A testimonial for a Beautiful Friend

Its amazing how some people never follow the trend. When every one been saying “hey send me an sms“. He’ll say, “honey text me up“.

Samy will you call me, been ill for two days…or text me. though don hav no right nemore but been missing u.”

That’s one of the sweetest sms i have ever recieved. The other ones too were from him. This one brought tears – “honey i kno whre it hurts, twasn’t a casual call, called coz i ws rude, called to say sorry (although he never said the words) pls get over it honey

One of the most recurring ones were som thing like this “thanks for helping me get myself i will make u so happier than others,thanks for bearing me love u lots.”

OR honey u make me hyper.lol, lov u samy n miss u lots. wat abt a lunch somewhr just u n me?

This one was on the last days “samy i talk home they r sayin knowingly they wont allow us to marry otherwise the decision will be mine for which they will be very much hurt

Your love for me was real I know
It’s just that you were too weak to stand up for your love
I don’t blame you for any thing
I know it isn’t easy for you to be happy
but we both have to be
life goes on…….
try to find some happiness for yourself
Don’t worry bout me


I wrote the above lines exactly 2 years back. He smsd yesterday that his marriage is almost fixed. Just wanted to frame a testimony for him here, where I write all my truth. 

You are one of the most beatiful people I have known, and your beauty lies in your honesty. I have hated you so many times for saying a beautiful something to me in the night and then confessing in the morning, “I was lying last night”, but I have also loved you for being honest. Wanted to tell you, if I ever felt anything remotely related to love, it was only for you and I haven’t felt that for anybody else.

Just stay as you are sweetheart and am so glad you finally decided to get married. Am truely happy for you, I wish you all the very best in life, I wish you find your soul mate and a best friend in your wife, and wanted to tell, that if you still need a friend I am always there.


46 thoughts on “A testimonial for a Beautiful Friend

  1. A beautiful friend??@@##
    what’s o beautful about a friend who said nice things to u only when he was drunk, who was too weak to stand up for his love, who just knew how to flirt well???
    yeah right!!!
    no body finds a soul mate in their wife, a wife is just somebody who married the guy because she didn’t have a better option and th same goes for the guy…


  2. Beautiful!!!??? From the looks of it he was just playing mind games with you. Please dont wish him happiness , have all the wrath and poison for him in your heart. This person you are talking about is anything but beautiful.


  3. touching….
    he loved you or not that is not the question…the point is he made you believe that you were in love and it must have been a beautiful feeling…move on…there’s more love waiting for a woman as beautiful as you are sanju…from Snigha (who you blame to have stolen all men from your life)


  4. Why do you have soft corner for such a spineless wimp. How come he is beautiful? His heart is dark and ugly as hell as hurting emotions and feelings of a human being is the worst one can do to a human being. Making you believe that you were in love is not the same as actually loving you. In plain words he duped you big time so get over with it and stop writing testimonials for that crappy man, leave alone being his friend for a lifetime.. ufff


  5. News of his marriage must be painful, but not as much as the last 2 years I am sure. You are a better person with a bigger heart. Keep at it…

    Contrary to what the others have said, I think the litmus test of whether you have truly cared for someone is when they don’t care back the same way. So yes, you SHOULD wish him all the very best in life…and continue to do so.


  6. Thanks Asthemist.

    Understandably the most angry comments have come from two of my closest people, My sister (Bone) and my next to best freind (that’s coz i don’t have any best friend) Seema….

    To the 2 of you virgoians… chill. Take it easy, don’t be so angry. What’s important is the feeling of being in love, that feeling was real… and today when I look back I feel happy about that.

    Secondly, very few people have the guts to look back and face the girl from Yesterday, he has it, he made efforts to call me and keep in touch with me till date.

    It matters yaar… So chill don’t worry bout me. I have moved on.

    Thanks Snigdha, Ankur and Torque for your thoughtful comments. Love you all.


  7. We tend to ascribe beauty to any agent that stirs a romance in our hearts.
    Perhaps, in this case, his honesty was a point that shone through (in his coversations, and also in his actions, especially in communicating his take on marriage).
    From what i can gather from your post, he didn’t lead you on with false hopes, when the moment of truth arrived. He was clear and upfront that you were not part of his marriage dreams; and who knows, he may have [unintentionally] saved the romance from the possibility of turning sour over time, as several [love] marriages in recent times have run into.

    To imagine marriage as the the only acceptable outcome between any two, who love each other, is perhaps not entirely realistic. Further, it seems to constrain the workings of love.

    In life, we often encounter that some real friends can never make great room mates or business partners. Likewise, some romantic bonds just don’t have a future in marriage. However, to shun the relationship or the other person (or even yourself) based on such parameters is to act without grace.

