Writing this blog after A long time. I thought i’d maintain two seperate blogs, one personal and intimate the other being about my views and opinions. But then I chucked that Idea and continued with my main blog. Today again am thinking I should restart this blog with my thoughts on my latest passion New Media.

Was reading this article today, which talks about University of Berkley podcast.

He and many of his colleagues at Berkeley participate in that university’s podcasting program, and lectures for more than 75 Berkeley courses are freely and legally available to anyone with iTunes and access to the Internet. Additionally, the university podcasts major public events such as lecture series and some graduate research presentations. For free. No tuition, no admission ticket, no textbook fees. Just free education.

Reading it reminded me of Swagat’s idea of having online education for students in the far easts and north-easts of India, Assam and the seven sisters. So much can be done with new media so many ideas floating but will we be able to implement them.