He says anything is possible once you have joined the Landmark Forum. So when another common friend does a good job at work, which I casually appreciate, he says, “Obviously he’d do a good job he has attended the forum, now anything is possible.”

I don’t get the logic. Isn’t it impossible to have a situation where everything is possible?

He wanted me to join the forum, he still wants but I am not convinced I need the forum. He invited me over to attend an evening session with the Forum where each participant were supposed to bring as guests, people they think could benefit by the forum and share with them, the breakthrough feelings that they have had after attending 3 days of forum.

First part of the evening:

The evening began with the leader of the forum, a guy in his mid / late 30s, smooth talker, witty, friendly, coming on stage and sharing his first encounter with the forum. How he was totally skeptical about it, thinking it to be yet another marketing gimmick, how he thought of joining it only to get his friend off his back, and then ended up being the leader of the forum.

He shared how his whole life has changed in those 3 days. He went on saying things like, what you get from the forum is beyond your perceptions. The forum works in the dark area of your mind which you don’t even know exist. It opens you up to things you don’t even know that you don’t know. Like you cannot write the theory of a cycle balance, like you can’t define how you walk or breathe, what you get from the forum and how it creates new possibilities for your life is also indefinable.

Having said all that, he invited members from the audience who are participants of the forum to come on stage and share their experiences. A lot of hands were raised but due to time constraint only 3 of them could be called upon. It was predictable these three could have been concerted.

Second part of the evening:

First, a man in his 60s who, thanks to the forum, have been able to communicate with his wife after 10 years, who could tell his mom (who also was the guest on the forum) how much he loves and worships her. Also, how he is thankful that his brother bailed him out of jail etc. Nice.

Second, a lady in her mid 30s. She was having a lot of trouble at her work and almost wanted to kill her boss. The forum helped her honestly communicate with her boss on certain things she feels about her. And now she thinks her boss is her best friend, she has been a happy person since she joined forum, she isn’t being hysterical anymore, or cribbing anymore. Nice.

Third, a law student, didn’t get her story much. I wasn’t paying attention may be. But she too said she spoke to her dad after 10 years and that she never told her mom “I love you”, but after the forum she could.

[Hmm nice, but I never told my mom or dad or sister, I love you, but I know that they know that I love them. And I know that they love me more than anything else in the world although they never said that to me. Man, I didn’t even know you gotta say all that to your parents. I do see a lot of these troubled kids in Hollywood movies though, but I never knew it’s happening in India also. And I do communicate a lot. I have had confessed thrice, “I have a crush on you” to 3 different men. They all turned me down, but I aint discouraged yet. Just few days back I told another man the same thing. Common if that’s not communication what else is?]

Those were thoughts running in my head after hearing participant’s experience. The leader was back on stage by now and has begun his speech again. He was saying, “you must know that your host (which means my friend in this case) has a lot of care for you, that you are important to your host, so you must trust your host.”

Now, this part touched me a lot. I almost had a crush on my host. I am one stupid romantic fool to tell you the truth. Slightest hint of someone taking care of me and I’ll fall for him. And then when he’ll see I am being this dumb mushy girl falling for him just cause he showed some caring attitude, he thinks “oh, she seemed to be a strong, independent, daring woman of substance, but looks like she isn’t.” That’s how most men fall out of crush with me.

Not their fault, I have this strange sense of romance. I like being a kid, I like being taken care of, even though I don’t need it. Some one holds my hand while crossing a busy road, I like it. I don’t need it, I have been crossing roads for 30 years I know how to cross a damn road, but I still like it. I wanna be a boss for the world, but to that one man, I want to loose my whole self. I used to be this kid in front of Munish. He had a habit of being over protective, and we were going great. But the trouble was Munish had originally fallen for the strong and independent feminist. Once he had spent enough time with me he realized he can’t see her around. Instead, who he have is, an over sentimental, possessive girl next door.

Why the hell am I talking about my love life? I was talking ’bout what happened in Landmark Forum. So the leader asked us to trust our respective hosts and join the forum. He then gave some 15 min time for the guest and host to do some more talking and then get ourselves registered. The registration costs are INR 700 and the total cost of the 3 day course is INR 5600.

So my host, my friend, said, “I am telling you I have gained from this and I know its good for you. You’ll have answers to a lot of your question if you do this. Please trust me and join.”

But I won’t budge. I was not trying to be stubborn. Just that it was not coming from within, that I should join this forum. So I told him, “I completely trust you my friend, and I am touched that you have been so thoughtful about me, I would probably join it if you would ask me to do so for ‘you’, but if you’d give me a choice to make, I would choose not to join.”

He didn’t insist any further. I saw a large number of people going forward and registering for the forum. I kept worrying if I had hurt his feelings by not joining the forum.

Third part of the evening:

Those of us who chose not to join the forum were then broken into smaller groups (separating us from our hosts) of 10-15 people each and taken to a room where one of the Forum volunteers gave us an introduction session on, “how Landmark Forum helps you.”

The volunteer begin by sharing her own experience with Landmark forum. We were all given a workbook. As she shared her story we were asked to write the answers down relating the questions to our live.

The workbook: the first 3 steps

So the first question was, of all the aspects in life, what are the areas in your life that are not working out. Relationship – with family, co-workers, friends, career, education, sports, health, fitness, spirituality, emotions, love & romance, travel, leisure, fun activity, etc. etc. basically any damn aspect of your life which is not working out.

To begin with, I saw the workbook had a total of 6 columns, (i) areas working out, (ii) areas not working out, (iii) area you are working on (I got stuck here only, so I’ll mention the rest 3 later, let me first tell you why I was stuck here) I wondered why isn’t there a 4th column asking ‘area you are NOT working on?’ Ok, that would be stupid to ask but the point is what if I am not working on any area at all. What if I think everything about my life is just perfect, there is nothing that I need to work on. Relationships with my family and sibling can’t be any better, I have a reasonably good job, can pay my bills, great friends circle. Yes I do feel low at times, I do fight with mom and dad but that’s being alive. Life is a roller coaster you don’t need to get ‘worked’ up with the ‘downs’ cause there would always be ‘ups’.

So basically I had no where else to go from here. This place isn’t for me cause I am not working on anything at all. Still, I wanted to cooperate with the volunteer in the session. So I picked love and romance as the area in my life which is not working out and I am trying to work. I should have picked sex actually but I didn’t want to shock her moral crap out. And it makes sense also, for some one who comes across as one of the most sought after personality, at her 30 and still single, it makes sense to chose this area. Truth however is, I am NOT working on this aspect. By default and by nature you cannot work on love and romance. Love happens you don’t work on it.

The next 3 steps:

So we have picked up the area the next questions or columns were (iv) probable almost certain future (v) What’s missing the presence of which would make a difference, and finally (vi) Inventing a new possibility.

Your Probable Almost Certain Future:

At this step she asked, as you are working on an area, answer yourself 3 questions what are you doing, what are you having, who are you being. I couldn’t find answers to these questions, I and I am sure many in the room didn’t even get the question. The volunteer related the questions to her experience, which helped.

She said, I wanted to decorate my new flat for a long time. But me and my husband could never find out the time. We’d always procrastinate the tasks. So what I was doing was procrastinating the task. Who I was being was some one who is unimportant, unworthy because I was not doing something which is important to my happiness. I would visit other people’s nicely decorated houses and come back home cursing my work schedule or my husband for not taking time out etc. So what I was having was frustration.

I tried to relate her story to my area. What am I doing? Making friends, going out drinking, smoking, calling blogger’s meet and meeting many interesting people everyday chatting with some of them on Gtalk, accepting them if they ask me out for a date. Although I rarely ask anybody out. Admittedly I have a fear of rejection. So who am I being? I am being single. Not lonely but alone. Yes, I do have some bad evenings when I feel like crying, when I wish I had that some one special by my side. But they are just bad evenings and the next day am fine. What am I having? A feeling that there aren’t many guys out their who would accept me the way I am. Finding my man seems to be difficult and there is a possibility I would always be single.

Bingo there you go, your probable almost certain future which you have created for yourself by thinking the way you think.” That’s what the volunteer would have told me if I would have told her what I was thinking. And I dare not even think what would my friend say if he heard that or if he reads this post.

But I have a POV here. Yes I have created my own probable almost certain future, which, at times I am afraid, does become sad and lonely. And this is being created because I have been carrying things from the past. But is it really right to say just bury the past. I mean aren’t we all supposed to learn from our past. Don’t they say history repeats itself. So you better not do the same stupid things you did in the past. How can we completely ignore our past.

Anyways I know they can corner me on this. But they are not reading this blog. He might, but he already has given up on me.

What is missing the presence of which would make a difference?

Now this one was a real tricky one. Kinda like mathematical theorem or a linear equation. So, what is missing in your life? This time she came close to my seat and directly asked me that question. “I don’t know, I can’t figure out. See the area I chose was love and romance…so what is missing… well the area is not working out and I am single, so what is missing…A man I guess?” I know it was funny but no body laughed at my answer. They were just too surprised to hear me speak.

