Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

Had some issues with the connection today so couldn’t live blog but I live twittered all through the day. Below is a detailed account of Day 2.

It had a dull start, not many for bloggers collective. After break fast we walked around a bit trying to figure out what’s happening where and saying hi hello to a few campers. Arun was taking pictures of all at the break fast table, Prashanth of Blogalorean made it today, he was busy playing cricket yesterday, Amit (labnol) Agarwal wouldn’t be taking any session today, said I’m here to just meet people today. Jace is going around taking a lot of pics, they are not using the mega phone today, you gotta shout to collective participants for your collective.

The Blogger's Collective (My proud contribution to Barcamp Bangalore) Session going on at BCB5

Bloggers lazed on the comfy mattresses and had some discussion on Bloggers Responsibility.

Discussion started when Nithya asked a question, why are bloggers so difficult, why is it too much to expect that they’ll blog about our initiative to help us. She and her husband has started a website which is a platform, Muziboo, for sharing your own created music. If you are a musician, singer you can upload your work there for critical review. It’s like musical blogging may be. She has approached many bloggers seeking their support in spreading the word about them by blogging but no response.

She says, they can write about Om shanti Om but not about an effort started by their neighborhood barcamper or blogger. Answer Nithya is, says everybody, “what is it in for me?” OSO get’s me traffic. That raises the question of social responsibility. May be there isn’t anything for me as blogger but shouldn’t we, once in a while, be doing some thing good, even if we get nothing out of it. True one can’t impose upon a blogger what to write but may be a conscience can be built. That’s a question that shall remain unanswered for a long time.

Do visit Muziboo and if you like it do a favor, blog about it, spread the word.

Bloggers dispersed on that note, the mattress and pillows were now occupied by collective on ‘online conversation and word of mouth advertising.’

Chandrachoodan started the discussion by talking about Gang of Girls by Sunsilk. A platform which talks very little about shampoo and sunsilk but is a classic example of word of mouth advertising. it’s a platform for users or others to interact and express. He then spoke about a blogger who wrote something against Club Mahindra which became so huge that if you google for Club Mahindra it comes as the 2nd result. So that’s the power of word of mouth.

What is to be noted is negative feedback runs faster than the positive ones. And its easier to say “It sucks” So how to encourage more positive feedback and get them going around.

  • For word of mouth advertising to build up you’d have to give enough time
  • Optimise social networking sites like facebook and orkut
  • Give personal touch to the relationship you have with your existing users / consumers so that they’d get more on board.
Word of mouth advertising collective at Barcamp Bangalore 5 #BCB5

That was more or less the summary of this collective. It was attended by around 40 campers some sitting some standing all attentive. Also happened this morning, discussions in the other interesting collectives, Social Shopping and Weekend Entrepreneurship.

My laptop ran out of battery at this point so I had to move to a room where I could charge it. Sneaked in Latte (that’s the name of the room) where Mobile Internet collective were having intense discussion on ‘following web standards.’ I didn’t get much of the discussion but could gather one point (representation could be incorrect):

  • Mobile applications don’t follow standards..what’s the incentive? Handset manufacturers should have an incentive to design device in such a manner it supports all application.

Headed for Lunch after this. Lunch today was a bit light not as many items on menu list but very satisfying nonetheless. Post lunch the atmosphere understandably got. even more dull but I was looking forward to one very interesting collectives, Design Barcamp Collective. Proposed by Aditya Mishra who has been with the core team behind BCB and also recently organized the Mumbai Barcamp.

But before that I quickly went around taking some pics, had a little chat with Abhishek Thakkar. Abhishek is the man behind A cool idea he introduced to us as a part of the bloggers collective. The mutineers quickly joined the gupshup and also created Munity’s sms group which I also joined. Abhishek is also probably amongst the handful podcaster both in India and Bangalore. A guy with great sense of humor it was nice to know him. Abhishek’s Podcast –

In another room Arun gave a talk on his weekend entrepreneurship project This is a site which tracks online news from all over and presents in a much more reader freindly manner. The site is designed keeping in mind the different news reading habits that each individuals have. It works on some sort of algorithm or something I couldn’t get that tech bit. His objective behind the session was to get as many critical review possible and he got plenty which he jotted down on a BCB5 note pad. Good to see people still take hand notes. Sad that I don’t, reminds me I used to have a very good handwriting.

At Designing Barcamp Collective heated discussion, lots of energy in the air, around 40 campers including the core BCB team along with complete newbies. Content, structure, wiki, frequency, food, venue, T-shirts everything was discussed. Some bullet points I captured.

Aditya talking at the 'The Designing Barcamp Collective' at the Barcamp Bangalore 5 #BCB5

Aditya debating over frequency of BCBs

  • Venue: IIM Bangalore is a bit concerned opening up its doors to 100s of people they don’t know, but its not that much of an issue.
  • Frequency frozen to be every quarter as decided after debating over quarter or half yearly…
  • One camper says, the structure set by organizers needs to be changed, the organizers should do this and that, then Aditya answers, there is the fundamental problem, you see there is no Organizer at BCBs you organise BC6 if you wish to.
  • We can do away with the K clusters rooms as they add to create confusion, but we definitely need the audi or an open space for the inaugural session.
  • Collectives are a great idea but some improvement required with the structuring. There should be a minimum strength to be called as a collective.
  • Time limit for each session – default or enforced? This wasn’t decided really.
  • If only people would contribute more to the design than in criticizing the structure. Aditya made a point of the 2-300 that came for the camp how many are here for the design barcamp collective? That shows.

So True. Some one called me up asking about barcamp after reading my cross posted mails about the New media and mass social campaign collective. He is from a completely different background, never heard of barcamps. So am telling him what is it all about. After some 15 min when I was done explaining, he asks, “but why is it organised? I was confused at the question.

“I am sorry I didn’t get your question.” Said I.

“I mean why do they organise this event? What’s in it?”

“Nothing. There is no reason why. Just so that people can share and learn. Interact and network. there’s nothing more in it than just an effort to do something that they like doing.”

Apparently it is in comprehensible to most why would anybody take all these pain of arranging a barcamp, running around the sponsors, spend money from their pockets till the time sponsors pay up, why, when there is no formal body of committee to take the credits at the end of the day, why, when on the wiki board you don’t see any of the core team members name, why…for what… Yeah… That’s Barcamp Bangalore for you my friend.

The Designing Barcamp Collective, Barcamp Bangalore 5, #BCB5