is a bigger place. so @ ajay, stop generalizing people, and let them do whatever they want to do, nobody owns a state or country. so lets promote equality rather than confining ourselves to a small boundary. Ultimately we will be the losers. Telangana protestors will realize very lately, that they will have to pay heavy taxes for goods to be brought inside.Lots of red tapism in government will take place.
    Simplify lives u illiterate fools,learn more about taxes and customs and more about consequences of creating a new state or country like stupid and already dead tamilians,LTTE wants in Sri Lanka. They r digging their own graves.
    man is a migratory animal and in events of natural disasters, where r u going to go?who will take u guys? u were hostile when things were smooth, now, u r doomed inside ur own state/country! use ur brains.
    The effects of Japan reached USA, so, whts going to happen to u and me, being so close?


  92. as i went walking on that South Indian highway,
    i saw behind me that beautiful sky-way,
    i said to myself that it would be a good experience..,

    in front saw i some ravan like people looking strangely at me,
    as i was in shorts coz it was a sunny day…,
    they seemed had a lot of animal instincts, in fact i really couldn’t find any difference,
    i said hi to one of them, but he said learn Kannada,
    i said if i like your culture and like the language i would surely learn it…,
    but he said learn it or get lost…,then he stole my 500 bucks and ran away…,
    there was a beautiful south girl i saw in a stack of black, ugly, ravan like hay stack of feline animals,
    i said you look beautiful and started talking to her, but she said shut you mouth and get lost
    i was dumbstruck…!!!,

    i was sad and so boarded a bus…,i gave the conductor 100bucks, but to my surprise he looked inside my bag for change…and then just gave me the ticket with 60 bucks return value written on back..,
    unfortunately i never got it back and fortunately and thankfully i never saw that “a” hole again…,
    i never got very high internal marks thanks to the biased animal like , half knowledge d fu*cking kannadiga teachers..,

    after experiences like this..i told to myself that i have come this much south, but not anymore below…, these people are really animals….,anybody from north i would strictly recommend thinking not twice but many times before going on that southern highway like me…


  93. gud for u, dont come to bangalore, it will save us from air,water and noise pollution u guys make in pursuit
    of money. JAI KARNATAKA


  94. I spend more than 5 years in bangalore..recently shifhted to north India -Gurgaon…I did not face any problems in tackling the auto wallahs….I love bangalore compare to north india…quality of life, good weather, respect to womans…etc…I am north Indian but dont like north India culture…..Lootere ka seher hai north ….love u bangalore….


  95. even now u tamil idiots r flying high?
    paapi cm gone, paapi daughter crying in jail, DMK hand in assasination of RAjiv Gandhi…
    is there anything gud u guys doing to the society?


  96. The people of Bangalore SUCKS ..
    They dont know to behave and talk .
    They are Educated ILLITERATE . They screw a situation when comes money .GUYS be alert if you are not able to speak Kannada then dont talk much they will loot you. If some one is messing with you dont take care of what is he saying just leave the place as soon as possible because if u argue the they will gather and show their local power .

    The zonal feelings is at its top. They dont realize the money to city comes from whom

    [Notes from Blog Author: This comment is published after a lot of edits]


  97. First time here,drifted through Indiblogger.
    Interesting post/rant – a simpler solution would be to buy a cycle if your office is close to your residence :-)


  98. b8 a cigaret inside the railway station, started smoking when suddenly a guy came and took me to two more tts, i am asking why i am being taken, this guy is not saying anything. Suddenly the tt gave me 200 bucks bill for smoking! These selling cigaret inside the railway station with no, no smoking sign & then they charge me 200 bucks.

    [Some text edited by blog owner for being offensive]


  99. already their colleges r loosing money from empty seat, previous gen pass outs r sharing their horrible, horrible xperience in bangaluru. Now the entrepreneurs have also given bangaluru a thumbs down. Now my north Indian friends, always remember to return the favors. As i am going do with these people living in Delhi. We have been good to these people enough in the north without knowing how they behave when we go to their land. Now it’s time 4 revenge. And northies please don’t go their filling up their colleges, giving service in IT companies, and creating various modes of revenues 4 these people.Let us develop our own lands even more.