“Ok, assume you had that special man in your life. Assume you have a committed relationship? How would you feel then?” She had already done this personalized bit with another guy so I knew where was she going.

I was being naïve though. I said, “How would I know, how would I feel unless I have been through it. I have never been into a relationship and I honestly don’t know how does it feel.

She was not happy with the answer. She asked again, “how would your life be if you had that man.”

“Life would be different for sure. I wouldn’t have to always call my friends for a drink. I would have one man for all time to exercise all my rights on him. I would have some one to call at the end of the day to generally crib about what happened at work. [There would be a lot of sex happening (ok that I didn’t say)] so life would be a bit different from what it is now.”

“Yes, but how would you feel.”

“I don’t know, may be I’ll feel good may be I’ll think what a pain is this relationship. I just cannot understand how can I say how would I feel to have a relationship when I have never been into one. You see Mam, I am an atheist, a non believer, I just do not believe that everything is great. I want a relationship in life, yes, but I am not certain it’s all going to be a bed of roses. I am sorry but I don’t understand.”

“Hmm! Think about it. Keep thinking.” And she gave up.

I got inattentive after this. It was 10.30 in the evening and I was hungry like a wolf. I had by now made up my mind, my life is too complicated to be fixed in 3 days.

The last part was something about inventing a new possibility. We were to declare to ourselves what is our new possibility. Like she had declared “I would get my house decorated.” I declared, “some day I’d get it right. Some day some where I’ll find him. No issues if I don’t.”

After this she told us to take out the registration form and started instructing us how to fill it. “Write your full name, your age at the second column….”

I immediately interrupted, I said, “Excuse me Mam, I am a bit confused, was this session only for those who decided to join the forum?

“No, its absolutely your choice. But allow us to help you take a decision.” There were many more volunteers standing in the back of the room. The moment she said that, they all came close to each one of us, sat by our side. One of them came to me as well. I had kept my pen down by this time murmuring, “I decide to not join.”

So Mr. T came to me to help me take a decision. I told him I have already decided. He was very smiley and happy. He said he wasn’t there to insist but to revisit that question, what is missing?

Let me tell you where was he trying to go, where did the earlier volunteer try to go and how is it like a linear equation.

How would you feel if you had that man?” Assuming my answer to this question is, “I would feel happy, I would feel being taken care of, being loved, would feel important and would be content.”

This implies ­­=> you are not happy, not being loved, not being take care of and ‘Hence Proved’ something about your life is not right and that is affecting your productivity in every aspect and therefore you need to work on this aspect and you do that by joining the Landmark Forum.

I thanked Mr. T, thanked the volunteer, told them the introduction session got me thinking a lot. LF has been helpful.

Outside the hall, back on Bangalore road, me and my host had to deal with the blood sucking Auto-rakshasas to reach Hotel Empire for dinner.

Post dinner he casually referred to making a Goa trip with his friends. I said I wanna go too. He agreed to take me.

I came home over exited and happy already with the Goa trip, a little voice somewhere kept saying this can’t be true, such nice things don’t happen to you, but I was exited nonetheless. Today morning he said the Goa trip is cancelled. I asked if we can make some other trip he said he doesn’t have time.

Life goes on, someday somewhere I’ll get it. Or may be I won’t. Either ways no regrets.


111 thoughts on “Heard of Landmark Forum?

  1. Thats one candid post! Its difficult to let go of so much about yourself in one post! :)

    Now.. to tell you the truth.. I myself wont ever give in to a Landmark Forum. But I know of people who swear by it.. and one of my friends casually remarked – You wont let go of yourself and thats why you dont see the benefits of attending LF. Personally, I find them to be a group of suave swindlers (much like me and my batchmates from B-school.. hmph.. I am not being modest here.. am I? suave? hehe)..

    Manipulating buggers!! But then, as long as some people think that they found true happiness because of them.. brilliant!

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  2. Landmark is a very controversial group that has nothing to do really with education or business
    See this link before you let them mess with your mind or your business.

    I noticed the last few days many posts/blogs like this.
    This is just a sub-rosa campaign to get an interest going.
    It is really a part of LE’s lack of full disclosure.
    Pretty much in truth spam


  3. that was one of the most frank, long, posts in some time.

    I somehow hate all self help books and as an extension LF kind of stuff. I guess if one wants to improve one knows what to do.

    Any way’s your last time. “Life goes on!!”. Classic! Reminds me of “After all, Tomorrow is another day!”


  4. Hmmm. Let go of your search for a man.and that too a perfect one (there is no such thing) Then everything will be alright..Take advise from Life Guru (alias Seema):-) Cheers


  5. Long but nice post. :-) enjoyed reading it. I would rather go to a Psychiatrist or may be a spiritual leader if need be. As far as searching that special man who would accept the way you are, well, that happens only in story books. Nothing works without lil bit of adjustments from both sides. So keep looking or should i say Hunting lady ;-) you never know when cupid strikes and the Guy might just get lucky to have you in his life.

    As far as, strong woman of substance part is concerned, only thing i can say is, don’t pretend to be 1 if you are actually a girl next door waiting to be taken care of. There is nothing wrong in being honest about it.


  6. Problem is Snigdha, I don’t pretend… that’s just the way I am… a very lousy metaphor but I am like a coconut…I just can’t help it..


  7. YEP, the worst thing they do is make you THINK that what they did to you was a good thing. Check the link that I posted and really look around the net. Look under EST,Fourm and LE.
    this is in truth some very bad stuff.
    From the moment you walked in the door you got played, lied to,and conned.
    i can fill this page with links showing how bad they are, even the chair placement was set up tp mess with your head,I have links on how and why.
    RUN AWAY from these POS


  8. Hi Truth,

    As you can see from the post..I didn’t give in.. and I still wonder why my friend, who took me there..joined it and why he thinks its the best thing that can happen to you..

    I didn’t say this earlier…but talking about truth.. I had a feeling everybody there was in some kind of artificial trance which were to be lasted only for a while.. I have a feeling this transformation thing is a hypnosis they do..

    At the end of it all I was surprised to see that most of them indeed joined the forum. Only a few strong minds as mine left without getting nailed…


  9. ha haa!! you have revealed quite a few details of yourself… you seem to be brave… well.. a lawyer, i can understand… but then, do you think I would ask you out knowing that you are a chicken (coconut?)?!

    doing the same thing over and over again…and expecting a different result… Thats the definition for ‘Craziness’ ;-)


  10. My father was a BIG EST’e in the day. Hauled me to California as a tot to listen to Warner. He and Mom did the whole not going to the bathroom thing until let out by the group. (Hey, have a baby and drink water and try not to pee!)My Dad is an example of how it does NOT work. He’s spent decades twisting what they preach in a intelligent fashion in order to manipulate people.
    Now, this could happen to anyone in any religon or new-age group or whatever-everyone picks and chooses what they want to hear.
    An organization of overly confident manipulators &/or salesmen will draw the same types.
    Now, they have Landmark. Same BS, different century. Dad went thru it again, still a power hungry manipulative controller. Told me I HAVE to take the class in order to get one-half of the inheritance money (thru him) he promised from my Grandparents estate. He can just keep it.
    One good thing EST/Landmark preaches is follwing thru with your agreements-but,I guess you can pick and choose what you follow.
    A fool and his money are easily parted.
    Keep yours!


  11. Hi,
    I got some landmark gift vouchers and was checking if they have any online shop when I came across this nice blog of yours. I am right away sending the link to couple of colleagues along with whom I went through one such experience. To be frank it was a big pain. Mostly Mr. T was trying to put his words in our mouths. Also everyone who attended was talking about one special “enlightening” moment….I tell you I was scared of such an enlightment thinking that it is some form of hypnotism.
    Moreover like you mentioned that we know about unexpressed love between parents and children (for that matter even the conflicts)….Talking about their experience was not any different from the tele-shopping ads. Is it like putting new management fundas into the lives of those who have 6K to spend/waste? I thought it is like a new brand of spiritual Gurus who are ashamed of typical “sadhu” wardrobes and looks. ..RaviS


  12. Wow, this is a great post. I just started law school, and am having a few bumps in the road with my bf of two years, and one of my friends suggested that I sign up for LF and that it will help change my view of life in general. Thing is – I like how I view life. I think!

    After reading this, I’m hesitant to shell out the money, it’s $510 USD, and even though I’m experiencing a few communication issues in my relationship, I don’t see it as serious enough to merit spending that much money. Especially when I can go buy some shoes and feel like a million bucks. For a lot less!


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  15. Awesome, that was quite a battle you fought there woman!

    It is really tough to fight your urges to break down into self pity (which is what they live on) and you continue calling their bluffs right till the end… Too cool!


  16. Having done the Landmark Forum, I can say that it was worth 10 times what I paid for it. Anyone who claims that Landmark “messes with your mind” frankly hasn’t the slightest idea what they are talking about. All I saw when people did the course was to give up their cynicism and resignation about life based on the crap that had happened to them along the way. Personally, I saw in the course that I’d taken my mother for granted pretty much my whole life, and I started talking to her like a real human being afterwards. I spent part of my life avoiding her–Now we’re best friends.

