This is not a movie review. Since I don’t adhere to them myself I don’t feel like writing them. But, I intend to write about Taare Zameen Par. Intend to share what I felt when I saw it. And one more thing I intend to do. Rip off the arrogant snobbish bunch of people, called movie critiques. Am sorry but am not going to be very diplomatic here, not going to sugar quote my words, if I don’t like something i say it. Am aamir’s fan after all.

I never fully told my readers what does Aamir Khan mean to me. So here’s my chance. A series of post dedicated to TZP. Critiques, here I come, countering you with my take on the faults you found

But before I go there…

Never before have I come out of a movie theatre with a heart filled with so much of love, joy, colours…and tears. Am still searching for words to pen down my thoughts on the movie, but if I had to say it in one line..the movie made me wish, for the first time in my life, for motherhood. Go watch Taare Zameen Par and make a difference to your life forever.

The plot is something all critiques have already revealed (which I personally feel, is not the best thing to do btw) so I won’t go into the plot again. I’ll just share the magic moments from the movie.

Kids are imaginative but did you know they can spend hours looking, with dreamy eyes, at a pot hole filled of muddy water and the patterns it creates every time a cycle wheel roles over it splashing the mud around? Did you know planet Saturn does a hoopla with that circle of meteors around it?

Welcome to the world of imagination. Each scene depicting Ishaan’s world of imagination is a magical scene, the animations, back ground music, colours, I felt I could just happily watch the animations for full 18 reels.

The way some scenes bring tears to your eyes, impeccable. Aamir has given modern bollywood some of the best crying scenes, yet again. Nikumbh’s choked voice when he visits Ishaan’s parents and sees his paintings. His and Ishaan’s moist eyes when they look at each other’s painting (in the last scene). Scene when Nikumbh tells Ishaan’s dad what does it mean, “to take care.”

At the end while the audience were still looking at the documentary snippets of kids along with the credit list, I noticed a 3 or 4 year old kid, leaving her mom’s hand, went over to the next seat and started sipping pepsi from a glass some one has left behind. All of us who noticed laughed off, including her mom.

After the movie at Fun Cinemas I went to food bazaar for grocery shopping. To my ignorance, sub consciously, I was playing with the trolley there, like I was wearing skates, rolling and swinging it around, opening and closing the upper lever of it while I was waiting at the payment counter. It took me a while to realise I was doing all that.

Like I said TZP is a movie that can change the way you look at certain things forever.

And now the rip off, in next post lest it gets too long and boring.

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