    [Some text edited by blog owner for being offensive]


  100. They say ” Be a Roman iin Rome” then whats wrong being Kannadiga in Kanataka ? Highly educated people come to Bengaluru for their bread and butter, they can’t ( or don’t want to ) learn one language ( kannada in this case) and they expect autowallas, who have barely gone beyond high school to learn many different languages; Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc, I don’t undestand this logic .
    Many of those that are complaining autowallas, would have woked in USA at least once, where they pay to cab drivers in gatitute 15%, 18% or 20%, why dn’t they do the same here ?
    If all other cities in India were safer than Bengaluru, why are all roads leading to Bengaluru ?


  101. Guys,
    After reading this whole thread and my experience in Bangalore of 2 months.
    I will say that dude if u went to different region then deal with it. You are not at your home. Who says that you have to learn another language did he learn another language. Simply i don’t care how these motherfucker autowallas, bus conductors are responding me i am earning enough money to live like in heaven. I am from Rajasthan and my friends are from Andhra and i don’t know their language but that doesn’t create a problem.
    @Dr. Reddy do u know that all cities are connected. who gave u mbbs degree.
    For all localites Get a Life if u can’t respect someone


  102. M a northi living in bangalore since 1 year.. Autowalas are rude and adamant – True.. But dont blame bangalore as a city. It has got a high standard of living and its not the only city that can be put on par with international standards..
    Food is overprice :- True
    But you are also earning big bucks in bangalore… Plus you cant blame Bangalore for this, its because of immigrant population only, it is so heavily expensive now.
    Bangloreans are amiable people and they take pleasure in helping outsiders…


  103. I was stuck in traffic for 3 freaking hours today, thr was a time when one could actually sit in the middle of the Airport road close his eyes for more than a minute without a single vehicle passing by (unbelievable but true). we did this as kids. I still miss the lush greenery, my warm neighbours, clean clear air, riding the street on my 4th gear, I miss my old Bangalore.It is so difficult to live here now. Prices have skyrocketed everyone wants a car to add to the already overloaded roads, greed has become the way of this ones warm city.
    The most beautiful city on earth destroyed by people. Don’t blame the outsiders or the Autodrivers or even the locals, Bangalore is a living city slowly being killed by people and pollution. If you really care about this city warm up, fall in love and keep it clean.


  104. Hi Sonia,
    FYI, India does not have a national language… Hindi is not a national language, its just one of 22 official languages,


  105. Everybody wants a car because there is no public transport in Bangalore and that is the fault of the local government. Who elects the local government? The people of Karnataka so whose fault it is really?

    I have once seen a pregnant lady getting tired of looking for an atuo from Vitthal Mallya Road, one after the other autos refusing to ply her and you say don’t blame the autowallas

    The bottom line is its everybody’s fault yet no body’s. Its just how things are in every city in India, we just have to learn to live with it.


  106. I stayed in Bangalore for 1 year. My parents had asked me to move to a closer place like Pune. But I thought B’lore is cosmopolitan. This was the worst phase of my life. There were several other incidents, but there was one incident which I want to narrate. I had a bike. One day on my way back from work, the bike just scratched a passer by. I apologized in Hindi. That was a big mistake !!. I was hit by 10 ppl. The city is very mean to north indians. My friends from Bhopal also had similar experiences. Don’t you dare to speak in Hindi.
    I moved to Pune. I had enough of it. I am happy now. I still don’t understand why north Indians want to live in Bangalore when they have options like Pune, NCR etc. Plus what crap silicon valley. I have been to US so many times, there is not as much racism as it is over in Bangalore. I have vowed never to go back. My advice to anyone moving from North to Bangalore – Don’t. It is not worth it. There are far better options if you try hard.
    As they say – Jaan hai to Jahan hai. Also my humble request to MNCs in Bangalore please move to some other city. It does not have a gold mine. It does not have even have proper electricity and Infrastructure. Something which even Ahmedabad has(BTW Ahmedabad is a far better city but does not have that much of IT).


