Every time I do they say, “there she goes, there she goes again, trying her best, to hog as much attention as she could get.” So this time I thought I’d keep a low profile. But then Arun nudged me, “Why don’t I see you around on BCB list? Why are you so silent, either you are too busy or too upset with something.” First I gave him some bull shit reason, then the honest reason, finally I was motivated enough by him to do this.


Proposing the New Media and Mass Social Campaign Collective for BCB5

What is Barcamp?

BCB (Barcamp Bangalore) is a tech based (informal or un) conference which happens every quarter at IIM Bangalore Campus. Under this umbrella there gather around 400 to 500 young and energetic techies and few confused non techies like me…with an eternal question “how to use everything around for a social cause.” The agenda of BCB is driven by topics proposed and discussed by attendees (this time its by collectives which are like focus groups). Anybody can propose a collective, or propose to speak on a particular topic in a collective. It’s an interesting, fun and democratic way of interacting, sharing ideas, networking etc. People sit around under trees or canteens and talk.

Coming up this weekend (17th and 18th November) is the 5th Barcamp Bangalore (BCB5) and this post is to invite all friends in Bangalore to the event.

What about this collective?

If you haven’t already heard of new media, it is just another word for internet, but in the present context it consists primarily of blogging, micro blogging, use of social networking sites like facebook, Youtube etc. Possibilities of creating impact, raising awareness etc. is infinite with new media, sky is the limit when you are trying to reach out to the world with a message.

Now, if you don’t want to take my word for it, join me and some friends at this collective where we can spend 2 whole days talking about everything related. Inviting all friends from civil societies to please be a part of this collective, you’d only gain from it, there’s no hidden catch, honestly.

The basic idea is to discuss how the various web 2 tools like blogging, social networking sites, audio video and photo sharing sites can be used to raise mass awareness or create a social impact etc. One of the main topics would be “how can an individual / organisation create a strong 360 degree web presence” sub topics can be, creating an event blog (for eg. a day to day account of how various incidents, of say human rights violation, led to a social campaign), how to link all your web existence in one place

Suggestions invited for more topics of discussion and names of speakers.

If this interests you kindly register yourself under this collective in the wiki registration page. Further to take part in the discussion list join the Forum (You’d have to re register yourself at the forum) 


Dates: 17th and 18th November

Venue: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Cost: Nothing (except what you’d spend in reaching the venue)

Be there, you’d only gain from it, there’s no hidden catch, honestly.