    To remove ego out of the equation and to accept a person as a whole with all their imperfections and decisions (even though they don’t include you) and to still be [genuinely] capable of sending love to the person is a divine quality.

    Love is not an emotion for emotions can be transient (and true love is definitely not transient; at least it shouldn’t be). The words that come closest to describing it, in my mind, is that it’s a ‘feeling’.

    So, Sanjukta, keep that positive feeling in you alive. It’s probably more important for you than anyone else, for in the end, the love that you project outwards is merely a reflection of the love you have for yourself.


  8. loved it…this r ur true feelings n shud b proud of it..i seriously adore ur feelings..amm may b ur frnd ddnt found them special o true bt u no wats the reality so chilax its his life let him do wat eva he wants n u too lead ur life dnt stop o take e break coz of sum1,coz now afta 1 ear if u stil feel the same for him thn its ur gr8nes n his misfortune ,u gv ur 100%n tats reli gr8…it surely hurts that wen u gv ur 100% evn thou if u wish o nt u too start xpcting 100% frm tat indivual..bt 8 d same time u shud thnk positv coz he neva promsd u tat he gna b thr 4 u 24/7 sow its beta u dnt xpct nethng 4m him..atleast nt now..thr r many ppl in this big wrld u wil surely find ur bestest frnd who wil neva liv u alone in ur life i no no1 els can help u feel the same like he did..bt dats life..n wateva happens hapens for the best..yaa but like hm u dnt lev ur frnd coz u rnt him n cant b like him so b bold n face this phase..u r becumin strong n u cn say god gave u 1 reason to b bold n face any situation so try to b positv thou its hard bt u shud always try…IT COST z NOThng..
    and fir bhi if u dnt get ne frend..m thr naa..lol..tc n chil..if u feel like talking..then herz ma yahoo id…


  9. n ya u shud also respect ur frend coz thou eat eva hapnd was destind to happn..bt wen he was wid u he did make u feel happy n special..n its a gr8 thng to make sum1 feel sow gr8…so b positv….n take care…..


  10. man ur a brave girl.. i wud’v shot d guy dead in d broad dayli8 4 dupin me… u really inspired me to act wid gr8tr maturity in my day 2 day probs.. hats off to u gurl.. way 2 go :)


  11. hi
    how r u?
    acutally can u spend ur time for me
    i need a very very nice testimonial for my girlfriend but i had problem in my english language so dude i need ur help…i love she to much so i need one very nice wonderful testimonial for her pls help me ,thanking you


  12. 3 cheers!!!

    for u dared to love

    3 cheers!!!

    for u can let it go with a smile

    we know how it feels

    4 the breath gets hold,

    although 4 a sec


  13. :-)

    Our stories are slightly different but the pain caused must be the same. Exactly the same. I decided not to marry after her marriage. Almost all said this was the most idiotic decision but again…. many say love, a folly. Did we think so…?

    I have other better things to pursue than to compromise for a heavenly relationship called marriage.

    I have nothing much to say but :

    ‘Kuch to majburiyan rahi haongi,
    Yun hi koi bewafa nahin hota.’

    May god bless you in each walk of your life…


    (P.S. We dont know each other but I thought somewhat we all are linked with a thread, emotions, which makes us different from other species.)


  14. Sanjukta, this is something that brought tears in the corner of my eyes.. I totally know how it feels when something like this happens.. I m inquisitive if yo’re still single or you’ve found someone??

    I wish you all the best for life..

    You’re a brave and strong girl!!!



  15. I would say YOU BOTH LOVED EACH OTHER TRUELY……..its true that life cannot stop without anyone and we have to accept life as it takes us on its way…but the feelings and time u both spent together…would u be able to forget….NO…i guess those feelings and memories of past time is enough for you to spend your entire life….beleive me you can ….you can get a better person than him but not HIM………just want to say dear “true love happens once in a lifetime,and there is nothing called as second life,its just compramise with urself and life”…and you are not bound to do compramise


  16. i thought,this is the message writtn by the one who wants to fuck hot pussy of his girlfriend and thn he realised tht she’s not virgin.i kno she’s slut.bhosadchod………….


  17. well sanjukta,i am 20 yrs old …n m going thru the same hell dat u had been thru years back….,trust me at tis age it seems i hv seen the whole world…n desire no more,
    i still love him n m still in touch jus the way v used to be before…but in sum deep dark corner of my heart i kno n i realize dat this trust n bonding has no future,my parents wont accept him with his religion ,perhaps i jus cant stop loving him at dis cost….we neva feel this difference while we are together…not soo soon…..ur article is very inspiring and sum wer i feel at ease coz …im not the only one who is suffering there are many who have been thru the same…jus as ur case even my friends n sisters dont favor me eagerly but they kno sum wer that i m in love …madly in love ..
    Am eager to hear from sum1 jus like me ……..
    plz do reply i have given my email account,
    wishing u a good life thereof, we remain.


