In my previous post I mentioned my intentions, willingness, ambition, vagairah vagairah to call for a Blogger’s meet in Bangalore prior to the forth-coming BCB4 (Bar Camp Bangalore 4) 28-29th July 07 @ IIM, Bangalore. Those who didn’t read my earlier post, please do so now to establish the complete connection. So here it goes…


Bangalore Blogger’s Meet, July 2007

Date: 7th July 2007

Time: 5 pm

Venue: Café Coffee Day MG Road

RSVP: Sanjukta – 9900119681 


Pls confirm your participation in comments section or by smsing at that number. You can call as well. :)




To form into a small collective of Bangalore Blogger’s for the forthcoming Bar Camp Bangalore 4 (BCB4) on 28-29th July at IIM Bangalore. The purpose of this collective would be two fold.

  1. To brainstorm on ‘how to best live blog the event BCB4.’ We need dedicated blogger’s for this who would be there for the 2 days and blog about the event as it proceeds along with pics and videos etc.

  2. As blogger’s what is our stake in the Bar camp.  What are areas we can learn from, and what are the areas we can contribute to? 

About Bar Camp:


Bar camp is an ad-hoc gathering born out of the desire for people to meet up, share, exchange ideas and possibilities in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. Bar Camp is an international network of events that have been held in over 31 cities worldwide.


Barcamps turn around the notion of a formal conference by eliminating the distinction between speakers and delegates. Everyone is a participant, and is equally welcome to propose a discussion, speak up or add to on a topic they are familiar with. Barcamps are organized and evangelized largely through the web by a community driven, collective organizational process using a wiki as a tool.

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