Mom is cursed with this Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. She has been living a life which only gets interesting by the day. From her childhood to this day Mom has been on a roller coaster ride. Pain, trauma, agony, ecstasy, freedom, laughter, frustration, win, loss, love, romance she has seen them all, felt them all and yet she hasn’t grown a day older. She still is a 5 year old silly child. I scold her often for being the way she is, she gets annoyed and we end up having a fight.

Our fights are real bad. We won’t talk for days, there have been times when she had taken away my right to call her ‘Mom’. And then when she made that egg roll, or that muglai parota, or when she wrote that poem, she was sharing them to glory with me and we never discussed the fight again.

I wanna be a writer, a real one that is, so that I could write mom’s biography and get it published. I have never told this to mom but she is the reason I am not run of the mill. I got it all from her.

Today, I am starting a series. Writing mom’s life in short and simple lines. It might look like a poem but am not claiming it to be one. Am also not paying too much of attention on the quality. All am trying to do is write the story of this splendid woman in Non prose. It is gonna be a bit too long so would post it in parts.

Part I: The child

Born with a silver spoon
She was brought up by a cruel heart.

The eldest of 3 children,
He and Bro used to go to a convent school,
Lead an English Life,
discipline, smartness, were her father’s words.
Indeed, so much so, that
She was beaten up by him, by a leather belt
for being dumb,
In front of his colleagues once.
She was only 5 then. Bro was 3.

She was 11 when her mother left,
she was now the mother of a 3 year and a 9 year old.


To be continued.