Another year, another time. Another picture on another wall.

Couple of things before I take mom for the new year trip to Mysore, Ooty Coonor etc.

Carrying forward a hardware problem.

My laptop eating up alphabets, so much so that if I switch if off, I can’t even type my user name and password to reboot. Now this is a major fuck up because it has ruined my plans of travel blogging, live twittering et all. If I can’t switch it on I also won’t be able to transfer the pics from my Digicam to the laptop when I exhaust the cam memory.

So what I had to do today is this. Had to work on this 2nd last day of the year which is a sunday, lifted an USB keyboard from another desk and restarted the lappy, now blogging after this I wouldn’t shut it down till 3rd that’s when I am back to work. Phew!

Not carrying forward any hard feelings for anybody. Had some for this friend who ceased to be friends because, as always, I screwed up a few things, but I mailed him a while ago, said if I could I would start it all over again.

2007 wasn’t as eventful as 2006 but important thing is this year was full of only nice events. There were no resolution so no disappointment. Pain took taken a back seat. Bangalore turned out to be a great decision . Met some interesting men here this year, more than the total I met in last 2 years in Delhi, romance is still no where in the pipeline though.

And here’s my new year message from the previous year. See ya all at 2008.


Season’s Greetings.

That same repetitive wish you been getting from every one else…Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I was able to complete one of my resolution in 2006. 2007 looks promising…but then I don’t know.. My life is so unpredictable..kinda tend to roll with time…You in the meanwhile, in the coming year…

Be good ~ We all are in our own way.
Have Fun ~ You’d try but won’t always succeed…try nonetheless
Achieve Big ~ Don’t do anything illegal though, cause Kanoon ke haath itne lambe nahi hote jitni gahari vakilo ke jeb hote hai.. Court won’t get you, but the Attorneys’ fees would kill you.
Think more through your heart, less through mind ~ Least through soul and MOST through POCKET
Make more promises ~ And keep them
And here’s mine ~ Less self promotional spamming!!!

Point is My Happy New Year gotta be different than the rest. That’s the point. Happy New Year.