This blog is getting a lot of traffic off late and I feel stressed trying to live up to reader’s expectations and maintain the overall quality. One of the causes of worry is that I don’t know what exactly people like about my blog. JD Salinger’s protagonist from ‘Catcher in the Rye’ once said, he liked reading those books the most where he felt he could call up the author as if the author was his buddy and discuss the characters and events in the book. Perhaps that’s what people like about this blog. Given that it mostly is a personal blog. Many of my readers told me that they could easily relate to or feel the emotions or state of mind with which I have written a particular post.

But reading too much about the tips and tricks of a popular blog makes me conscious of what I write. Sometimes I would start to worry too much about the size of the blog or about the novelty of the post. Just the other day somebody said, “you write about everything in your blog, it has no genre, you gotta focus create a genre, and write only on that.

But I just wanna share!!


Anyway, I was saying, mom and dad are separating.

They both use the same Google Talk ID to talk to me. Well, basically mom operates it and dad just sits beside her. I taught her how to use it before moving to Bangalore. She is very smart at picking up tech stuff, she can be an excellent blogger in fact. Dad on the other hand is completely technologically challenged. Remember I wrote about his amazing tryst with cell phones and MS word.

So mom have become very active on Gmail, I keep getting a lot of forwarded emails from her. And the other day I was quite exited to hear that she has started getting random add requests on Google Talk. “Aishaavash, e to phaata phaati bepar”, I told her, and suggested her to kill some time chatting with whoever this guy is, so she accepted the request.

Yesterday when mom wasn’t at home dad wanted to talk to me so he logged on to Gtalk. (Well that’s an impossible task for him to first type user ID in one box and then the password on the other box and not get confused between the two and ensure that caps lock is off, given that password box only has stars in it making it impossible to figure out if caps lock is on or off because they all look the same eitherways. Valid problem indeed) Gtalk was actually auto logged in by mom’s ID.

So he was logged in now as mom who has a new admirer on her friends list. And this is what happened. Dad could see me online, he had just clicked on my name and opened a chat window, when suddenly from no where another window popped up saying ‘Hi’. Now this new window has overlapped the window dad had opened and poor thing cant figure out how to go back to the previous one. “No matter what I do this orange color window is coming in my way.” He complaints later. “Finally I thought let me close everything.” So he closed all windows and started all over again. But the ‘hi’ popped up again. Guess, that guy was really looking forward to talk to mom.

This morning dad was narrating to her how it was so darn difficult for him to use gtalk in her absence and that’s when it struck him.

He says, “who is this? I have seen this name on this list earlier but there were a ‘yes’ and a ‘No’ below the name. Now what happened?

“I have made yes on it.” Mom says in full confidence.

“Why have you done so?” Dad is still confused.

So mom demanded a separation of Google accounts. Now they have separate Gtalk IDs on dad’s list I am the only contact.

Oh yeah, that’s the separation I was talking about.


Had watched 3 movies, back to back from Monday to Wednesday, last week. Partner, Harry Potter, Gandhi My Father. Partner is an one time, time pass movie if you leave logic at home. You won’t miss anything if you don’t see it. Except that single motherhood has so smoothly entered a mainstream cinema.

Harry Potter was utterly boring. Boring as in really boring. I was never interested in it anyways, was just curious what is this potter mania all about. Realised it’s the same craze people have for Shivaji. Mindless.

But GMF was awesome. Deserves a separate post. (BTW every time I use the short form MF and stands out…and right now another thought flashed, and another, oh Gosh those 3 letters can stand for so many slangs, shh all censored, what’s with my mind)


10 thoughts on “Mom and Dad are separating

  1. your title is misleading. i guess i am correct. but that didnt give me a good thoughts about the content in it. it made me to think wrong. do you think that article title should collide with content in it properly(synonymically suited)????

    i dont know whether what i have asked is correct or not.


  2. @Bikram

    LOL.. I know :P


    It made you think wrong? what wrong did you think? If the title made you think that my parents are getting a divorce that’s precisely what I wanted readers to think… That’s the fun of the post..

    “Good thoughts about the content”?? I didn’t get you…


  3. Hi Sanjukta,

    Its good to see that your blog is gaining popularity… Way to go :)

    Btw a suggestion: you can try proof reading your blogs, before you post them, in order to avoid unnecessary typos.

    And regarding HP, some things I guess are not meant to be understood and appreciated by all. And moreover, the movie is mostly meant for the kind of crowd who can make out the difference between a Nimbus and a Firebolt. So, chill! :) It was never meant for muggles :)

    Take care


  4. hi,the title and the content stand out for their distinctiveness. the title gave novelty to the narration.
    and i liked the use of phrase ‘leave logic at home’, something which we can never do but must do if we want to live life by the moment.
    totally agree with u on the potter mania.
    great post. will read ur other entries too.


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