Breaking News. Parents in the Indian metropolis seen marching on the street with placards reading, ‘billi bachao’1

The main reason of protest is the emerging trends amongst their wards to feed billis with milk, whenever wherever they feel like. They often don’t let parents scrutinise the quality or source of the milk. Milk from unreliable sources are injurious to the social health of the billi and its kith and kin.

Their demand is the enactment of a law to establish a system of granting licence to feed the billi with milk. The said license can be granted by Government, Courts or religious leaders.

Although there was always a strong movement safeguarding the billi such march and visible frown on parents face is unprecedented. The possible reason can be related to the fact that the billis themselves don’t wanna be saved anymore. They want that milk, they need that milk. They have begin to bite back the parents when they tell their wards to save the billi.

Well, at this point it all seems to be very difficult to handle the situation. All we can do is hope we soon find a suitable alternative for either of the two, the billi or the milk.

That was the breaking news, oh yes it was very breaking.
1. Billi = Pussy