If people around me constantly keep talking about something I don’t know it really bothers me. I get into a self inflicted responsibility of going all the way to learn it just so that next time they talk, I can also be a part of it.

Being with these BCB4 Organizers this list of thing to learn is getting longer. Anyways so they all were talking about it so I begin to Twitter.

Found it quite cool. That’s the thing with these technologies.  Everyday they are inventing new means to make your virtual identity more vivid and each one is a step ahead of the other. Orkut was a revolution, Facebook is a step ahead.  Yahoo photos rocked, Flickr was way ahead. Google then gave us picasa, yahoo hasn’t been able to come up with something similar yet. And I simply enjoy the fight between Yahoo and Google, they keep giving us products one better than the other. As a user it takes about less than a week for me to move from one service to another. It’s a tough competition, survival of the fittest is the rule.

Twitter as the name suggest is a chirp. I am sitting at my workplace while my boyfriend is having lunch with a client. So I go to my twitter account and twitter, “My boss just yelled at me that asshole.” My bf would get this message either on his twitter page or on his gtalk or as an sms on his cell phone. You’d say I could sms the same thing or use IM for the same purpose. But here you can send the message to multiple users and there are many more advantages.

First, imagine you are in a round table meeting with boss, clients and juniors. Courtesy sake you switch off your cell, even if you don’t, it looks bad to fidget with the cell. But you look absolutely dedicated if you are continuously typing out stuffs on your laptop. You are twittering actually.

Second, to sms you first take the pain of typing with less keys then search the receiver’s number and send it. Here you just type and hit the enter button. Much more simple.

Third, you might want to say the same thing to 5 of your close friends, each one in different time zone. You have to do 5 sms from your phone but if you update twitter one update would reach all those people who are following your twitter. Following bole to those who are friends on your twitter account.

Fourth, and this one is my fav. Twitter is impersonal yet personal. For example, let’s say one evening I am bored, sad and depressed. And am looking for some sympathy and a shoulder to cry from someone special. But I don’t want to make it obvious to him. So I’d twitter. The message would reach all friends including him.  If I am lucky he would call back when he gets it on his cell phone. If he doesn’t I’d know he doesn’t really give a damn.

The user is not charged anything to get twitter updates on cell phones and it can be turned off if you may so want. In that case you get the updates on your twitter page. If you are not logged in at that moment you’d get to read all the updates the next time you log in.

The homepage on twitter has a simple text bar where you answer a simple question, “what are you doing” in 140 characters and hit ‘update’.  Below the text bar you get the answers from your friends, what they are doing. It’s actually like keeping a log of what’s on your mind at every hour or so. You can even nudge your friends to twitter bole to ask them, “what are you doing”.

Lastly, you can install twitter widget on your blog, website, facebook, myspace, typed pages. People visiting these pages would get to read what are you doing at that moment. Cool isn’t it.

To add friends on twitter you have to send invites to friends one by one at their email IDs there is no option for bulk invites.