Something about the world is different today, and it would never be the same.

Mshewta, friend from the core circle at school, lost her mother yesterday. Shaken. The members of their generation have begin to leave. We all have been like family, so many days and hours spent chatting with her, when ever we visited her house aunty would talk more to us. This dussherrah when I went to Delhi I thought I’d go and meet aunty but couldn’t, she wasn’t keeping well for long, the woman had struggeled a lot in life. Gone. Shall always remember her daal parotas, the lunch she used to pack for not just her daughter but all of us.

Benazir will be mourned dearly, more by the woman of S.Asia

I am on Bangalore Mirror for the 4th time, all times on their feature ‘blog talk’ but this time they edited the post quite a bit, some language changed, some words missing. Am not too upset, not very happy either, doesn’t matter much really. They anyway give a link to the blog.


3 thoughts on “This morning’s thoughts

  1. don’t know much about her political stance, but benazir was charismatic to me. i was especially drawn by her courage to come back to pakistan, which, as people had rightly predicted, proved to be dangerous and in the end, sadly fatal.

    that country is on the brink of destruction, and the world (read US of effing A) better do something.


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