The impromptu announcement had an overwhelming response. Around 15 of the Banglaore Blogger’s met up on Saturday 7th July at CCD. As more and more enthusiast started pouring in we were compelled to shift the venue from CCD to Koshy’s Chill Out Zone. It was a cool place indeed. We barged into chill out zone spreading our wings at two love birds there. I can understand what they were feeling, but hey, the city Blogger’s were Meeting, no small deal eh.

A lot of constructive discussion took place on the meet. Most important we could connect well with each other, ideas flew in, exitement bubbling up… ok let me keep it simple…

We have a consensus on the following and now we gotta do hard work to take it further.

1) The need for all Bangalore Blogger’s to be in one common loop. So pls spread words about this group. Let me clear all ambiguities at the outset. This group is not ‘just’ related to the BarCamp, not ‘just’ related to 7th July Blogger’s Meet, Not ‘just’ related to 21st July Meet. It is a common group for any and every Bangalore Bloggers for all times to come. We’d aim at doing constructive meaningful activiites related to blogging and not just meet for coffee.

2) Of the acitivities we thought we can do is have a Web NGO. We could have a blog where we counciously write about social topics. We keep our camcorders ready all the time to put up audio video blogs related social issues. Awareness is the buzz word.

3) Some of has have volunteered to do live blogging in the forthcoming BarCamp4.  (We’d discuss this more in another thread)

4)  I said I’d share with this group findings of a brain storming session (some interesting topics for research realted to blogging) we had in one of the DBMs (Delhi Blogger’s Meet). We might take them further.

5) Sridhar proposed to do a session on ‘important tech tips for complete non techie bloggers’.

6) Prayank got more ideas flowing in his mind bout the Journal he thought of and he said the journal would go by the same name, Blogaloreans. (Prayank correct me here if need be)

7) I intend to hold some blogging outrech sessions with various non blogging groups. I’d put more details about this. As of now you could check this link of the maiden outreach program i did.

That’s about it… For now…

BTW what’s with the name…if that’s what you are thinking…feel free to convey… I myself take couple of seconds to recall the spelling before I type the name :D

Our Saturday meet was covered by Bangalore Mirror. I’ll post a copy of that on this list tomorrow.

Dhivya Blogged about it here she also clarified the confusion with the two simultaneous blogger’s meet.

Hari Blogged about it here

Pics are on Hari’s Flickr

And my Photoblog

Those who couldn’t make it on Saturday, pls be there on 21st July Meet. Further, pls be a part of the ‘Blogger’s Collective’ I am leading at the BarCamp on 28-29 July @ IIM Bangalore.



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