Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

I am at IIM Bangalore attending the 5th Bangalore Barcamp, around 800 people registered but turn out is real low. Look and feel of the BCB is more cool this time…instead of boring name tags they have these cool stickers which you can put all over you, your laptop…they read like, I am seasoned, This is my 2nd Barcamp, Ask me for help, Ask me for network help, I am speaking, I am live blogging etc. I am also tweeting the event.

11.15 am Raj is speaking on My SQL at L-12 Raj works for yahoo. Right now he is answering people’s question which means they were listening. I wasn’t because I am blogging duh.

12.10 At L-21 now, session on Collective Code Ownership from Somebody from Thoughtworks. The session is very intense lots of questions. I don’t understand anything of it am here only to report. Earlier, after Raj’s session at bloggers collective, there was a small session on how to start a blog for new comers to blogging by I am looking forward to this collective by Nishant from Goldman Sachs on Gender de mystification so glad he thought of it. Had a uick chat with Arun, Vikas, Balaji. Said hello to the friends from BCB4, Hari (he says he wants to talk to me on something) Whenever am attending such events I find myself so much in demand.

I am also Twittering the event. Follow me on twitter

I didn’t get any participation for my New Media and Social Campaign collective. Yday evening Me Sandil and Jerry met up to do something for the Bloggers Collective. We think better together so now we have some cool talks lined up. Find them on the barcamp collective page.

12.30 So this guy I didn’t get his name is talking about his new start up Guru Geek. Says he got inspiration from various tech based conferences barcamp being one of them. In India the way barcamp has taken up is a huge inspiration to gather more people who can contribute on web usability, accessibility etc. He has spoken to people from barcamp from other places in the world and they are amazed at how fast barcamp has come in India, the first one happened in 2006 in Delhi and Bangalore is already seeing the 5th Barcamp. Clap Clap.

Its my stubborn effort to gather people from all over the country who wants to share their thoughts and knowledge. I will be creating the website now and here. I need a support from all of you. This is basically a community for people who want to share knowledge on Web

2.00 pm Had a great lunch. Now at room Cappuccino for bloggers collective, session by Amit (labnol) Agarwal on Smart ways of Blogging. This is a much sought after session at most Barcamps. At other rooms and on the mats are happening Film Collective and photo collective.

Participant Speak

Hi what collective are you in?

I am in “I found my wife at BCB collective”. Vinayak Das leading the photo collective met his wife Snigdha at BCB4.

3.15 pm Interesting session by Amit. Some of the key points,

  • Don’t try to monetize your blog unless you have around 1000k visitors daily, also don’t do it if you are just starting out. Unless you have a high volume of content ads would put off your visitors.
  • Re blogging (when you are linking to some nice article you read) is good but don’t simply give a link, try to write something original otherwise people just want to go read the original article otherwise yours.
  • Monetization works best if there is an integration between your contents and the Ads

3.30 pm Intense debate on ‘innovation’ in start up collective. Don’t start a start up…Says the speaker…to be qualified by…for the wrong reason. But then there is no wrong reason if its your passion you follow it… and the debate continues.

4 pm At blogging collective, come if you want your blog to be ripped off for free. Real time blog assessment by Jerry.

  • Readability
  • Aesthetics
  • organising the content.
  • if its a event blogging updates should be more frequent.

4.27 pm Currently ripping Barcamp Bangalore Blog

  • The blog isn’t updated on a day to day basis which as a event blog should be
  • It doesn’t mention who is maintaining the blog
  • It is good to have your name if its an idividual’s blog

4.42 pm Currently ripping Mohan’s blog. No name, great aesthetics, arun and I don’t like the digg and other boxes. For domain name don’t chose name that’s too generic.think of Kingfisher..they hav everything under it tht has gt nothing to do with Kingfisher the bird. Chose such a name. Blogging India is too generic a term. Gets 4 out of 5 stars.

4.51 pm Quite a lot of takers for this session. They all want their blog to be ripped by Jerry. Next is this is too cluttered for my eyes.. the big yellow boxes should go. But quite a lot of them here like the graphic. Arun says he’d scroll only for the title.

Next is this gets 4.85. It’s quite good given the fact she is just taking up blogging.

Nex: This is quite good again. Gets 5 out of 5 by me.

5.12 pm very annoying says one here…but the creator says it is ok I make loads of money from it..I got $20 for 100 words, for each post i get about $10, whether it is ethical or not that’s a different topic for debate. Here comes the question of do bloggers have social responsibility. This author’s tech blog however is quite good.

5.31 pm My blog, Too long, the categories and tags on the top of the post is not required. Sandil making funny comment, too much of feminist content, but hey that’s not a criteria.. Too much text not many pics. But I get 4.37 out of 5 given that I am a complete non techie.

Done for the day, Leaving now. Would be back tomorrow with Live blogging of Day 2 of BCB5. Till then Adios.