  107. All Indians are bloody good for nothing racists.
    For peaceful coexistance we should all live in our respective states or atleast where we were born (atleast that will make you feel comfortable!).
    Realize that when we travel to a different state to work or reside,its basically another country with rascist a**holes similar to those we have back in our own country(state!)
    The only difference being that we get to reside or go anywhere within india without passport or visa hassles.
    India is nothing but the biggest joke on the face of this earth, no one knows where we came from or where are we going…
    Let the misery continue ….
    Hate Indian and all the Indians.

    Yours truly,
    An Indian (By birth and not by choice).


  108. Someone has said above “Bangalore is the most hostile city in India i have ever visited.”…….
    Having stayed in almost all major cities in India I have to agree to this statement.One often wonders about the anti-North feeling that prevails in B’lore….so much of hostile attitude towards Northies.Only Kannda and Kanndiga……rest all are OUTSIDERS.
    In Delhi,Kolkata etc. you will feel at home and people are much more friendly.

    I have just one thing to say to the arrogant localites here who have failed to move up in life and are jealous of OUTSIDERS coming here and making a fortune – “This is Karnataka,not Kansas…there is absolutely nothing to be proud of it.B’lore have got same problems which all other places have in this part of the world.The police are corrupt and inefficient…people need education and need to be taught about being India first”.


  109. Neither the Constitution of India nor Indian law specifies a National language. India specifies Hindi and English as official languages of the India de jure. Article 343 of the constitution specifies that the official language of the India is Hindi in Devanagari script. Article 354 states that a state of India may officially adopt one or more languages in use in the state or Hindi/English as the language or languages to be used for all or any of the official purposes of that state.[7] Section 8 of The Official Languages Act of 1963 (as amended in 1967) empowers the Union Government to make rules regarding the languages which may be used for the Official purposes of the Union, for transaction of business in Parliament, and for communication between the Union Government and the states.[8] Section 3 of G.S.R. 1053, titled “Rules, 1976 (As Amended, 1987)” specifies that communications from a Central (Union) Government office to a State or a Union Territory in shall, save in exceptional cases (Region “A”) or shall ordinarily (Region “B”), be in Hindi, and if any communication is issued to any of them in English it shall be accompanied by a Hindi translation thereof.[9] Section 3 of G.S.R. 1053, titled “Rules, 1976 states Communications from a Central Government office to State or Union Territory in Region “C” or to any office (not being a Central Government office) or person in such State shall be in English. Region C (South India) covers Tamil Nadu, Kerala , Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh [10]


  110. these ppl hav no ethics or morals in them, these r soules creatures who r more animal like than human or rather humane. I fooking fynd these ppl disgusting. Just knw that in dilwallah’s delhi v r gonna kick ur asses suckers!


  111. For most people who don’t have hot skills, they can’t choose their city of work or state of work. You just go where you get a good job offer or where the nearest jobs are. I don’t think that millions are thronging Bangalore because they have an option. Rather its because they don’t have an option. If they did have options, Bangalore would not be crowded. Needless to say your businesses would close, your PGs would be empty, the exorbitant rates you made per quare feet in lousy localities would cease to increase. Remember that Kannadiga’s by nature tend to stay put in their home state and are not good at attracting wealth (except Mangalore). If the lazy fat cat staying in JP Nagar is making money because of Nagamese, Kashmiri or Mallu PG paying him good money for that cramped accomodation, he should thank the lord for his ‘temporary’ blessings, and not complain that Bangalore is crowded. How many of these ‘new money’ Bangaloreans saw wealth in their parents times.


  112. Just amazing; for a post that was put up in 2009, comments still flow. What does it show? People who hate the city are venting their anger through this post. I guess it’s called displacement in psychology where you cannot retaliate adequately to what angers you but you have to release that pent up hate through some form or the other; this post has become a kind of punching bag for these people. Its not just the autowallahs that these people are angry at; its is a lot more.
    What staying in Blore has taught me
    1. How to be rude- wow! I have mastered the art.
    2. How to exploit people at work.
    3. How to live beyond your means (forced to with the way you are overcharged for everything – food, transport, rent,entertainment)
    4. How to alienate yourself and be happy on your own
    5. How irrespective of what state you come from or what language you speak , we as a people are essentially the same -in thoughts, in attitudes.
    6.How the lower rung of the society are really scum of the earth. Used to feel pity for them but now realized that they are not worth it. Simply expendables. Now i understand why when the Taj in Mumbai was under terrorist attack, the whole world drew attention to it but nobody gives a s*** abt these scums dying like rats.
    7. How important what your net worth is. As long as you can pass off as a very well to do, you can get anything done.
    8. How rampant corruption is at even the most basic level
    9. How overpopulation can tear the fabric of society and how poorly planned city infrastructure can ruin everything.
    10. How to be extremely extremely extremely patient.


