Pujo, Durga Pujo, rishtey mein the baap of all festivals the biggest affair for any bong ever born on this earth. Bongs do everything with a lot of hum drum. They are a unique specie. You can either love a bong or hate a bong. If you are standing a public Q, lets say at an ATM counter you would find most people there are quiet. If you happen to hear people talking, I bet the language you are hearing is Bengali.

Understandably they give their best during their greatest festival which is celebrated all over the world be it Asia, America or Europe. An unverified legend goes like this, one bengali is a poet, two Bengali’s are a film society, 3 Bengali’s are political parties (emphasis on s) and 4 Bengali’s there is a Pujo.

I can’t comment upon the way they do it across the world but for the next 5 days I’d try to Live Blog the way pujo is being celebrated here in Dwarka New Delhi.

Durga Protima at Dwarka Sector I Dakshinayan (Sector 12) Pujo

The festival is spread over a period 5 days. Shoshthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Bijoya Dashami.

Durga Pujo committee of various neighborhood do a collection of funds from the residents. This fund is used in setting up a puja pandal for these five days, obtaining the Durga Idol, to pay for the artist who perform during the cultural evenings, to provide community lunch to one and all for 3 days, to arrange for various competitions and the prizes etc. and much more.

Durga Pujo is everything but a religious affair. It is a community fare, a social get together, a time of the year when you wear your best dress, make up and jewellery, time and opportunity to showcase all your talents (Bongs have them in plenty), to catch with old friends and relatives, to make new friends, to check out chics and dudes to find prospective relationships, time to binge, and we hog Non Veg which is pretty shocking for those who do the navratra vrat during this time), time for entertainment and what not.

Protima at Dwarka Bongiyo Samaj (Sector 10) Pujo


5 thoughts on “Bangali r Pujo

  1. I so much miss it. All my childhood was spend in Calcutta and Puja used to be so much fun! One grand festival, I haven’t seen anything in another city even get close. I so much miss it in Bangalore — nobody even seems to move a whisker!!


  2. Well, what I meant more was the festival being all over the place. Having a festival and having a festival that is all over the place is two completely different things!

    Thanks for the links on Puja. Will check them out!


  3. Durga Pujo is everything but a religious affair… gave me the laughs!
    Like always, your way of writing binds me into a spell. Reading this it feels Pujo is right here.

    With love xoxo


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