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  17. @Jake Ewing

    With all due respect, that’s bull shit. No forum or no course nothing can change a human being, the so called friend who attended the forum and took me for it doesn’t even talk to me anymore…one fine day he just stopped talking to me.

    Why? Because he thought I was emotionally insecure and he didn’t want to deal with my insecurity….that’s what they teach you at Landmark?


  18. Hey sanjukta,

    Awesome blog!! I had ditto experience,the last evening.. exaclty the way you narrated.. in Bangalore ..Really surprised!!! I even had dinner from Empire after the LF crap.

    Just curious.. Did you find your dream man?? .. wish you to have one soon



  19. Hi Sanjukta,

    Looks like these folks are still very active… and surprise, surprise!! I had a very similar experience, and ended up having dinner at Empire (the new one in kmgla)

    Went there ‘cos a friend of mine invited me. As I wasn’t convinced, he didn’t force me to register but there were quite a few out there who tried to.

    Infact, one of them has started calling me to convince me to join telling how she & family benefitted. I told her to convince me first… she’s yet to do that :)


  20. I am not that kind of person which will ever go for Landmark Forum because we can learn philosophy from better teachers beginning with Socrate ….and psychology beginning with Freaud…I saw the documentary made by TV 3 FRANCE about LF, i met a guy who went to this so called “seminares” and was so breind-washed about this new LF “philosophy and awaking, changing, transformation” that all what this people said in this “educational classess” became his reality, his truth….but in a deep conversation about life, equality, human rights, meaing and meningless, religion…this guy couldnt have his own ideas and his own philosophy because he believed thah LF is the only truth. BS! LF is an advanced form of CULT but with the same tehniques. This guy, 23 years old, use every 5 minutes the word LANDMARK FORUM in a conversation, everything in his life and his life was revolving around the concepts implemented in his young brain by the “gurus”….you better read books, philosophy, mithology, psychology that to go for a braind washing education….i will recomend that everyone of you who really wats to experience LF to watch the documentary about it



  21. Hellow

    Can you help me. I have troubles with your web site. It is working slow.
    Can somebody help me to solve the problem or explain why it can be so?

    Thank you


  22. sanjukta –

    hi, i just finished the landmark forum weekend and was looking to be honest with myself about what i got out of it and where they may gotten some of their techniques from, when i ran across your post. i’m somewhere between a “convert” and a “skeptic” on the continuum, because i think that a) the transformative possibilities of the forum are real and can help you recognize things that are holding you back and make positive steps to get the results you want, and b) that there is a heavy marketing aspect which is designed to prey upon emotionally sensitive people and can unfortunately lead them to act like brainwashed automatons, just for the monetary benefit of the company. bad news.

    luckily (or perhaps unluckily!), i went in there with a strong sense of self, yet i am also what they call “coachable,” or what i myself have termed, “permeable.” i’m not determined to make hardcore decisions just for the sake of it. i am willing to entertain other ideas (aka “possibilities”). so what i got out of it (and yes, they do ask you to phrase it like that…”what i got out of the landmark forum…”) was something pretty real, and basic. i had flirted with these ideas for a long time but it was only when i was in a room full of people who i have very little in common with (i’m an artist in the US, aka an outsider by definition!), and given the unadulterated truth in a concentrated dose, that i was able to put it together more easily. you can sit and wait for results, think about possibilities, make yourself more likely to receive those things you want in life (as it sounds like you’re doing in the area of romance), but there’s something in the “declaring” (forumspeak) of your intentions, that makes that thing you want more real, more achievable.

    forgive me if i use your case as an example (and forgive me if anyone else thinks i have been brainwashed, too!) but i’ve been moved by your openness and honesty, so i wanted to share what i’ve learned too. and, of course, i suffer from a similar frustration (i’m in my late 30s with no steady relationship in my past).

    so here’s the rub. yes, life happens, we go along with it, and true love can’t just be manufactured out of thin air. if there is such a thing as true love at all. yet for me, it was very empowering to first realize what stories (aka “rackets”) i’ve been running, and their cost to me. for years, my racket was that true love just “happens.” it can’t be forced into existence. sounds reasonable, right? but that belief also cost me something: it made me a passive player. i didn’t feel empowered in the area of love. 2 years ago i finally changed that mentality and began studying pick-up artist (PUA) technologies, which although reprehensible in many ways, at least got me to a genuine place to realize that many of my excuses for not talking to women were not “real.” i was just afraid of rejection, and what that meant. perhaps i was also afraid TO love. because it’s work, you know!

    in the forum (and i’ll call it that to avoid the endless repetition of “the landmark forum” in the forum…arg!), i was able to access not only that kernel of reality, but to really break myself down and remove the filters that were costing me access to the most basic thing i want: to be loving. once that area was opened, there was only an empty space, in which i could choose to say something, or declare that “i am a loving person.” in the two days since i made that declaration, i have already seen results. my actions now follow from that central place of choice. it’s no longer full of conditions, or fear, or things from the past. love is here, love is now.

    of course, i don’t know if i will ever “find my true love,” but i don’t care so much about that – i’ve already repaired friendships that i thought were too far gone, and made myself really open to the possibility of love. that’s probably more important than some “maybe” in the future. having my actions flow from that possibility is what will make the future more open to love, and that is quite attractive, if you get what i mean. i’m no longer waiting. i’m committed to living it now. to be sure, there will be failures and difficulties yet to come, but it’s nice to know that i can rely on that possibility when things get hard or muddy.

    anyway, i’m sorry to have written so much. obviously, i am enthusiastic about what i got out of the forum for myself. at the same time, i will continue to be disturbed by the marketing aspect, and its consequences. sure, landmark is a business, and they have to make money, but it’s so heavy-handed, and there’s so little room for critical thought, that there are certain dangers in it for people who can’t see through the (somewhat necessary) scam aspect of it all. but i can only speak for me – it was worth my money to have had a “breakthrough” (more forumspeak) in my relationships with the people i value around me. and that makes me more loveable, in turn. i hope that insight alone is worth something to you and your readers. thanks!


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  24. Great Post. Unfortunately I was one of the guys who signup for the FORUM course by paying Rs.2000 in advance.

    But I’ve changed my mind now because all over the internet, I find controversies about LE. The link for the French TV channel video is shocking revelation. :-) I don’t mind losing that Rs.2K.. I am not going for the course.

    – Rajesh


  25. Ignorance is certainly not bliss.

    “Landmark Forum” is based on following techniques apart from other techniques.

    1) Upanishads
    2) Zen Budhism
    3) Ontology

    It is designed by some of the best minds in the world and one whole department of Harvard exists today due to this technology. Harvard also reviewed Landmark Forum. Famous Yoga gurus with millions of followers attend it. Leadership Guru Warren Bennis worked and wrote on this technology for a long time. Lardmark also owns a Management Consulting Firm “Vanto Group”.

    All human beings live being brainwashed and seeing life through filters. That’s why when they get stuck, they remain stuck there for a long time.
    That’s the design of human mind.

    In Landmark Forum, people free themselves from all possible filters and brainwashing that they have gone through. Finally, they reach the purest form of their own selves.

    This opens new opportunities for them in areas of life, where they are stuck. Landmark Forum does not chance people. It just frees them so that they create what they want for themselves.

    Landmark Forum does not give you absolute truth. It is made clear to all that none of the things that are said in LF absolute truths.

    Now, coming to pressure in the guest events of Landmark Forum, I agree there are occasions where the guests have experienced some pressure.

    Similarly, Landmark Forum may not make a participant a complete angel as well.

    I am a mathematician with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and robotics and I know how brain or neural nets decieve us every moment and make us live automated lives with same kind of thoughts running over in head over and over again limiting us. I registered in 2005 as soon as I got the chance and when I participated I said,”wow!! What a science?and what a humility.”

    I know, the brain/mind itself is a prison. Humans will never free themselves out completely ever… ever…. or ever….

    However, that does not mean, I or anyone should live a life, “being stuck at same place”. Its better to get unstuck, do something else and get unstuck again, if you get stuck again.

    Landmark Forum has an algorithm to make a person get “unstuck”. I or you or for that matter anyone can own that algorithm.

    Well, the creators of “Movie Matrix” did Landmark Forum.

    Am I brainwashing you right now?

    Now, regarding people who are criticizing Landmark Forum:

    1. They have their own motives.

    2. Rick Ross is a Convicted Felon. Now, you want to listen to him, that’s your choice.

    3. Other including journalists in French TV do not have the necessary qualifications to criticise.

    Compare degrees that a journalist has to the academic degrees management gurus and Harvard professors have.

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  26. Hi nto All
    My computer worked slowly, too much errors. Help me, please to fix buggs on my computer.
    My operation system is Win Vista.


  27. Landmark Education has given me peace of mind, a community of people who I know, not only have my back, but your whole world’s back.

    That is all I have to say about my position.

    The rest is stories and gossip.

    If you really want to know, go to the source.

