Barcamp4 concludes and Blog’a’lorean’s have just begun. While moving base from Delhi this is one thing I thought I’d have to miss. Fame in the Blogsphere. Delhi Bloggers knew me, but here I was a stranger. Having come to Bangalore I thought of making efforts to connect to a few Bangalore based bloggers to create a DBM sort of community here. The first person i got in touch with was Gopal and second Akash. I didn’t know that’s all it would take for me to suddenly become a name in the Bangalore Blogger circle. I owe this to the two of them.  This is how…

One fine May morning Akash asked me for lunch and said before that he would want me to have a short meeting with the BCB organisers. I had earlier told Akash casually about my interest in making a bloggers community in Bangalore. I had no clue until this saturday that he is a part of the Barcamp Banagalore organisers team and that this was the second time he was doing it. 

So, I took the lunch part seriously but kinda ignored the BCB part and was a bit taken aback when I realised that these guys were actually waiting for me to turn up to CCD and see me. So anyways I met them. Still unaware of how big it was to what I was getting into.

The laidback person that I am I didn’t take up the collective idae for some weeks. Finally Akash nudeged me asking what am I doing about the Blogger Collective for BCB4. I woke up and quickly composed this post and announced the Bangalore Bloggers Meet.  At a short notice of just 5 days I never expected any turn out. In my mind the size of a collective was around 10-14 bloggers. I thought let’s get started even if at least 5-6 turn up that would be good. Gopal then put the announcement on Bangalore Metro Blog and that made all the difference. Vinu then linked my blog to his blog. Another facelift. I reached Bangalore Bloggers Meet page on Wiki from Vinu’s page and realised he and some more of them, which included Dhivya and Jayanth were already planning a Meet at the same time. It was a coincidence that I announced a bit early. My blog got some more attention since Vinu kind of clubbed their meet with the one that I had called.

The hit counter on my blog started rising, I got calls from radio one asking me what is this meet all about. Around 15 of the Bangalore Bloggers all super enthusiast met up on 7th of July and it has been blogged by all of them all over the Blogsphere. I can’t list all here now will update it later.

Post 7th July I formed google group for Bangalore Bloggers, Blog’a’lorean, the funky name is actually Snigdha’s idea. From the first 15 who met on 7th July the member count on the group has now increased to 67.  I was amazed and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm these guys showed on the mailing list, all exited and gearing up for the Blogger Collective at BCB4.

We had a bigger meet on 21st July with two major agenda. Lining up a series of topics for sessions at the BCB4 and setting a path for future activities of the Blog’a’loreans. Around 45 Bloggers turned up for this meet and again has been blogged about by all of them. It also got covered by city daily Bangalore Mirror and Deccan Herald. Read Tanay’s account for more and I’ll update this space with more names.

Things were only getting bigger for Blog’a’loreans and me. I was the Collective Lead for Blogger collective.

We had a grand presence during the two day of BCB4 and it’s only just the beggining. The Great Indian Mutiny did a great job of covering the Blogger Collective sessions.  More names later.

The Blog’a’loreans are an amazing bunch of super enthusiast I must say. They made it all possible for me. I would have to take many names here but for lack of company paid time.

More later on what I got from this Barcamp but some quick mentions:

While coordinating for the activities of our collective, at one point I felt very stressed, Akash was beyond communication and I felt like I was standing alone on an unknown gound. I was new to this group I didn’t personally know the organisers and they didn’t know me. My communication with them were being misunderstood probably the reason why one of them called me a ‘pretentious loser’. I was hurt but stayed calm. Tried to communicate myself. At the end of BCB4 Arun one of the senior member of the team thanked me from the ‘bottom of his heart’ for my enthusiastic efforts. He said I did a great job as a collective lead.

I met names i have been hearing for long, ever since I have begin to blog, Kiruba and Desi Critics and more.

Made tonns of good freinds here in Bangalore. Lots of names on mind but later.

That’s how it all began and ended. Akash and Gopal didn’t turn up for any of the Bloggers Meet, Gopal couldn’t come to the BCB4. Akash is still out of communication. I am not even sure if he likes this way of associating my name with his, anymore.