Camping for loveOriginally uploaded by Jace

BCB5 Participant Speak

Participant # 1 – Hi What collective are you in?
Participant # 2 – Oh I am in ‘I found my wife at BCB Collective’

Vinayak Das found his wife Snigdha Sheel (my childhood friend, my eccentric crazy friend cum almost wife) and I found a whole new family at the BCB4.

Love BCB, Love Vince and Snigs and Love for Vinu the original Cupid.

Thanks for the pic Jace.

[PS. Take a larger view of the pic and you’ll see the BCB Badge Vince was happily sporting all day]


8 thoughts on “Camping for love

  1. :-P

    How sweet. I love you my husband (ex) sanju and I love my present husband and the cupid a lot.

    How sweet of you Sanju for writing this post on your blog. :-)


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