  113. I lived in Bangalore for 2 years and its been a nice experience, moved to mumbai few months ago. However, it is not a safe city anymore for outsiders, especially girls. There are organized gangs operating in electronics city, koramanagala and other IT dominated areas where girls are targeted on a regular basis. Infact, there have been instances where girls got kidnapped from near forum mall and were raped repeatedly for one night in open, deserted areas. This gang was opertional for 2 years, just imagine magnitude of crime they must have committed in these 2 years.
    Local people are not very friendly but this is everywhere in the world be it US, UK, Canada but here we are talking out our own fellow Indians who are hostile to their countrymen and these very people then complain against racism outside India.
    Autowallahs are all rowdy characters and there have been numerous instances where single girls are targeted by them outside malls, some have even beaten up these girls and then we talk about cultural integrity!!!


  114. Sanjukta, If I come to your work place and start talking to you in my native language and expect you to understand it and provide me the best service will you appriciate it? When you are in Karnataka try to adapt and learn some basic kannada words.


  115. Ghosh! I am shaken after reading all comments. I was planning to move to Bangalore from Sweden for few years, but reading the incidents and comments in this blog has scared me a lot to move in Bangalore. I miss India and am proud of our people, what’s wrong with you guys, please be nice with each other, we are Indians with rich culture.


  116. //”she went about telling me a whole lot of things for 5 long mins in her mother tongue…most probably kannada.” // Being in Bangalore and not even being able to know if one is speaking Kannada or any other language! What an insensitive and callous attitude towards others language and culture! I see many north Indians like this. Yes, Hindi is a language spoken by 400+ million people and it is a rich language. But yet it is neither the national language of India nor every Indian is obliged to speak it. India is not Hindia. Respect others language, culture and identity if you want India to remain united.


  117. The whole issue about Kannada language is absolutely unnecessary. It is a well known fact that regionalism and cunningness is in the blood of South Indians. Having stayed in Bangalore for more than 1 year, I can say that Kannadigas are somewhat better than the rest of 3 states communities (although these people are known to carry attacks on Tamil cinema theatres and some other communities).

    Kannadigas should understand that people from other states came in Bangalore for professional jobs only (mainly IT sector). This “migration” started may be a decade back. Before that no person from “North Indian states” even thought of coming to any of these four South Indian states, forget setting down! People just travelled South as tourists! On the contrary South Indians have continuously influxed in other states for past several decades (for jobs as well as settling down permanently) in hundreds, thousands, and lakhs. These people have also migrated in Middle East and other Western countries. At work places these people are always ‘united’ like forming a union and usually block other people from coming in! Their ‘friendly acts’ are actually back stabbing tactics which are now known to almost entire world!

    Coming to the point, Kannadigas should realise that people have come in Bangalore for jobs and not learning their language! The usual comment is that Hindi language is forced on us. This is not the fact at all. In fact, South Indians are known to force their language on others! Why anybody should learn Kannada when it is not their mother tongue? Who decides which language anybody should speak? By the way, Which languages Kanndigas speak in other states?

    Kannadigas should have no issues with outsiders unless people are minding their jobs/businesses. If these people want to press their languages on outsiders, sorry to say it will not work!

    If the IT sector is out of Bangalore, what will be the scenraio of Bangalore? Even now, IT people is like a floating population. Most of the people tend to fly back on weekends or holidays.

    Lastly, I am unable to resist to share my fear with the Kanndigas. If Kannadigas has anything to worry about, the danger is not from “North Indian states/communities”, but from the “other three states.”