  18. swetha dear dont worry just enjoy dear trust ur love definately it wil show some solution dear!i wil definately pray my sweet god for ur love i believe definately he wil help u dear!


  19. love is watching the persons whom we love to be happy!thier happiness is important!i love my parents and i wil sacrifice every thing for them coz i found no person to be caring and loving than my family i love u dad i love u mam i want to be with u people for ever!


  20. I guess the important thing is that you believed you loved him… And have since moved on, while carrying the experience (minus the baggage) with you.

    Good for you girl!!! After all, who are we if not the sum of our experiences? So perhaps it is a good idea to simultaneously celebrate and mourn some of them, even as we put them to rest…


  21. dude i need a heart touching testimonial for my girl friend. m bit weak in english. please help me……….. with simple words including some hindi words also if possible
    Thank u


  22. this was the testimonial that i had written for him..my so called lost love….perhaps it cudnt create any kind of magic…but if it helps u den it will be great….u can make relevant changes like gender…and name…and add a few personalized lines like ….a most memorable evening..or an outing dat was so much fun u still wait for dat day kinda thing….
    one last thing…it doesn’t really matter if ur language is weak …the feelings in it must be true…
    wish u luck..
    In lyf u cum across different ppl…bcoz its a part of gods plan
    but i came across *****(mention ur gurls name..) thru …
    well i kno him thru a person who “IRRITATES” him d most ……(ANY PERSON WHOM SHE GETS IRRITATED OF )lolzz…..
    neva seen him !!! neva met him!!! i rather address him as my FONE PAL!!!
    but now wen m thinking abt him feelz lyk, hv known each other since ages!!!
    He is adorable , sum1 who is gifted with a very sagacious personality, has so much knowledge abt all kinda stuff lodged inside his cranium which quite frankly amazes me a lot, but still is sum 1 who stands out from most of my frenz, in all aspects………!!!
    now 4 his lookz………
    he has dis killing smile dat can make ne gurl go weak in knees
    and his look’s can jus take ur hrt away…………………..
    i knw he will go a long way in life….
    Delightful to be in company of such a prodigious person…..!!
    I hope he’S MINE 4 whole life…….baby i hope u will
    best of luck…..take care……
    LUV U FOR WAT U ARE………………..


  23. the guy did make u experience the feeling of being loved…. dnt have poison for him in ur heart!! move on in ur life… i too had a boyfriend who was the same as u mentioned… n now dat i have moved on.. i did find out true and unbiased love for my life..!!! go ahead girl.. the world full of love is waitin fr u..!!! :)


  24. In fact I feel you are a nice gal, who is ready to forget, forgive and move ahead.

    You have a soft and bigger heart to accept, to cry in someone’s pain and believe that you are loved.

    Wish you be always like this and do not be emotional….

    sometimes you must listen your mind along with heart.. else you will be cheated.. knowingly or unknowingly…

    Take Care,
    Be Happy….


  25. I feel we should live for ourself not for others…….

    only do those thing which is comfortable for u…


    Always think positive this will feel u happy(try it for 2 day u will release it)

    dont wait to hear others advice my friend…
    just njoy life….


  26. Its great to have the opportunity to write her very first testimonial.

    I know her for a year and a half now and we hit it off instantly…..An intelligent woman who knows her mind….she is a very caring n understanding friend who has smart solutions for any problem….i m glad to have found a friend like her and wish i should have met her earlier…
    anyways as it is said better late than never :)..and of course i vouch for the fact that she is one of the few best things that has happened to this world n me ofcourse….


  27. Not just your blogpost, but also each and everyone’s comment is wonderful to read, in this page. And coming to the point, I don’t know if it might help, but this thought came to my mind, right away when I read your post. He loved his family for about, say 24yrs, and he meets you and both are in love for 2 years, and if he is ready to leave his family whom he was in love with, for 24years, how can you be sure that he won’t leave you as well? I’m really sorry for your side, but probably you don’t need sorries. You move on. I wanna tel you this, I bet that he’ll think of you every single day of his life, till his death. I vouch for that, on behalf of each and every single man out there. Don’t know if it helps, but move on, mate. There’s a much beautiful world out there. don’t wanna miss it, do you?


  28. In love with your honesty Sanjukta. I hope i can someday open up/ speak up the way you do.

    Please write your opinion on topics like Spirituality, Religion, Politics, Food, Health…
    And also what type of books you read?


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