I guess I am one of the first ones to blog about the next Bar Camp in Bangalore (BCB4). It was very kind of Akash, a freind and one of the organizers of BCB4 to invite me over for their weekly meeting. The objective was for me to share my willingness to call for a blogger’s meet in Bangalore. It would be nice to have a Bangalore Blogger’s Meet (BBM07) isn’t it.

I am not claiming that the idea is totally new, I am aware of a certain Yahoo 360 blogger’s meet here in Bangalore  and am also aware of a Google group called BlogBang.  I am just calling for another blogger’s meet here in Bangalore and to save myself from raking my brains on logistics I am thinking may be we can keep it at the same time, day and venue as that of the BCB4.

For some reason I keep referring to myself as ‘we’ while talking about BCB4 and BBM07, I hope that doesn’t get misconstrued in any manner. The thing is, if I use ‘We’ too much it’ll be like, “Oh she attended just one meeting and already thinking herself to be a part of the organizers and all.” If I use ‘I’ too much it’ll be like it’s all about me trying to hog attention. Politics I tell you.

So, anyway this was Akash’s idea to have a BBM along with BCB4 and that’s why he invited me over to the meeting. 8 of us met up today at Kormangala 5th block CCD. This is part of their (BCB4 organizers) weekly meeting. They meet every Sunday. So there was Akash Mahajan, Arun Ramarathnam, Keshava Reddy, Amogh, Kiran Jonnalagadda (everybody calls him Jace), Amit Singh, Aditya Mishra and Me. Couldn’t get every body’s last name and URL for linking purpose.

Not sure if am supposed to give it out already, but the dates and venue for the BCB4 has been finalized. The venue is IIM Bangalore. Its going to happen on the last week of July. Each of the organizers have been given different areas of work to handle. (Every Sunday they meet, now onwards I’d meet them too, so ‘WE’ would meet…nevermind) over the next couple of weeks we…they (whatever) would be working on getting media attention, sponsorship, preparing the contents, design the logo, set up an event blog and much more. Needless to say hell lot of work.

Each one of them are going to manage one collective. Its interesting to know what is a collective.

“Collectives is a bunch of people who want to rally around a particular interest. Numbers aren’t important. Five people may form a collective. The idea is to interact amongst the collective before you reach the physical venue. So that you don’t spend extra time at the venue figuring out where to go and whom to corner.”

This is where I come into the picture and I take this opportunity to invite the Bangalore Bloggers to join in as a collective. We can have interaction amongst ourselves on various topics related to blogging. This way as bloggers we would know what are our area of concern in the BCB4 and also where can we contribute. Some dedicated bloggers are also required who can live blog the event. I would write more about how this collective can work in my next post.

This post is about the meeting I attended so I guess I’d end it here. Don’t tell me you are interested in knowing what did stomach get when great minds were at work. You are? Oh the usual stuffs Multi grain Chicken sandwich, Masala Tea, Cappuccinos and Cigarettes, Iced tea, some Chocolate fantasy.

In case you wanna have a glimpse at how they look like, some of them are captured on this swanky looking Cam that Jace had got. (I noticed, these guys said hello to Jace’s Cam before saying hello to him and the next thing they said hello to was his T shirt. Ask Jace more about his Cam and T-shirt) I guess Jace would put them up here.

Signing off.