The much awaited 4 day weekend is to end in couple of hours. Here’s another of my “This weekend” post.

This weekend

I realised how comfortable I have become in being alone on my own. I don’t feel bored any more, I don’t mind not talking to anybody for the whole day. I don’t mind not going out anywhere for the entire weekend. I am so calm inside all of a sudden. In fact, to my surprise I realised unsolicited phone calls and other means of displaying interest in me has finally become annoying. So it was very confusing and uncomfortable when somebody just called up and started talking to me for no particular reason. He apparently bumped into my blog via Vinu’s blog and then developed interest in me. Although being a natural talker, I did converse well with him, but I was uncomfortable nonetheless.

This weekend

I realised how much I am into the virtual world. I want human beings to come with a brochure, a how to use manual and a caution notice. Some random guy calling me up making casual conversation about how my weekend was, this is so confusing to me, although I am told this is the usual way guys get girls, but I am like, Wait, gimme an intro don’t just start talking, so where is your brochure, I mean, show me your blog. Not a blogger? Ok Facebook profile? Orkut? Flickr? High 5? None? What are you just a body? No mind?

Am I too weird or is it true that if you have a thoughtful mind there’s no way you don’t have a web presence.

This weekend

I am finally tired of the patterns. “Hey Sanjukta, Happened to see your profile while browsing. Would like to know more about you, your interests passions likes etc. If interested, please reply.” I am sick and tired of reading these kind of lines on the social networking sites. I have read them innumerable times over the past 7 years of my virtual existence, they lead you to such a vicious circle, time to do something to stop them coming. So I changed my orkut profile (must look), and on facebook I changed the privacy settings so that my profile is only available to friends. Also put up a message saying, “Sanjukta is done making new friends through virtual world, seriously.”

This weekend

Geet Dhillon had a major heartbreak. Bachpan se hi she had such a craze for marriage, that finally when in April 07 her parents got this alliance for her she actually thought some times she can fly, that there are really times when you see Pink and Golden clouds in the sky and at times the birds actually sing hindi songs from Yashraj films. For 6 months she has been talking to her fiancee on phone, all her plans from the most trivial ones, like visiting the Gym, to the biggest ones like turning down job offers in Bangalore, were contingent upon her wedding which was scheduled in Jan 08. And then, on this Diwali, her fiancee came down to Banglaore to tell her that at times he finds her irritating, he can’t connect to her emotionally, he has a feeling they would have complications in future, so he can’t marry her.

Geet realised not for once in the past 6 months did he love her. He simply got a better deal. In one moment her entire world changed. Time for her to prevent the damage as far as possible. What do I do? Restore the money dad spent on hall booking, caterers etc.? Send him bank drafts? Need to save my job, talk to my manager on Monday regarding the resignation. Would I be able to go to the same office? Geet had no time to laugh for no reason any more.

Happy Diwali Geet, welcome to the world of bitter and broken hearted romantics. No where to go from here…

This weekend

Some body said and meant, “Miss you”. I’d cherish that for some time to come.


4 thoughts on “This weekend

  1. “Not a blogger? Ok Facebook profile? Orkut? Flickr? High 5? None?”
    Soon SecondLife Avatar will be mandatory? LOL

    On serious note, digital divide can affect socilization?


  2. he he :D

    Labsji its already affecting…I’d say am quite comfortable spending 4 days locked in my PG only beacuse I have so much to do in the virtual world…


  3. Hi,

    U know..u suffer from an “Oshukh” what telepathy, I read something on Google about Lonliness this morning..and you show all the symtoms of it.
    any way, what-ever happened to Geet, we both realise that Geet got saved from a bigger Ass Hole, may be she will take her time but people like Geet, who are full of Vibrant energy are full of resilience.


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