I grew up listening to the stories of this play from dad. Although I could never fully understand what is it about no matter how many times dad told me. Finally I get a chance to see the play. A theater group called ‘Mukhosh’ is performing the play here in Bangalore.  I have already got the tickets thought would spread the word a bit given the fact that me and Constant Motion bought the first two tickets from KC Das on St Marks Road. The guy there didn’t even know he has the tickets up for sale. We had tell him we saw in the net that he has the tickets. Any Bangalorean Bong interested in accompanying pls leave a comment i’ll take it from there.

A tip coming straight from Dad… You have to reach the theater before time and ensure you catch the play from the first word, otherwise you’d miss the significance of the name “Ebong Indrajit”

The details:

Date: Saturday, 30th June and Sunday, 1st July

Venue: Seva Sadan, Malleshwaram (14th Cross)

Time: 6:30 pm

Tickets: Rs.80/-

For advance booking, contact:

Anindita (9886307249)

Ayan (9886807298)

Tickets also available in KC Das at St. Marks Road, Ballygunj Place, 12th Main Indira Nagar and some more places.  

About the playwright

Badal Sarkar revived the theatre tradition from a point when it was on its death bed. He gave a new direction to the Bengali drama with some of his innovative plays like Ebong Indrajit, Baaki Itihaash and Shesh Naai. His plays can be divided into three genres: existentialist plays like Ebong Indrajit (also said to belong to the absurd manner), which marked the modern theatre movement in India; comedies and street theatre, for which he is probably best known to the theatre community in India.


About the Play:


Ebong Indrajit (And Indrajit) is about you and me — the average educated urban middle class. It’s about the life we all live, the mediocrity we all achieve but never accept. It’s about the discontent and  frustration that probably all sensitive, thinking minds suffer in their youth and that they put behind themselves as they go on in life – what social scientists define as early existential crisis and its forced mitigation by compromise. For most of us who choose to be Amal, Bimal or Kamal,life brings contentment and stability, but some do choose to be Indrajit, and while the crisis torments them – yet at the same time, it makes them search for streaks of colour in the grayness of daily life.