  118. Food of native Bangalore sucks…Mangalorian food is much better. The proudness the local bangaloreans shows are nothing but from enriched culture of Mangalore and North Karnataka. Native Banglorean sucks really in all way be it auto driver or IT professional.The land lords in Bangalore are worst breed in the universe. Govt officials sucks too. I am a Bengali and I know Kannada wriiten & verbal both and as originally from an outsider community i see the city is degrading because of mindless natives who doesnt voice their opinion at right places but resort to communal criticism which has no place when it comes to globalization and over all development.Bangalore is IT hub and if sooner the attitude is not changed IT will move away and all money, and will be left with vacant concrete structures(mindless constructions in the city i mean).


  119. Bangalore Sucks & Bangoloreans suck big time. My supposed to be new landlord did not agree to give me the keys for the flat just because I told her to give her remaining 10K out of 50K tomorrow morning while I was ready to give her 40K, that too in cash today in night. It all happened while I have vacated the current flat and my stuffs are there in the truck. Now, nowhere to go !!! Now, I hate this city & the people like anything in this world.


  120. Bangalore is a dirty dirty city with water and sanitation problems in every single area…. the Municipal Corporation is filled with uneducated thugs who dont give a damn about the city. No matter how much money you are willing to pay for a “good” living environment, you cannot escape the filth, stench and dirtiness of Bangalore. I feel ashamed that Bangalore is called the silicon city of India and Garden City of India.


  121. I’m planning to move to Bangalore for work. And was googling to find out more about the lifestyle and safety in the city. That’s how I came across this article. Loved reading about your experiences. Thank you so much for such an informative post, even though it’s a tad bit scary ! :D


  122. The blog seems to be a manifestation of ppl who are hell bent on demeaning B’lore.If the author seems to have so many problems here,y don she move to Kolkata,the stinkiest city in the world?! As far as Hindi is concerned,y shd autowallas understand/speak in hindi wen language of the land is Kannada? Will i be able to speak in malayalam/tamil to a rogue autowallah (pan mouthed) in Delhi/mumbai? with wat guts r these Hindians here ? Kannadigas have been the most tolerant towards the outsiders but there is a limit to their patience.That z y Hindians are getting kicked out is gud for B’lore if racists such as these are thrown out the sooner. Even if all IT companies leave(which will never happen),B’lore shall be restored to its old glory!


  123. As said in my earlier posts, I m more Tamil than Kannadiga for the simple reason that I have been born and brought up in Chennai. My Kannada knowledge is limited to dining room conversations b/w mom and dad.I ve hardly remembered any relatives from K’taka or B’lore ever visit my home!

    Life @ Infosys is great. i ve completed 2.5 yrs and yes…i felt at home(chennai)since most of employees were tamil and mallus(who talked tamil wit us and hindi when management was north indian).

    One thing, u must all understand since i was born and brought up with tamils, they r the race who respect their mother tongue and language the most so that when a north indian speaks thier tongue in TN, he is able to flourish there in his business(marwadis and jains of Raj).

    Thankfully, i get all my things done ,code problems etc etc since i know tamil and i project myself from chennai as in ratings i m assesseed most of the time by tamil officers and seeing my name and fact that i speak flawless tamil, i get away wit 1st or 2nd slab for sheer use of my language! very well….

    indeed.i consider myself as the marwadi who survives there knowing the local language.watz wrong? after all it z survival that matters at the end of the day.


  124. Read the post and the comments..I am a tamilian working in Delhi /NCR.When i came to delhi i donno Hindi and i faced lot of problems because of that. No one understands tamil.I understand that they donno tamil.. But even autowallah’s can’t understand little english. People will laugh when they read this. How u can expect a autowallah to know english and tamil..right..Then on what basis north indians expect that whenever they come to south india that everyone should understand and reply in Hindi.

    The problem with the north indians is they never try to learn the local language, and they expect all the locals to talk in their langauage which is impossible.They not even try to know in which langauage south indians are speaking.(they think they are speaking some south indian langauage, thay can’t even differentiate tamil,telugu,kannada etc..)

    When you are not bothered/not interested in the place you live then how come you expect them to treat you like royals.South indians are managing/surviving in North India not by speaking their own langauage. They learn hindi and adjust with the locals then they get the respect.

    About autowallahs in Delhi..they are not dilwallahs as boasted..I have faced lot of problems standing in the road asking for Dwarka/Noida etc.. and whoever (autowallahs)comes there just passby without nodding the head even.If you want to know the rude behaviour of delhi people just ask them some address or you can see the daily many road rage is seen in delhi/Noida.

