The yacht on the horizon

the last leaf

the last ripple

the flickering flame

the last faded echo

one last song,

and drift bit by bit.


© Sanjukta


Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein yeh Khayal aata hai

Ke gar yeh khayal na hota to kaisa hota


Wrote these lines last night, with some one in mind, and he thinks I am kidding.


18 thoughts on “Drift

  1. The fart on the orizon

    the last beef

    the last nipple

    the bickering northi dame

    the last jaded bihario

    one last bong,

    and drift shit by shiit.


  2. Dear Baba and the likes,

    Glad to know that we North Indians are so influential that even a simple poetry has lead to such silly comments. And this also gives us a chance to realise that you people are a bunch of XenoPhobic job less kanadigas scared to shit because we steal all your jobs with our intellect and leave you with no chance but to become auto drivers and idli sellers so that you can fill your dark skinned tummmy and buy fairness cream for your big nosed mother.


  3. dear snogger snigdhaa,
    you’re right. of course u need a chance to realise. otherwise you wouldnt realise. Our autodrivers and idli sellers have university degrees, dignity, and all the wisdom to know about the pride of any labour. But the only mistake you made is thinking u need intellect to steal jobs. First of all, no normal person thinks he stole a job when he’s hired. To steal a job you only have to be shifty northi who got in through the backdoor. As for dark skin and big noses – ye we have them. (The fariness cream is to keep away the evil northi raping eye)


  4. how silly these bong girls are, they don’t even know that they are not north indians, they are bengalis, from east india..looking at their pics they are dark as hell and has to smile so that people can see them in dark!! LOL!!!!!!


  5. Both baba and the likes,

    Your University Degree has atleast earned you two square meals a day. Thank your stars, else, you guys would have no other option but to live on alms, which we North Indians are known to give.
    As far as being east Indians is concerned, well, for FYI purpose let me say, Bihar also is not North India, its in the East and Delhi is North. So get your Geograpghy right (wonder how did you earn that University Degree from Annamalai Open University). Born and Brought up in Delhi surely makes us North Indians and not east Indians even if our mother tongue in Bangla.

    Next point, please refer to Market Survey of HLL which would enlighten you with the fact that the consumption of Fairness Cream is the max in Southern India, the Rakshas decendants of Ravana, the demon who kidnapped Rama’s wife (may be becuase he could not get a good looking chick in South India or lanka and for whom a monkey was more than enough), as you guys are famously known among the rest of the world. You dont believe me, well, ask anyone, you guys are known as the decendents of Ravana and thats why you look so yucky.


  6. drifting blogger is now blasted. or blasting thanks to baba’s brilliance. thank you baba for saving us from farted poetry.
    while blogger’s sycophant has degenerated into spewing research she doesn’t understand. dear sycophant get a life. u r not the savior of any indian (including the ones from north) & save your efforts at enlightening any. also stop whining you pissy-hearted monster (in guise of a true blue chic out to save her blasted blogger friend by being serious abt her silly pissings). piss dear but dont inadvertently set in on fire. it will only burn ur pissy pussy.


  7. Awright, Baba and the likes.. Just one question…Got the balls to come out with your true identity?? Got enough courage to face these two delhites??

    Lets fight it out in the open since that’s what you guys want…

    Barrista, Barton Center, MG Road, This Saturday 21st April, 6 pm. It’s a challenge…either accept it or admit that you can only bark and not bite.


  8. baba and his stooges,

    this just shows how much free time you have because of your unemployment becuase of which you have such ample time to read a strangers blog and comment. Good for us.

    Drooler, the name itself proves that it must be a dog with or without balls.

    and since you south indians are so good at yoga, I am sure besides readind strangers blog, the other pass time that you eunuchs have is to suck and fuck your self with your own ball less dick which you stick in your own ass. (Thanks to Yoga Flexibility)
    Your balls get proven with the fact that none of you has the courage to leave their own name or contact details lest we catch hold of you and show you your true “Aukat”. After all, your cowardice is printed in black and white in history when the whole of India (which includes the maratha, Punjab, Bengal)was fighting courageously for freedom and you south Indians were busy licking english asses and hiding behind sambhar ki katori.

    If you have the guts, face us, the time date venue you know already, else, it proves our point:- barking Dogs seldom bite.


  9. oooo drifting & sycophant are pissing real furious! lol… keep at it! good to see so much agitation. we always like some drama. n no we hav no balls. sorry cant satisfy your lascivious needs.
    – bow wow wit(h) no balls

    ps: if you haven’t got it, allow us to say. we don’t care abt your opinions. just getting a raise out of you. thanks for the entertainment. n pls stop writing. you guys are an embarrassment.


  10. Hell no….Are you guys giving it up?? No pls don’t give up..

    So you don’t have the balls to face us?? It’s ok guys, We understand…But hey at least don’t stop barking..This place is all open for you honeys.. plese continue shitting…that way at least thousands of my readers would know what kinds of freaks you are…

    And Uimaaa what did you say our opinions don’t matter to you…when did I even give any…?? Sweethearts, the post you chose to spread some bangalorean shit isn’t about Delhi or Bangalore at all… wonder what was itching your dicks…Seems Like I matter to you a bit too much.. so much for my blog..wow..

    You know what, I kind of miss my dog here in blore so been liking you guys…

    PS. The challenge is still Open.


  11. Dear Drooler,

    Please refer to dictionary to see the meaning of grovel. You have used the wrong word for us becuase it actually should have been used for yourslef. But we understand, after days of idli selling your grey matters have thickened to a tar.

    sigh!!! would surely miss bashing you up in public and then making you run naked to your mama with dogs chasing you to bite off your assets. On 2nd thought, bobitising already castrated enuchs like you would be a better idea. But before we do that plaese put some deo because we might puke on your yucky face with that sambhar stench.

    By the way, I am really bored of you guys…yawn!!! so it would not matter even if you reply to this comment in insinuation to mend your already fucked up impotent ego. Like I said before, barking dogs seldom bite…and jab hathi jungle se guzar ta hai to kutte bhaukte hi rehte hai…so never mind…


  12. ‘abhathijungleseuzartaaitokuttebhauktehirehtehai’???
    the only thing i understood was ‘jungle’.
    yet this much i have to say:
    dear snogger snighdha,
    shame shame puppy shame.
    puppy’s children know your name.

    fuck you to ganga’s end.


  13. dear baba,
    your obedience training is going all haywire. sit baba sit..go and have your pedigree…and stop barking baba…i will get you a new leash and tick powder which is causing you all the itching…


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