    Thanks for sharing

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  28. My interest in landmark came from the fact that both of my sisters have attended the forum and have tried talking me into it on several occasions. Based on the changes I have seen in both of them, I would never want anyone close to me to attend it. The negative LONG term effects can be quite devestating to an individual, although in all fairness Im sure different individuals respond differently to Landmark learning.

    Short term effects are always the same, you feel more confident, self-empowered and truly in control of your life, for some its an exciting proposition. Long term, however, many end up extremely self-centered, incapable of even aknowledging others emotions and feelings, single and completely lost.

    My advice to anyone considering attending Landmark, is to do your own research before hand, and look for different sources which will provide you with different perspectives, espacialy those focusing on short vs long term effects.

    Judging by the changes in my sisters personality and character, the long term effects are troubling to say the least and truly devastating. Anyone that has attended ladmark and has woken up since, should go see their shrink and a priest ASAP to see if the damage can be undone.

    I saw Rick Ross being questioned as a source, because he is a convicted felon (although anyone making that statement has very shallow understanding of how he ended up where he is in his life). What Im asking is, USE SOUND LOGIC and COMMON SENSE when reading the following. Both of those concepts are throughly discouraged and battled by Landmark as they are simply barriers to what they are attempting to do.


    Someone once told me, to judge any and all experiences, based on the results that you get. Better advice has never been given. Judging by results achieved by my sister, if Landmark paid me to come to one of their weekend brainwashing sessions, i would not only decline and walk away – i would run as fast as i could. Read the link beneath and be the judge for yourself.



  29. Hi Sanjukta and everyone else who did not like the intro to teh landmark Forum – The LF is an experiential course. Much as ‘swimming” or “cycling” cannot be taught thru a sampling of the same, that too thru someone else jumping in to the pool or hopping on to a cycle, so also, the LF cannot ever, at all, even remotely be demonstrated thru any introduction. Ultimately, you only do the LF because you trust the person who took you there. Pl examine, who did you go with to the evening session? Would you trust that person fully? I am a CA, I meet clients, and my clients trust me with their secrets – their issues with their partners, their personal issues etc. Now, thats not my job, but the trust is built along the way. When I allow my clients to pay me later because I see their bank account and know for sure that they have cash flow problem, then my client and I are in a relationship thats truly one of trust, belief and understanding. Then when I recommend my clients to a movie, they may even try the movie. Likewise, when I tell my clients, please try the Forum, they may even visit the Forum intro. At the Intro, they may not like what they see, they may rationalise that this looks like mumbo jumbo, or a cult, but invariably they will not think so, because they would be listening thru the filter called “jayashree invited me, let me listen keenly” . Well, they may not register, but so what. At least, they will go back having a good impression of what has become possible for some. Thats why Landmark does not advertise itself. Its unfortunate that some of you here, Chose not to trust the person who loves you and asked you to try the Forum. Guess what? Their love for you was so much, your rejection has only made them more resolute, to get everything they can , so that they can stand for you. Do not please test their love so much. Take it easy! There is still so so so so.. much in the world you and I do not know of, and never will. Let Landmark be one of them. At least, the LF will make you open to the fact that you do not know! Be wise! Just take it easy. Landmark education may not be such a dud company after all. We have always expanded our business. Whether you like it or not, I have personally enrolled celebrities including industrialists, actors etc and they are making waves in their sphere.. Maybe you can admit and say ‘ I got spooked”. or “I am confused” Why say things that you do not know about? Landmark teaches you firstly to recognise the filter from which one views things that are unfamiliar.. :))) Hope you understand what I am saying….Best wishes to one and all. A loving advise – if you like adventure, if you like innocence, and making a difference to the planet, do not try the Landmark Forum…. go beyond! Try the Forum, the advanced course and the self expression course – all put together is called as Curriculum for Living. Try it out, I say, as Quickgun Murugan would say!

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  30. Its simple
    For me Landmark forum worked very well in settling my Life, There were a drastic positive change in the approach I had to everything around me afetr Landmark whether in teh Arae of My relationships to money, choices I made and my business. I was very much clear about what I was doing. Just to place things in perspective I am an enginener form a college connecetd with IITs in India and I am pround I did teh forum 12 yaesr ago and my association and I repeted it last month again.
    Take you decision – nothing is needed in Life you can live without ity like we dont have to weat ice creams at all it is a choice we make. YES IF I HAVE THE MONEY I WILL DEFINATELY GO BIG TIME PROMOTING LANDMARK AS I KNOW IT HAS WORKED FOR THOUSAND OF PEOPLE I HAVE SEEN DOING IT
    As for the crticism who cares – yesterday I read one account of an journalist in UK who did the Forum after being made aware fo all negatives and she wenet to admit she found it to be totally opposite of whats he was told

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  31. I did the landmark Forum (and the entire curriculum for living) in 1998 and repeated it recently in Mumbai and I can swear it works – It shifted the entire context of my Life and I find a lot of Joy and Life around me – my relationships, my approach to everthing is far better. My ability to deal with the chalalges Life throws at me has increased multifold.
    ( Just to put in in context I am an Engineer from a reputed college affliated to IITs and was well
    settled in life when I did it in 1998)
    Nobody need to do the Forum but in Life there are many things we do which are anyway not necessary anyway – If you have Rs 7800/- I would say go and experience it – give you much of freedom, a way of dealing with surroundings, issues, relationships etc.
    yes people will criticise and may have good reasons to do so.
    Only make sure that whatever small excercises (or actions) they suggest try them and you will see the results – they dont address any of yoru questions dircetly and at times you are astound at what they suggest and fidn their replies uncceptable but ultimately it works – I know atleast a 100 people who swear their Life has shifted for the positive
    Life is surely more fulfilled and productive

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  32. The best explanation I’ve seen for what happens in Landmark forums, and all LGAT’s for that matter, is contained in this website:

    Although it uses the term cults in the subtitle I suggest ignoring that because in the words on the site itself “Cults exist by definition of groups that oppose them.” So what we are left with is the scientific evidence presented about a phenomenon known since the 1960’s as subliminal distraction. In short this is the tendency for the mind to react to constant and pervasive peripheral movement combined with stress over a long period of time, or over a short period of time in intense stressful situations, in such a way as to create a psychotic break from reality.

    Does this mean that all Landmark graduates suffer from exposure to this phenomenon. Probably not, I imagine that the reaction to this ranges from people who are resistant to it and become offended by the hard sell approach of the corporation to those that are hard core proponents of the course and to those very few who are seriously harmed by the course. All these reactions are expressed on the internet in varying degrees of intensity. The same reactions are alluded to in the contract Landmark has all attendees sign before doing the forum.


    Amazingly the contract fails to mention the 1000th of 1% of cases which result in severe violent episodes (suicides murders, assaults etc.) that Landmark admits to in other documents.

    In a study commissioned by Werner Erhard on the Forum, as it was known before it became the Landmark Forum the result stated the were no lasting effects positive or negative after taking the training.

    So what we are left with is the fact that at best the training is largely ineffective and at worst possibly catastrophic. The contract itself resemble a combination of a waiver of liability for Landmark and an exculpatory clause both of which probably wouldn’t hold up in a court of law if negligence by Landmark is determined.

    I know some Landmark graduates personally and they are neither better or worse than the rest of the populace although a few of them tend to have an inflated view of themselves which can be rather annoying. I wouldn’t waste my money on this training. I would get more out of talking with my friends for feedback and if I were in a bad place in my life I would definitely go to a qualified mental health professional which Landmarks trainers are not.


  33. John said,
    “Informative and Nice Post.

    Keep Posting.”

    If your referring to my post thank you. Knowledge is power


  34. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  35. To all those people who advertise Landmark forum please ans this question 1)Will you advocate people to smoke -yes or no? 2)Even though not all smokers die of cancer the company issues a health hazard warning
    so does landmark when you sign the form it says 1)Landmark is not responsible for any physical or emotional damage….its the statutory warning they give ….people benefit but when a company themself giveS such warningS isnt it similar to selling and forcing people to smoke cigg something that can b harmful andlife threatning…… every one needs emotional healing and diff people find it in diff ways some via religion,some by being creative ,some doing social service etc etc …landmark and similar support groups are one such way and not the only way …BUT THEY WILL NEVER TELL THIS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS COZ THAN THEY WILL LOOSE PROFITS”…LANDMARK SAYS YOUR WORD WILL BECOME YOUR WORLD AND ITS FOUNDER SAID IN HIS RECENT EVENT HELD IN MUMBAI “I’M NOT A NICE MAN I JUST SAY NICE THINGS “exactly than so is his creation his world” landmark”…..all those who are convinced it helps pls make this organisation give it for free and than they will say what non-sense its bad business….they wont even give a percentage of their profit in charity and they want to transform the world ….what a joke….when so many cant afford it ….they want to sell to every1 even to those who cant afford it and these days they charge people more than 10,000 rs and that company is not even taking responsibility of their customers physical and emotional health .I ve a pending complaint with landmark that is ansed but not action taken for over a month….thats their corporate culture …wow !!!!!! they charge money to teach you to take action now and do not practise it themselves…..they have accepted that their seminar leader went wrong and more than 2 months she has not even cared to come and say sorry and they teach people to “clean up their mess”……there are many ways to have emotional healing and a better productive life …..a company who has pages of statutory warnings isnt 1 to go to …coz IF u SUPPORT LANDMARK THEY ARE TELLING YOU WHAT DAMAGES THEIR COURSE CAN CAUSE U ….M SURE U WILL TRUST THEIR WORD ….N IF U DONT SUPPORT LANDMARK YOU WONT BE STUPID TO OVERLOOK THOSE WARNINGS……….