    My final conclusion is if you want to live in a place..try to pick up the locals language little bit and try to adjust with the atmosphere..or leave the place.. blaming is not the solution. Bad things are in all the places..For everyone their home town and mother tongue is the best..please keep that in mind then you can live peacefully anywhere in the world.


  125. @Sanjukta : First of all I’m a Bangalorean. If you think the Auto drivers are rude to people from other states/people who can’t speak Kannada, then you are wrong. They are rude to everyone. I have had terrible experiences with them and learning Kannada doesn’t help in anyway. But, more people speak Hindi compared to any other South Indian states. I learnt Hindi only after spending some years with my North Indian friends. It is necessary that everyone in India should have a common language. But, blame it on the education system in South India as Hindi is taught in schools to only get good grades in exams. And many of the teachers doesn’t pronounce the words properly. Anyway I wish you liked Bangalore for other reasons. If possible try to shift your place to a well known location in Bangalore so that at least 4th or 5th Auto driver would agree to come :)(Only solution that I can think of). To be honest I had never heard of “Assayee road” even after staying in Bangalore for such a long time. But an Auto driver is expected to know it and as per law he can’t deny. But no body cares about laws in India. looking for a turnaround.

    All the best.

    (India first rest next)


  126. One site:

    Get the right dose not dosa…@@!!!

    Another thing i want to mention here is that intelligent ppl learn from the critics rather they love critics because it give them a chance to analyse themselves and improve, but stupid ppl just become more angry and try the be more hateful.


  127. Go to the above site and discuss, click on the youtube symbol on the lower right, don’t just watch the video here. you wont get anything out of it.


  128. Just had a spark of a thought today,

    it goes like this,

    “Bangalore likes the money coming with the northies but not the northies coming with the money.”

    this my very true observation here in bangalore for the time i am here


  129. Bengaluru (Bangalore) used to be a paradaise 20 yrs with the whole of India settling down here…outsiders have made Bengaluru living hell…..Only appts and no trees/greenery…GET OUT OF MY CITY if you cannot tolerate Bengaluru…we locals DID NOT BEG YOU to come down….Love your place….and go back..HOME SWEET HOME….you ditchers of your natives… Sanjukta GET OUT if you dont like Bengaluru..none is forcing you to live in this hell…you know Indians cannot LIVE without Bengaluru. Autowallahs are pure MFs and their attitude is the same…

    What about Mumbai? Tackhreys bad mouthing about Hindi wallahs? Pakis hunt for Hindi spking ppl…..


  130. The North Face

    Lovely article. Would love to return the favors of these arrogant southie mofus…

    Oh!!!! just cant wait to go back to Delhi and kink these arrogant fooks outta there…

    Quietly absorbed the extremely negative attitudes of these idiots here, now would just love to return favors.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.


  131. i know my enemy, i am stuck in the most insane god forsaken place on the planet for 4 years, studying engineering…BANGALORE!!!!!! it’s fucking crazy all subjects have one book with nothing you can make sense of (Crappy English and no correlations)and if you ask the teachers ,they ask you to mug up…coz even they didn’t understand anything… Everything is fucked up here from the lift of the flat to malls not knowing what they are selling to bus conductor to the maid not coming for the flat owners taking 1 years rent without giving rent to bachelors to crappy traffic sense to college hogging up loads of money to soft drinks being charged extra for refrigeration to ppl and teachers getting jealous for your smartness to ppl saying learn kanada to ppl blaming ppl from outside polluting their city to ppl thinking Bangalore’s the best and there’s nothing in the north, apparently i am from Delhi.., to hypocrite, Bangalore righteous answers by locals addressing the problems you are facing here.!!!


