Part III – Marriage 

She was taking typing classes,
And looking for a job, when,
a well wisher got a matrimonial alliance.
This guy at his 30,
Central Government Clerk
At Income tax department
Good salary. Good catch I tell you
”. Said he.

“Yeah, this poor almost orphan child would get a shelter,
What more can we seek.”

Said her Aunt. She was 21 then.

So, they never saw each other.
She was confident, he’s another cruel man like father.
Given the kind moustaches he adorns,
Must be a political goon of the CPM.

She was a romantic,
though she didn’t know what it means to be one
Until she was married.
He was unromantic.

Marriage was her rebirth. 
She found a family. A parent.
And a child already behind those moustaches.

Her fight with life wasn’t over yet.


To be continued.

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