  36. SHILPA,

    You have some options. Easiest way out for you would be to go, and in the very beginning of landmark they should ask every participant if they honestly want to be there, or someone asked you to be there. Raise your hand, and tell them you were forced to go by your boss, and you should be free to go home. Another option, is to tell your boss how you feel about it, no boss or job is worth selling yourself for, trust me. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in and alot of times your boss will appreciate that more than you think he/she would. If not, those are the consequences for living your life the way its supposed to be done. Your last option, is to sit there for 40 hours and be thoroughly brainwashed and reprogrammed with nonsense. You could always be disruptive and get kicked out as well. Best of luck!


  37. Find out more why he is asking you to do. Do you have other colleagues who are being forced to ? I do know some organizations who silently encourage their employees to participate in the Forum as it helps they convey to the individual something they want to convey. If you read my earlier post you will see I have done the landmark forum in 1998 and it did help me a lot. I repeated it last year and found it as good. First time I went for an introduction in 98 I was also feeling forced – then realized it was just the enthusiasm of many who got something from it and they wanted others to get that benefit ( I was not forced but feeling forced thats all)
    The cost is about Rs 9500/- at present and if you pay the money you should make sure you don’t blame anyone else for losing that money – In other words do not go because your boss forced you – you should tell him without mincing any words you are not interested and I am sure if he has understood the forced well he will not insist further. Otherwise it does not matter – why should you work for such a person. Alternatively you should reach his higher ups and complain if he continues to force you.


  38. small correction the line should read
    you should tell him without mincing any words you are not interested and I am sure if he has understood the forum (not forced as i wrote earlier)well he will not insist further.


  39. Read JK (Jiddu Krishnamurthy) – or anyone in the history of the world who talks such sense… they will tell you many things good for you and for everyone in the world…. When you say I want to be happy, it means you are not happy now. Perfect logic. Now a person who tells you to dive deep into thinking and observing – asks questions, does not give answers and at the end of the discussion (if you survive the discussion) is a good way to go. But in this discussion you become vulnerable. If the person understands that there is an option of benefitting from that situation..but i wont go there. More importantly the person gets this happiness feeling that you are seeing the truth or gets disappointed that you are not and takes it as his responsibility to make you get it. Now that’s crossing the line as he is not happy right now and needs you to get it for his happiness. LF is an experiential learning… and it can be different for different people so why quote hundred scenarios where it worked and not quote any scenario where it did not make any difference? if there is a positive difference it’s the LF, if it did not matter, then it’s you who didn’t get it! There is nothing new that you hear or learn in the LF. Dont waste your or anyone else’s time. Be real. Get to work.


  40. Hi Dear,

    I have done my forum, I won’t say OMG its life changing experience. Because it does not change anything at all, It just empowers you to deal with life, Thats it. It does not change you as human being but makes you realize ” Dude you are human being.”
    – love


  41. I think because the Landmark Forum has you take an intense look at your life, you get a lot of extreme responses to it. I don’t think it’s salvation from heaven; nor do I think it’s dangerous or a cult. I thought it was an interesting experience that was useful for what I was dealing with at the time. I could write a long review of it, but I’m do lazy – here’s a blog review of the Landmark Forum that dismisses cult allegations that you see in some of the more sensational posts, but tells some objective good and bad things about it.


  42. Hi

    I am a Landmark Forum Graduate (from Bangalore). I do not want to comment FOR or AGAINST. This is not a debate. However, I felt it is important to state here that Landmark is beyond what happens in the intro session or the forum (first module). As you progress to the advanced course and the Self Expression and Leadership Programme, you will be empowered to take responsibility not just for yourself and your near and dear ones, but for the community as a whole. You get joy out of making a difference to others. That’s the essence of the Curriculum For Living!


  43. This is my experience of having completed Landmark Forum yesterday.

    I was pressured by many friends from past 5 years to take up Landmark Forum course. Ive been in Sales and Marketing from past 18 years at senior levels working for large MNCs. I was quite smart in avoiding registering myself in any of the introductory sessions I attended before as I didnt like their pushy marketing style. Finally I thought let me attend it out of curiosity last weekend. I just finished my Landmark Forum Course yesterday at Bangalore. Here goes my honest feedback :

    Positives :
    1) Learnt how one creates in-authenticities, rackets, frauds in one’s mind and how it would impact one’s relationships and life.
    2) Learnt how integrity in life makes one accomplish his goals with freedom, power and self expression.
    3) Happened to meet and interact with many other people having problems of much larger magnitude. In front of them, my so called problems were seen very insignificant.
    4) Learnt how our identities get created by our past events in life and how they decide in becoming what we are today.
    5) How one can take accountability, responsibility of whatever that has happened in ones life.
    6) Finally got their point that life is meaningless and has nothing. One can create everything his new world of power, freedom, self expression, declaration, etc.,

    Negatives :
    1) High Marketing and Sales Pitch used. There was so much hype created in Day 1 and Day 2 about the outcome and transformation on Day 3. They promised a Roller coaster ride which it surely was, spending 12 hours everyday, but in the end the Roller coaster just crashed on hard ground bruising me badly. Had they not created such huge hype, guess I would not have been disappointed so much.
    2) Them pushing people aggressively to register for Advanced Course on Day 3 left very bad taste of the whole experience. Using the Forum leader’s own language, it was like a drop of Piss in a glass of drinking water…:)
    3) Them pressurizing everyone to bring and enroll a minimum of 3 guests reminded me of MLM, Direct Marketing / Selling, insurance, Telemarketing companies.
    4) Transformation in 3 days promised was a complete Bullshit.
    5) In their own taught language and high english vocabulary words, I analyzed the in-authenticities, Rackets, Frauds, lack of integrity, Landmark itself plays with participants in delivering the course for its own gains.

    On the whole, if someone has had a horrible life or going through difficult times, this course is a MUST DO recommended, to get a new perspective and restart life. For others, you can consider doing it for overall development, if you dont have much to do on a weekend. But it doesnt come cheap. For sure, they dont teach you something bad. But be selective, use your choice, wisdom and decision making power (self expression) and dont fall into trap on Day 3 of further registering to Advance Course, till you are convinced and seen the full effects of Landmark Forum.

    Please remember, end of the day, they are just a business company with profit motives, intelligently manipulating with emotions about their large stated objectives of trying to change the world, mankind and humanity. Especially in India, most people fall for such things, even become volunteers for life thinking as if they are working for an NGO or a Charitable Organization.


  44. Hi all

    great to read the remarks, but do we actually think someone can be under hypnosis for so long.

    how can we compare about an ice cream we haven’t eaten yet.

    a cult asks you to leave the group / family / friends you are in,
    but in landmark forum its different, it takes you closer to your family / friends / group.

    some of you might have had a bad experience, but ask 99% people they will tell you the benefits, which are awesome to say the least.

    100 % results are not guaranteed anywhere.


  45. just curious

    have you done the forum?

    also how about experiencing the forum and writing about your thoughts…

    what say ???? can you spare 3 days ?


  46. Hi Sanjukta
    I agree all your comments.the participants gets attracted towards the speaker.The volun work their as well as the speaker are having a melting speech….First introduction round i attented with my husband.He asked me to register,i did not regis.Then second time he called me as guest last week.I went ,got irritated by the speech given by speaker and compl done by the volunt…Then i felt all the participant was educated stupids..I felt all people who was the participant there dont have confident,afraid of fairlure,feels they are not loved….The problems which said by the participants was very silly for…(eg) 11 yr old kid eatting jung food for 4 yr…the parents could not stop it.The speaker called that girl and talked with her using the mike,after talking she accepted to reduce her intake junk food.I felt this can be done their parents itself.the participants are scientis,Directors,sw people,Dr,Ceos…..This landmark forum is not for middle class or upper middle class its only for the rich.The back end aim is business for the land mar forum..


  47. Dear All, I myself attended the Landmark forum on this weekend..I and My brother asked them the simple three questions : 1. If this is such a powerful program why you can’t provide to all the lower middle class and poor working youngsters at free of cost? Most of their representatives answer is your question is irrelevant to real life. 2. If it is a personality development program whether any program is there related to alcohol or smoking? they told there is no restriction on that part in our program. Then if you allow anybody who is the participant with fully drunken condition. They told that it is not possible. I asked them again if it is such a case how it is transforming to the drunkard who has spent money on landmark but there is no solution?? they went mute 3. We asked them what is the guidelines for this program, they told that it is under continuous research.Then we told them If we are following principles which are superior than this then will you agree that one which covers all your course contents..and a guided person who has shown how to live the simple life? reluctantly they asked what is that?..God’s grace we told them “We are following Islam”. Ironically after the session due to not registering or due to the above told truth most of the personal abusing started. Never mind truth prevails.


