I like to read a bit of classic, prose and poetry and I really feel like sharing them with my readers. I was wondering where can I share. Facebook, orkut, good read, I chucked all of them one by one for the reason that I don’t have as many visitors / followers on any of those social networking sites as many visitors my Blog has. So I decided once every week or 2 I’ll have one post featuring one of these classics that I read and liked.

I don’t understand modern poem, much like modern art. For me the poem has to be simple, honest and should have a deep thought. All lines need not necessarily rhyme but there should be a rhythm. I like Walt Whitman, Ogden Nash John Keats to name a few.

Writing has become a strong passion these days. This blog will be more frequently updated. But it’s gonna lose it’s essence. There would hardly be any emotional, personal stuff coming straight out of heart. That’s cause am very calm these days. Pain is my muse but that bitch has been hiding these days.

Besides sharing these classics, I also like to share the interesting readings I come across while following a lot of google alerts / NGO sites / blogs on topics ranging from new media, social media, corporate blogging, sex and gender, real estate, humanitarian law, (this is law of war, different from human rights law).

Presently what I do is, quickly fwd the link to the articles via twitter. But twitter has its limitations, the link are all Tiny URLs. I can’t describe what I am forwarding because of the text limit.

I wanted to ask my blog readers if I start a mailing list solely for this purpose would you guys be subscribing to it? Say one mail a day with these interesting articles with a bit of explanation in my own words, or may be an excerpt of the most relevant portion from an article? Does it sound any good? Please leave your opinions / suggestion in the comments.

And here is this week’s Featured Poem by Walt Whitman

Hast never come to thee an hour

A sudden gleam divine, precipitating, bursting all these bubbles,

Fashions wealth?

These eager business aims – books, politics, art, amours,

To utter nothingness?