In life,
never ask for a promise
never take one, if they offer to promise.
Promises are not to be given and taken
they are to be felt within and proven
at the right time.

Good to have friends today but you better not count too much on them. Coz no one stays. No one. From parents, to siblings, to friends, to partners, to children, they all are bound to have other priorities at one point or the other. Today you might be on some one’s priority list tomorrow you may not. You might be some one’s ‘need’ today, but needs change.

So, make yourself independent financially, physically and emotionally. Stop fearing.

Make, edit and revise your own list of priorities,
keep finding new roads to tread,
new games to play,
new lessons to learn.

When you proceed with a new venture, carry nothing but sweet memories from the previous, make sure you are forgetful bout the bitter ones.

Don’t ask me to promise, I’ll stay.


8 thoughts on “Promise

  1. you are someones need today.. needs change with time.. time also changes… too many variables to handle.. my system crashes at this point..
    promises..has anyone ever kept them?


  2. eta ki likhechish? mood swings again? when is aunty expected i am sure it is becuase of aunty. all your sad posts are in and around aunty’s visit.


    Dr. Motion’s Diagnosis

    Depression as a result of chronic celebacy which has been intentionally inflicted upon like “bhishma pratigya”


    1. chocolate bar
    2. shopping spree
    3. gifts for snigdha (very important)
    4. good food
    5. good films

    Dr. Motion’s Fees:-

    Blue Berry Cheese Cake


  3. Ah! This posting came as a link on my new blog. And yes, people leave, but the worst abandonment is when we abandon ourselves; it’s the promises we break to ourselves that are the worst.


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