Just why is it such a big news that Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par made L.K Advani cry. In fact the news of Aamir holding a special screening for Advani in New Delhi in itself was in headlines a day before. Obviously this fuss is because of Aamir’s continuous support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan and his repetitive refusal to apologise to Sangh Parivar.

Imagine how feeble our secularism is. So this guy liked TZP, he obviously would, it’s a classic, what’s the big deal? The deal is, that because Aamir has a certain political stand (and is also a Muslim?) it is automatically assumed that everything about him would be hated by this whole bunch of politicians. So it came as a total surprise when one of their leaders applauded Aamir’s work.

Goes to show how art and everything else take a back seat when there is a political difference, particularly if the difference is with a party which takes to violence at the drop of a hat. Everything is political here. Even the way you have sex, the way you display affection. They don’t like it if you buy a greeting card for the person you love, so they barge into your house and beat the shit out of you. They barge into educational institutions and beat up the teachers, they once fondly called Guru and chanted “Guru Bramha Guru Vishnu”. Public display of love is not acceptable but a display of hate and violence is honourable. (Ok that is a topic for a seperate post) 

As if increasing political interference in matters like art, culture, lifestyle, fashion wasn’t enough now they have started fucking the law and order of the country, that too the criminal procedure. It was atrocious to hear Shiv Sena guy say, “Our belief is that no one would dare to commit such a misdeed infront of their near and dear one and hence we feel the arrested boys might be innocent.” WTF.

Not only do they question the criminal procedure that is being implemented in the Mumbai molestation case by State police, thereby further raping the image of Indian Police, they go one step further and make an unconstitutional comment like, “It must be an outsider, a non maratha” Outsider? How did we become an outsider in our own country? Adolf Hitler is resurrected is it?

Not stopping at the public comment, Raj Thakrey takes a delegation of youth to Deputy Chief Minister RR Patils door trying to achieve…I don’t know what… May be to request Mr. Patil (a legislator) to use his position to influence the investigations procedure adapted by the State police (an executive)? Everything about this incident is wrong. They are messing up with one of the fundamental features of our Constitution, the independence of 3 branches of Governance, namely, Legislator, Executive and Judiciary.

Look at the audacity here, Shiv Sena is suggesting the police is supposed to consider the region and culture meter (if any such thing exist) of the accused and relationships amongst the co-accused before making an arrest. Of course before sucking up to such an idea they should shove the Criminal Procedure Code up Shiv Sena’s ass. I don’t understand why the hell, the police chief of Mumbai not reacting to such propositions which are not just stupid but also criminal in nature.

Section 153A of Indian Penal Code says,

Whoever, (a) By words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on grounds of religion, race, place or birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, or(b) Commits any act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities…Shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.

Read the full section and you’ll see this party might be booked under every clause of this section given their past records of constantly creating Maratha – Non Maratha divide, their violence against Bangladeshis, Biharis etc.

In fact this is the time when one would expect the Honorable High Court to take suo moto cognizance of the situation and issue a writ of mandamus to the concerned Mumbai police personnel directing him/her to make arrest of the Shiv Sena speaker for violating Section 153A. And may be another Writ directed to the Election Commission of India to cancel the political status of Shiv Sena for being a racist party. Talks of Maratha – Non Maratha, outsider – insider, our sons are so pure, they can never commit a crime, it’s the outsiders who are the cause of all trouble, what else are these but Racism?

[No more suggestions for HC otherwise they’d send one my door too, booked for Contempt of court]

Dad called to say, “I can’t write as good as you do, otherwise would have done it myself, please write to the prime minister to give a Bharat Ratna to our milk man, real nice guy he is, it seems they have them in plenty and its going out on first cum first serve.”