  48. Agree on the high sales pitch of LF and understand it is to keep the business going.

    That apart it gives you an access to introspect yourself and the breakthroughs occur when you really confront yourself and admit.

    This sure can happen even without the LF if you are really up to it and work hard. LF gives you that access and it is your choice.

    Someone has done a lot of work compiling all those concepts in that 3 day + 10 week seminar package and I have seen curriculum graduates doing projects that is helping out the world, For e.g Countdown timers in traffic lights, Relief work in Africa, Ambulance services, .. and many others, and has nothing negative about it.

    For the rest of you, who do not want to confront yourself and live a more powerful life, you will anyway survive till you can in this world, may be writing blogs, judging people, things, instead of living it up !

    Cheers !


  49. I attended Landmark Forum in 1996 and graduated. I have since repeated the course 3 times as well as the whole curriculum for living. For those of you preaching it is a cult–I would advise you to do your homework. I have not given up my life or my money to attend these classes or remain part of the conversation.The Forum gives you an opportunity to look at your life and the way you are living it. In the end if you feel that your life is perfect–keep it. If you realize that you can live more powerfully–you have been given the tools to make a difference. This is a choice plain and simple. I have seen people get their lives back in a weekend. No amount of counseling will ever give you what Landmark Education can. For those that compare it to EST–it is not the same. For those people that want a life they have only dreamed of, be willing to get out of your comfort zone and hold on tight for the ride of your life!!


  50. Before you even start reading my comments let me clear something. This is NOT the review of Landmark Education’s “sessions”, because I haven’t attended one and never do I write review of something that I haven’t self-experienced. BUT what prompted me to share my thoughts were the persistent and harassing calls I have been getting from Landmark Education to enroll for their course.
    A friend of mine had invited me to be his guest in the last session of Landmark. Participants are encouraged to bring their guests during the last session and when my friend asks me to accompany him I was more than glad.
    The last session was at Saint Joseph College Bangalore.
    The session started and I could see that participants were very excited as was my friend. The speaker (called Forum Leader) cracked some stereotypical Indian jokes which people were enjoying. After 1.5 hours of session came the big shock for me. They took a break so that all the guests should make their mind to enroll themself in the upcoming course. Was that shocking? Not really, I felt it was strange that they were doing it in between the session but anyways that isn’t abnormal. Then started the never ending persuasion by the Landmark guys. They kept coming one after another and started questioning as to why I wasn’t enrolling. I had heard about Landmark only that morning and was apprehensive putting my hard earned money (13000 INR) just like that so I replied stating I wasn’t ready to join yet. On that the guys kept probing and put me in real uncomfortable situation. Thanks to my friend who was aware of this and tried getting these people off me.
    Unfortunately I had left my mobile number with them (they ask you to write it on their forms when you first enter the venue). It has been a month since I last visited the Landmark forum and during this time I had been getting numerous calls from these guys. The callers are very rude and almost make you feel that you are making a big mistake by not enrolling. They also ask questions to make you uncomfortable. They could go to length to prove that you are worthless if you do not take up the course. I got a caller today who behaved so rudely. He actually started giving me counseling on how to fix my life, and this has got me writing this review.
    As I said at the beginning that I have not experienced their session hence I would not comment on that but I would like to caution you that be ready for harassment if you do not take up their course after speaking with them or after attending the guest session.


  51. Ashish, your story is same as mine. I found the whole idea of enrolling the guests extremely uncomfortable and manipulative. You need time to take decisions on these, and its not some 100-500 bucks, how can you suddenly decide I want to join the forum. Also every word spoken on the stage by every member seemed like a lie to be, I didn’t find a bit of honesty in anything. I am surprised how this forum continues to do business, they are just taking an undue advantage of people’s weakness. More people should be cautioned about this. Strangely, I haven’t heard of it here in Delhi much.


  52. Hey Sanjukta!

    I loved your post. And I relate so much to it. Or related.

    I hated the Landmark Forum but I did it because I was curious. I’ll admit, I loved the transformation, but I absolutely hated the way they enrolled the guests. This was way back in 2009. And then, a few months back, I decided to go back to Landmark to see what I’d missed (after the Forum, things worked out well for me so I didn’t completely dismiss the idea though I still was a little resigned from it). It turned out that what I thought of as “enrollment” (that is registering people into Landmark) was really different from what the enrollment could actually mean.

    Well, I still am uncomfortable with Landmark. But I’ll tell you what, nobody likes Landmark before, and sometimes even while, they do it. You can’t like something that is SOOO uncomfortable. If you really look at it, Landmark pushes you to do things and that is annoying. But once you get the hang of it, you live a life you love. I think the crass nature of Landmark really does make you see the bull you have gotten yourself into.

    So yes, people say it is a cult and rubbish. Maybe it is. Yet, if you’re open about it and choose it, it is awesome. I did because curiosity killed my cat :D

    So my question to you is this: Have you done it yet? You don’t have to hate it less to see what it is about. You don’t have to put down your ideas about the “brainwashing” and all the nonsense that Landmark does but you can still do it anyway. After all, if you don’t want to “enroll” people you don’t have to. I didn’t because I wasn’t convinced back then. It really is about what you want to do.

    So yes, do it. It is expensive, it is annoying and it is a hell LOT uncomfortable. But something transforms. I don’t know of ANYONE who hated Landmark before they did it. So do it for the heck of it – I got a whole bunch of perfectly sane friends I am able to keep for life! :)

    Have a good day!

    PS: I think Landmark is active in Bangalore. I’m not too sure. But I have heard of the forums happening in Ludiana and Aurangabad and Mumbai.

    PPS: Yes, there are people who say they improved their relationships with their moms and wives and all that jazz. Nothing of that sort happened with me. But what did happen was me starting my own company back in 2009 at the age of 21 and making huge profits in 3 months. And that happened because there was this one idea I heard in the forum that resonated in my head. I had no money to start that business but I found my way and had a hell lot of fun meeting people (I used to look like a kid and I was scared no would take me seriously. Many people didn’t, but it still worked out fine ;) ).

    PPPS: Please don’t hate me THAAAT much for saying all that!


  53. My best friend was Stalked faced Sexual harassment by a landmark education program leader.
    I blame myself every day for registering my best friend into the landmark forum “I gave the landmark forum to her as her birthday gift”
    She was so impressed with the landmark education work that she went on to do the Introductions leaders program and her lifes purpose became to become a leader in landmark education.
    The Worst happened to her she was Stalked and Sexually harassed by a program leader, a married man!!
    She struggled to function for 3/4 months,she could not talk to him to stop, she finally complained to the Introductions leader program head.
    She quit landmark and now she thinks of herself as incapable of dealing with situations in life. She is so beautiful and vibrant has become dull and silent.
    We all friends wanted to go to the local newspaper here but my friend and her family refused.
    Landmark Education claims are all Bullshit on providing an environment free from sexual or other forms of harassment.
    Please i beg all the GIRLS/WOMEN reading this to STAY AWAY from landmark forum.
    I pray that landmark education shuts down.


  54. very well written Sanjukta:) found very interesting. In my views, we often need some guidance at different stats of life and I would rather go to a spiritual leader. Because source of all these sutras(content of course) is spirituality which never force you but make you aware and ancient wisdom from vedas to improve it


  55. anay you should escalate the matter . There are sufficient structure in organization to deal with it . Have you taken any recourse to it ?


  56. Simple : Those who have done it vouch for it. Those who haven’t crib. Why not try it and then write whatever you want to write in the blog. It than really want be stories.


  57. Thanks Ram, my friend complained to the head at landmark education, but they did not take any action, he is still the program leader and he has sexually harassed girls before also. What bullshit claims of education in living? We are in touch with the newspapers to do an article on this.


  58. anya .Thank you for being in communication . Was this reported to the local head or at the national headquarters ? I am committed that your friends issues are resolved .


  59. Anytime Ram, this was reported to the local head, my best friend is a superb human being, i know her since childhood. She cannot hurt anybody. We call her gandhiji.
    But she somehow told the head, hes ( a program leader) looking at me continuosly and following me at events, looks at my body all the time, its making me uncomfortable, and then she left. He is still leading.
    One of our friends has seen him following her. She is so sad about not going back to landmark because she was on the way to becoming some leader. And that bastard program leader is happily leading. Is this leadership?????
    She was so social and vibrant has become like a dumb doll. she was very beautiful. We all hated landmark we will destroy it now.
    We friends together want to take action. Can you be of some help?


  60. I get your commitment and your love for your friend .
    Would a voice conversation regarding this with me be of any value to you ?


