Tasleema Nasreen, a celebrated author, a woman, a guest of the nation, physically attacked, manhandled by Muslim MLAs at a Book Launch, in the name of protecting Islam. And there would be no nation wide condemnation of the act, there would be no candle light march, those MFers won’t be punished, and they say Sanjay Dutt and the likes are threat to the nation. And we continue to have no shame.


3 thoughts on “Taslima Nasreen attacked, what a shame

  1. We don’t punish Muslims, in case you didn’t know. After all, this is an Islamic country, isn’t it? The case of attacking Taslima Nasreen would be handled by a Sharia court because it’s a purely Islamic matter, and the culprit (Taslima Nasreen) will be either beheaded, or stoned to death.


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