In my previous post I mentioned my intentions, willingness, ambition, vagairah vagairah to call for a Blogger’s meet in Bangalore prior to the forth-coming BCB4 (Bar Camp Bangalore 4) 28-29th July 07 @ IIM, Bangalore. Those who didn’t read my earlier post, please do so now to establish the complete connection. So here it goes…


Bangalore Blogger’s Meet, July 2007

Date: 7th July 2007

Time: 5 pm

Venue: Café Coffee Day MG Road

RSVP: Sanjukta – 9900119681 


Pls confirm your participation in comments section or by smsing at that number. You can call as well. :)




To form into a small collective of Bangalore Blogger’s for the forthcoming Bar Camp Bangalore 4 (BCB4) on 28-29th July at IIM Bangalore. The purpose of this collective would be two fold.

  1. To brainstorm on ‘how to best live blog the event BCB4.’ We need dedicated blogger’s for this who would be there for the 2 days and blog about the event as it proceeds along with pics and videos etc.

  2. As blogger’s what is our stake in the Bar camp.  What are areas we can learn from, and what are the areas we can contribute to? 

About Bar Camp:


Bar camp is an ad-hoc gathering born out of the desire for people to meet up, share, exchange ideas and possibilities in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. Bar Camp is an international network of events that have been held in over 31 cities worldwide.


Barcamps turn around the notion of a formal conference by eliminating the distinction between speakers and delegates. Everyone is a participant, and is equally welcome to propose a discussion, speak up or add to on a topic they are familiar with. Barcamps are organized and evangelized largely through the web by a community driven, collective organizational process using a wiki as a tool.

To know more pls visit


28 thoughts on “Bangalore Blogger’s Meet, July 07

  1. @vinu, Dhivya, Jayanth
    Thanks so much for your response, it feels great.. Let ‘me’ join you guys in this… Let’s be together in having this meet..

    The saturday meeting is called for some discussion and to know each other. The bigger Bangalore Blogger’s Meet is scheduled for 28-29th July along with the BarCamp @ IIM Bangalore. This way we won’t have to worry bout the logistics..

    I hope to see you guys this Saturday…needless to say without your participation it wouldn’t be possible


  2. @ Meninweb

    That’s what I’ve been thinking… I clicked on the other link and I was like…what da.. :D

    See you on Saturday…don’t worry bout traffic we’d hang around till late…


  3. Can’t make it this weekend..
    As a fellow blore blogger, will meet up at BarCamp on 28-29 July at IIM-B..
    Do put up the points discussed at the July7 meeting..


  4. Hi nice to hear about bloggers meet… I am sure there are many small Bloggers Group… To name a Few bangalore metblogs.. Mukhta Balaga Led BY RK.. and many more.. I hope all Bangalore Bloggers are aware of the meet or may not be aware. An formal Invitation or an Propoganda should hav been made. Its gud to make an database of all bangalore Bloggers.. Thats My opinion. I will Try to make for an bloggers meet..

    C u alllllllll there………!!


  5. @ Maruti

    Tell you what no body knows anything more than this…”A certain someone, what ws the name, sanjukta, called for a blogger’s meet…not sure what is it about but what the heck”

    You see… and now am writing back to you…would’ve mailed but can’t access your profile on Blogspot coz its fire-walled at my workplace..isn’t that terrible…:(

    So now you know me…you got my number…do sms me ur email id if you could..i’d mail a final list of confirmations in a while..

    so pls come along :D

    See you there..


  6. @ Naren

    This indeed is an attempt to gather all the bangalore blogger’s into a single community… announcement was impromptu, but this doesn’t stop here.. I have already created a google group for bangalore bloggers so that we can have a database of all bloggers and also can have a better communication with emails…kind of keep everyone in loop.

    I have bout 7-8 confirmation, not bad for an impromptu announcement, including one friend from the Banglaore Metblogs.

    Thanks for your response, hope to see you there…


  7. Hey bangalore bloggers,
    i’am bridda form Germany. have been to a barcamp in my hometow Cologne and also visited lot of blogger meetings or webmontage as well.
    I really lke those events. just talk about what is going on in the Web2.0 movement with all those great mashup, user generated content, creative commons and other great services like twitter. So I was quite happy to find out about the blogger scene here. So I’ll try to join this meeting as a preparation for barcamping bangalore. bye


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