  61. Ofcourse Ram, can we please know about your association with landmark now or anytime before? And what you do? I have done the forum and the advance course, i am an interior designer in hyderabad and mumbai. can i have your mobile phone number, facebook id please. my email id is – anya.agarwal@outlook.com


  62. HI ALL

    I would like to say, this forum has done a lot of positive for millions of people, I being one of them. I had family and friend who i did not talk to for years, that are back in my life . My friend list have become endless. I have a newer focus and meaning for life. And I love the way everything is.

    I would not recommend any one of you to do the forum if you think its a cult, or its evil.
    Just request that pls don’t come to conclusions without trying( also the flip side if you tried you would be tricked , but then so are we being everywhere else)

    Also a cult by definition attracts you towards itself and asks you to leave family and friends, but interview 95 out of 100 people in the landmark forum and they would say they are closer to their families and friends and have a whole lot of peace in their head.

    The LF is being attended by doctors engineers and psychologists alike. And even I have pushed my family and friends to this new way of life.

    ALSO anay if something like this happened, pls lets fight against that person together, no need to blame the whole organisation for his sins . my email is parijatluthra@hotmail.com

    I’m always there to answer more questions if you have any more questions and to stand with you against the leader.

    Pls accept my apologise to any harm caused to you and your friend.

    Also sanjukta thanks for bringing this forum alive, really appreciate your regard and concern for fellow human beings.

    Love you all



  63. Hi Parijat,
    Thankyou for this, you are from delhi right? a friend of mine, her name is sheena, she will contact you, and if you are okay to meet her, please do hear her out. thankyou.


  64. dear Anya ,
    Incase Paritaj is not from Delhi . then I can meet Sheena at a time and place of her convenience .


  65. Hi anya,

    I’m from Faridabad, but delhi is not too far from here, pls let me know when i can talk to your friend. I ‘ll be back from vacation on the 25th of this month.



  66. I appreciate the way my blog has been able to provide a platform to everybody for a very important conversation on Landmark Forum, in fact I feel lucky that my blog is of this use. Thank you all for sharing and communicating.


  67. Thankyou for this Sanjukta,

    My apologies Ram and Parijat to hurt yours or anyone’s sentiment from Landmark Education (due to the above mentioned statements)
    I was the one who got my entire friends circle into landmark. I vouch for the content of landmark education.
    Parijat, just the way you talk my friend would talk just like that about landmark.
    She developed a very big health problem.So we were unable to keep quiet.
    We all friends were not aware that my friends family has been in touch with Landmark education on this. Landmark Education is investigating this matter.
    We are very happy with the way Landmark education is supporting my friend.
    So we would not cause any disturbance or trouble you guys further.
    Thankyou Ram and Parijat for your assistance.


  68. anya it is your love and your commitment towards your fried and your community that made you take these steps . Thank you for being in communication and being complete about this matter .Peaceful and Powerful living to you .


  69. that was an awesee description of something being pushed into your face, when you dont want it. havent we seen this kind of stuff from hawkers, street vendors etc. the only difference here is English speaking, well to do gentlemen doing the pushing……………..Enough said!!!!


  70. LF is something like an ice cream which you can enjoy or relish only when you eat it. As we everybody eat same ice cream but the enjoyment is different for each so its just that what u get out of it is depends how much you are able to work on their techniques and tools. I did LF and advanced course. Yes I hate it as it takes you out of comfortable zone and asks you to do things which you resist .. . It shows that what you are is ur past …now as u cannot change ur past so nothing can be changed but whole life we want to do so. But we do carry this past in everyday…the day u leave ur past , u have empty space to create what you want. But yes you have to surrender to their technology and thats what make you uncomfortable. I love it coz when I went into that uncomfortable zone, I could create what I wanted. Knowing love of spouse , parents and children is much more different than expressing the same. its just ur pretense which keeps u away from people and just freeing urself (the most difficult task) makes u so light and filled with inner joy. Its simple simple things which act as a barrier in our daily communication. And using their tools life is a miracle every day…. Yes I don’t like their marketing pitch ….but yes alas we all are human beings.


  71. HELLO,
    What I notice here is that Sanjukta is responding to only NEGATIVE comments . I read all the COMMENTS and her story but I see a PATTERN in her Responses . She has always responded to the Negative comments .

    There are positive ones which are very reasonably and accurately written like the one Written by – Indian on Nov 15th ,2009 .

    I have not done the FORUM . But I plan to do it . It is not a Big Deal . If you learn and get something small that is more than sufficient for the TIME and MONEY you Spend . Wont you something lose or waste or spend Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 when a Mobile is lost or laptop or you fall sick for 1 Week and is hospitalized . There are many times you spend Rs.13,000 on unwanted things and waste 3 days .

    I am Studying the basis and understanding what they do . It is pretty much clear that they assist you in seeing yourself in what you are and what you can become . Thats it . If you like do it . If not don`t waste your Time .

    Sanjukta , what is Great for you in you being Lucky that your Blog is benefiting someone . If you felt you did something Good by doing nothing , same with others who introduced you . They will FEEL Good if you find it benefited.

    I did my NLP Program paying Rs.25,000 in 1997 . NLP teaches the Science of Excellence . All these Programs like LF using the BEST tools and techniques to alter you thinking and make you empowered . If you neglect it , you are the BIGGEST LOSER in LIFE . So be it to you because your FOCUS is your Racket about the attention you are getting .


  72. Anand,
    Sanjukta’s blog is very well narrated, the most honest read ever. This is her point of view.
    Which 95% people agree with.
    And, if you have not done the forum … how are you using the landmark jargon so well in your sentences. ??
    I WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT ON WHAT you say ” “If you felt you did something Good by doing nothing , same with others who introduced you . They will FEEL Good if you find it benefited””
    People like your friends/ relatives who introduce you rather i should say put pressure and push you to join the landmark forum have a PERSONAL BENEFIT i.e they are part of the introduction leaders program. It is a program for people to become leaders with landmark for which they have to compulsory fulfill a criteria of 15-20 registrations into landmark to complete the program. This is why our friends put so much pressure on us to join the forum. It is the PERSONAL SECRET INTENTION OF our FRIENDS. All the landmark leaders / people who are assisting / volunteers / your friends…. etc …… whoever is pressurizing you have been given a quota of registrations to fulfill. And our friends dont even tell us their actual motive behind them pressurizing us in doing the landmark forum. I HATE THIS!!!! Period. Enough said!


  73. Anand,
    Sanjukta’s blog is the most honest read ever. This is her point of view. Which 95% people agree with.
    If you have not done the forum, how are you using landmark jargon so well in your sentences?


  74. A session was concluded tonight. (20-11-13)
    Did anyone attend either as a participant or a guest?
    Any comments?

    PS: I’m sorry if this post appears to be spam, but I wish to keep the thread active and hence call for views. Allow me the liberty, Ms Sanjukta!


  75. hi sanjukta

    i would agree with every bit of your experience. i attended the seminar because a friend bull dozed me into attending it..from the very beginning i felt very uncomfortable because the leader seemed just hell determined to make sure that we realize that this is a life altering event for us and that too in a positive sense and if one is not getting any thing out of it, then you are a moron. i remember his name was munish or whatever who in seconds used to transform into insulting, bashing instructor if you show signs of not buying the tenets of the program and try to put forward that point of view of yours.

    my criticism is – that they absolutely refuse the concept of genes – and so to speak that the way you are is not because of your genetics but only because you perceived the situation/the environment in a certain way. i believe that the fact is that we are a mix of genetics and environment and both play an important role.

    hence, if a male has high sex drive it is because he has more testosterone in the body and not because port is all he has been ever exposed to in his life. hence genes matter however environment or nurturing can manipulate it bit that too only till a certain degree.

    at best, they had some interesting cognitive tools which demand further deeper inspection, if at all. but their insisting that ‘this is it’ or this will change your life and an indirect message that if you are not getting it you are a moron really did not changed my outlook, much to their chagrin. and their pestering marketing is pure MLM.

    overall, i found that honestly people who swore by it have a weak girdle and center of gravity and that they needs silly cults like this which become their props to support them in a journey of life.

    from my side, i would suggest that positive reading, self meditation and self confidence can do one much good and no such outer institutions can change life or anything.




  76. Some things work for some people and for some it doesn’t. Its fair that everyone plays their own game. However, the evil of landmark is that, they are as bad as the Taliban……They insist that their way is the right way. If you ask any questions, you are brutally put down. ‘Just accept and obey……’, is what they preach, …..’ and we shall show you the promised land’. If there was an universal solution to all the 6 billion odd humans, wouldn’t the world have been a better place by now??? Since there is no universal fix, and each has his own way, their aggressive push of their ideas is obnoxious!!!!


  77. …………….Some things work for some people and for some it doesn’t. Its fair that everyone plays their own game.

    This is so power full . Is it not as what you have said ?

    SO I guess you understand and believe in this as you are the owner of this

    Thank you for this acceptance with in your self .
    Move further on your journey and you will discover more


  78. The other day I was reading a blog by someone called ‘Parul’ who has written in detail what goes on in there. In short the whole landmark education is something of a cobbled together crap. And either it is going to be good for you, if you have average brain or if you happen to have a bit of gray matter then you are going to be repulsed. I think everyone even before thinking about attending landmark should read it.