  132. I really wish i can puke on this, A bangaluru kannad local class mate of mine( BTW i am an engineering student by mistake in bangaluru from Delhi, as i was ignorant about this shithole before coming here) says have you seen this film “Super”, so i said of ok tell me…and he said proudly about this racism sob of a film until he came to point “Whites are beggars” & i was like okay I’ve herd enough. You ppl are telling me that bang a luru is devoloping because of these whites inventions & companies but ironically not only are you all saying things like this and also making movies about it made into super hit(off course in this shithole place only) by local, racist(not only towards northies, adjacent states, but the world), ignorant, shameless, idiotic, stupid, selfish arse holes dreaming king beings pigs, people of bang a luru, ass of India… U shitties are not only downgrading yourselves further but also the rest of India you fucks..mother India should kick you shits outta India…

    BTW- Reality check for Bang a luru:

    1-Crime capital of India
    2-murder capital
    3-corruption capital
    4-racist capital
    5-suicide capital
    6-bribe capital
    7-cheat capital
    8-rape capital
    9-ignorant capital
    10-false dreaming & thinking capital
    11-stupid capital Of not only India but also the probably the world..

    Your weight is just too much for us normal global citizen of the world shituluru either change yourr ways or you will be put out of you misery soon enough!!!


  133. hey guys, dont hate each other.. this same attitude was what caused our country to be colonialized by outsiders.. if we fight among ourselves, clever foxes from outside will gain the benefit of it.. india is growing… we youngsters are to be its drivin force.. i live abroad now.. but i miss india very much. i live din bangalore. yes, some people may be rude, some good. that’s how it is evrywhere.. at least u hav the freedom to call random people ‘bhaiyya’, ‘auntie’, ‘didi’ etc.. IT sector in india accounts for a major share in GDP.. tho our govt is corrupt, our infrastructure miserable,.. we average people are doing whatever we can to drive this country forward. we are driving around potholes, we carry entire families on two wheelers, we work round the clock and return dead-tired.. only to do the same again next day..but we still smile a lot.. Here in the UK, people work lot lesser, jobs are much easier n lot more free time, no fatigue.. n they get paid 5 or 6 times an Indian on average… indians do 3 or 4 times the amount of work in a day when compared.. we are way way more talented and skilled n hardworking… pls dont cultivate ill-feelings within different parts of the country.. we are diverse.. our diversity is our beauty.. there is no other nation with so many diff languages, religions, ethnicities, all in one boundary.. accept differences n be positive.


  134. you all don’t want people from north coming to your city, pollute you city, take your jobs, increase the population, learn kannada and not speak Hindi, you want to charge more from us, abuse us, insult our states and say we are less developed,




  135. Five year after I first wrote this post, after publishing the 162nd comment here today, I am finally closing the comment thread. Enough of the fight, people. Stay alive.


  136. Hey Sanjukta don’t have any work.. If you don’t like Bangalore get out of this place. Why simply put hatredness in the hearts of people. You shitty North Indian ass holes.. Learn Kannada first and then come here. Hindi is not the national language. Learn to respect the local language first. Bloody ass holes!!
    @Sonia.. You are a bitch from Italy. First go and read the Constitution of India and then write.. Who told you that Hindi is national language of India?? There is nothing called national language in India. Go back to your stinky North Indian village why are you in Bangalore??


  137. Fuckin Indians(Unfortunately, I am one of them). LOL…..Everyone is typing in English and telling to learn Kannada andlearn Hindi, please understand there should be a COMMON LANGUAGE to share each other feelings. In each part of India, 80% Autowalas are like that. But to make India as One state we would need to use a Common language. If not Hindi, then English. But fuckin Indian politicians are eating money and doing nothing. We are One. Fuckin politicians are not making English as first language in every govt school.


  138. Its weird that I am commenting on a post which is like almost a decade old, thus reminding of the age old undying debate of cultural, psychological, linguistic and more importantly behavioral differences between North and South portions of the Sub-continent.

    Liked by 1 person

  139. @sumit And whats interesting is that I closed comments on this blog after a decade, thinking the topic is passe. But the moment I opened comments in Feb this year, people started saying the same shit on both sides. Nothing changed. Really weird.


  140. Hello Stupid Sanjukta,

    You Bangalore is nothing compare to Tech city like Chennai.In Chennai, many people come here and enjoy their life. THere is no north indian or south indian feeling here. Bangalore temperature is pretty bad. IT industry is quite horrible. We have all the companies that you can dream off.


  141. @sridhar er Stupid Sridhar

    Your comment went to my spam folder. I sincerely took it out and approved your comment. Because, well, self explanatory. Stupidity must be displayed for all to see :)


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