I want to tell a story, the story of Alice and her unique smile.

One day, Alice was singing and dancing in her little world when suddenly an intruder broke in.  Alice was surprised to see him, she also didn’t like being disturbed, “what do you want?” She snapped at him.  He said, “I have come in search of smile”.

Alice thought that is simple. She has plenty of them with her. So she said, “Alright I will give you some smile but what will you give me in return? At this the intruder laughed out loud. Then he raised his head in pride and spoke in a voice loud and clear, “Well, I come from the land of wealth, health, happiness, beauty, peace, love, I have everything you want, what do you wish for.”

Alice wasn’t very contended with his response, she thought for a while and spoke, “If you have it all that why have you invaded my world in search of smile. Don’t you have smile in your world.” The intruder replied, “Well, yes, I do have smile but then I want some of those special kind of smile, I have heard a lot about them.”

What kind? Asked Alice.

“The one behind which there are scattered thoughts, the one which lightens up a dark night, appears and vanishes at erratic timings but doesn’t grow old or young with time, one which reflects upon the souls surrounding the source, one behind which there are secrets never told, there is wisdom, there is cynicism, the one absence of which makes a confluence incomplete, presence of which makes it imperfect, one which can not only be seen but can also be heard, felt, read yet cannot be touched…”. The intruder started describing the smile

Hmm.  Alice gave a pause and spoke, “that’s a very special kind of smile. It takes a lot to make that smile.  I have some of it but then you would have to pay a heavy price.

“That’s alright, tell me what do you want.” The intruder replied in glorious voice.

“You see all your wealth health etc is of no use to me, I make those kinds out of my tears. You would have to give me my share of tears in proportion to each smile you take.” Said Alice.

The intruder was baffled, “Tears? You make them out of tears? That’s ridiculous. And if they are your tears,  how and where will I find them?”
“Well, its not that difficult. You need a little bit of love, some promises, few sweet moments, hugs and kisses, followed by a sudden act of apathy and you’ll find my tears. Its simple.” Alice replied with a wide ‘smile’.

My story ends here. I don’t know if Alice gave the intruder the smiles he came looking for.