  79. Well, I did landmark forum 2 months back. I must say that I have found it useful. Unfortunate part is that people don’t apply it the way it is supposed to be applied. And so, we find many forum graduates repulsive(I too find some repulsive).

    But this is true for most aspects, not all shankaracharya followers follow his preachings in toto..

    I would go to the extent of saying that landmark is not required if we apply what we know. But that doesn’t happen. So, you go to landmark.

    A word of caution – Do attend LF and get what you want out of life. Don’t get sucked into beliveing that life is landmark.


  80. Hi All,

    I don’t have money to attend this landmark.

    Please tell me “Am i missing many-things in life”? because i can’t afford.

    Is there any course within 2k?


  81. Shashi,

    If you feel that you are resigned and lack control over certain situations, attending the 3-day LM forum will help. This is my view.

    One of my friend’s said the same. She was unemployed, and I sponsored her LF and told her to pay back –
    1. If she found the course worth it.
    2. when she is in a situation to pay back.

    After doing LM, she was literally bursting with confidence, took on a series of interviews, got a job, and paid me back in her second salary.

    So, it depends on your circumstances. Ultimately, its your call!


  82. Hi Sanjukta,
    A well written real story. I too was invited by one of my friend but before going I wanted to do some internet search. Saw your article & now decided to not to waste my time in visiting landmark education.


  83. So finally i decided to write a review after attending all the 3 parts of Landmark curriculum viz Forum, Advance course and the self-expression and leadership program.
    Throughout the curriculum i deeply felt that this program is designed only to get money out of your ASS and keep running their business. It’s a sheer Brain washing technique which will potentially make you realize that you are a JERK, yes you are a Big JERK and nothing more than that. They will emphasize on your failures throughout the curriculum. In almost every session they will keep promoting themselves and push you hard to introduce your family members and friends in the forum to increase their Business from your loved ones, I strongly believe that this entire study is profitable and completely business oriented and most of all they tend to do very shameless marketing, as an incident, in the advance course I was been forced by the leader to make the payment for SELP or stay there itself, he literally put his hands in my pocket and push me so hard to make the payment for SELP, seriously they are extremely good at it, they know how to take money from you, even if you have no money they will ask you to pay by credit card and then pay the bank later, I saw many such cases, where a leader was literally asking participants to pay knowing the fact that they are already on debt. If this still doesn’t work, then the leader will send your fellow participants to keep pushing you until you have made the payment and registered for SELP. As they very well know the power of ‘WORD OF MOUTH’ and it is the biggest Tool in Sales and Marketing Industry, so they use it immensely. You may have realized that why Landmark don’t use any other marketing ways by either publicizing themselves in newspapers or media because they know what’s the best for them.
    In the SELP program, I also saw one of a incident when 3-4 participants who missed just one workday session and he was been asked to leave SELP and Re-register for another SELP Program by paying the entire course fee again, now what will you call this as?, is it not a money making business?. I seriously consider it as a Money Laundry business and till the time you are with them they will make sure they drain all money from your ASS for asking you to register for this or the other program until you Cry Out in the end and quit that I just cannot continue anymore, I am bankrupt.
    They also don’t hire people from outside for assistance in their forums or xyz program rather they started a intelligent way by approaching participants to voluntarily work for them for free and they keep praising them all the time that you all have a golden heart, you should continue doing this work and stand on your commitments by coming every Saturday Sunday or whenever you are available.
    Overall, its my advice to everybody whosoever is reading this, if you are really thinking about doing Landmark forum, give yourself a second thought or may be more, why you want to do this, is it only because of curiosity just like I did?, If the answer is yes then i suggest you just do the forum alone and don’t fall into their cheap marketing strategy by paying further for other programs as ultimately they are controlling your minds and you’re minds are been dragged into their marketing strategies without you been realizing it and you will not be able to free yourself from their trap.
    Thanks and God Bless you all!


  84. Hi Sanjuktha,

    I read you Article on the Landmark Forum. Thank you for writing it.
    It was of great help for me..

    I would like to share my story with you on LF, as i can relate to you.

    I just met a person on Tuesday from LF and he invited me for the introductory class today, and i attended it. It was 3 hours session,
    As you know they gave me booklet for filling up.

    1) What is working – All seems to be good.
    2) What is not working – All seems to god so, there were areas which i was working on. I could not fill it up.

    He was giving examples of many things and was asking me that i can figure out. okay later i wrote
    1) maybe procrastination of things
    2) I am not someone who has addressed huge gathering, which i haven’t done, ( doesn’t mean i am confident person)
    and some many other things..

    I could not relate to so many thing they were saying. He also said the example of saying I love you to his sister where he had some problem.
    Also he said he got benefited in his work, as he was able to teach his team people how to take care of the work so that he cannot spend more time with them.

    All i was wondering was how am i getting benefited with this course, as i am spending so much money!!!
    But through the 3 hour introductory course, i was able to feel that he is demeaning the people who are listening, i am very strong person and honest and i have been honest to people.
    i was able to see one girl was getting emotional and she was not being normal there.

    All the while i was feeling was only one thing this not for me, and it is my decision to to enroll or not enroll.

    okay Now comes the best part..

    Registering:- (I wasn’t educated that we need to register after the introductory class)

    I was given the paper to fill the details, and i did as i saw no harm in giving the details, but i was asked to make the payment immediately !!! which was weired
    For which i said i will let you know if need to register or not as i need to discuss with my brother, then the Drama started to unfold, the speaker was informed about this, he straight away came to me and sat next and started discussing the again same stories..!!!

    Instead he could have asked why are you not paying now ? or else do you need some time, but he was into closing me to register, No space for thinking.

    Okay then fine, i made up my mind to register thinking that at-least i am not going to loose anything i might gain something from it..

    1) I gave my Debit Card to him, he swiped and put 13300 RS and Pin, it got denied twice. then i checked my balance it was only 9900 in my account.
    2) Soon after that he asked me whether do i have Credit card or else any other Card !! even though i had i said i don’t have.
    3) Okay then he said you can pay nominal amount of 3500 and rest you can pay later.

    By this time the girl who was talking on the other end said she wants to enroll but she doesn’t have money now, she said she will pay later, for that response form them was startling, they were asking if she can pay the 3500 RS now and rest later or else they asked ” How will you arrange money when you want in emergency” means somehow they want her to pay the money now !!!!.
    I was watching it, i could not bear what was happening, i asked my Debit card which was there in the Speaker’s hand and said i Don’t want to register as of now!! I feel it is good but it is definitely not something something which i can go through!!..

    I felt was they were eager on closing the person as soon as possible by making them pay money without giving space to think about it and voice his opinion.

    Thanks for your column, it is great.

    Liked by 1 person

  85. Dear Sanjukta,

    Ive got a person who has been on my case for three years now trying to get me to a repeated introductory session and getting me to register. Although personally i always think good about any education, I kept feeling that the LF isn’t for me,As of today and that is a decision i still want to stick by.

    I am a hypnotherapy student too(outside of my daily work schedule) and have quite some understanding as to how our brains are designed to work and what it takes to train our subconscious mind. I have certainly felt that LF is an attempt to break you down(they have a fancy name, DE-learing!) and then when you’re shattered, they show up as a helping hand.. I certainly believe that empowering someone is to only help them realize where they are and then ask them a way forward where they would be happy and then provide them with suggestions to the subconscious mind.

    Your articulation of the matter and your thoughts is simply wonderful and i loved it. My thoughts on the matter are the same and it could be the reason that i find your candid description extremely amusing.

    I certainly am bookmarking your site and look forward to reading up!



  86. Dear Sanjukta,

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I did happen to attend the Landmark Forum Introduction recently and was quite amused. The venue was some volunteer’s home and except for me every attendee was a family member. I really wonder as to how people fall prey to such things as landmark. Do we really need all that cramming? LOL. Aren’t we all, as a human being blessed with an analytical mind capable of thinking analytically as well as logically? Or are we all living in the dark and are badly in need of an usher? Creation of a hallucinating world and siphoning the hard earned money of the people is what they are really good at. Its kinda an addiction and I am amazed that people willingly are paying. Complete the forum and join some advance course. Forum>Communication I & II>Self Expression & Leadership Course>Introduction Leader Program and so on. The list goes on. The one who starts with the forum surely craves for another course. I guess people are power hungry and craves to be knowledgeable (manipulative) as their forum leaders. Even if some thinks that they have been transformed due to the forum, why can’t they keep it limited to themselves? I don’t need any transformation. You are You and I am I. Why can’t anyone think in that sphere only? The major cause for people attending the forum is the relationship woes. I didn’t happen to talk to my dad for the past 8 years, I didn’t happen to talk to my brother and blah blah blah. Greed, fickle mindedness, problematic childhood/past, estranged relationship, living with a guilt or a sub set mind (I shall also include in the list) are the most common reasons behind joining the forum.


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