Part II : Childhood.

Father failed. Married again.
She was now the mother of her step mother.
And her new born.
Both were always ailing.

So those were days of troubled childhood,
Physical abuse by a cruel father,
Brother grew up to join the naxals,
Jailed for 2 years in kuddalore,
came out a weak and fragile soul.

School was finished empty stomach
College she could never reach.
Her dad won’t pay for her fees.

She Regrets and repents,
“Why didn’t I sell off the gold chain”
“Why didn’t I steal.”

Out of school, nowhere to go
She felt, “this is where my life ends”,
But she refused to give up.
left home for her Aunt’s place.

Never intended to be a guest there,
She did all the work
that even host wouldn’t do.
But she never frowned.


To be continued


5 thoughts on “It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

  1. hi,
    was passing by and read this blog, really nice.
    i guess this is a reality in many homes we r unaware of.
    will be back for the next part.

    see ya:)


  2. A class apart!!!i must say

    great work in narration.

    When you ruled your world
    Cried for others
    Scars and that small wound
    Brings back those days

    it hit me hard
    every damn day
    I struggled to stand
    but i loved my childhood days


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