It was a cold December night. She was lying on the bed with her arms stretched casually across the emptiness of her bed. Suddenly she felt a warm touch upon her palm. Someone held her hand, someone warm and tender, some one she never expected would hold her hands. His fingers then criss crossed with hers and he pulled her close to his warm body. She could hear his heart beat. And for the first time in her life she could feel her own heart beat too. She planted a soft kiss on his forehead while he held her tighter. A passionate kiss followed.

For the next couple of hours they stayed close, holding themselves against each other’s body. They didn’t speak. They didn’t look into each other’s eyes…they didn’t realize when they fell asleep.

The bed was empty in the morning. May be he left early or may be it was all a dream. She didn’t know, she didn’t care. But there was just one thing she knew, something about the world was different that morning, and that it would never be the same again. The emptiness would always be there on her bed, it’s just that it would feel more cold from now on. A void.


6 thoughts on “The empty bed

  1. Ohh.. Poor gal…

    What confusion would that guy have got in his mind to let go of her with whom he was so close and walk away just like that without looking back??

    Quite a touching post if people can understand the depth that it contains!


  2. Ye kya tha? Aage ki kahani kya agle episode per dikhegi? Arre yaar, write the complete post. If this is fiction, may be you can write that the Guy did not do anything becuase he was a were wolf. He was scared that he will turn into a wolf the moment thye have sex or may be ( on a mythological note) the girl was a Vish Kanya or icchadhari nagin.

    Here is the continuation:- The next morning, the girl realised that the guys held her hand and now she has contracted “eczema” from him 9thank God they did not have sex. I mean just imagine what would it be if you have eczema on your private parts”) ;-D


  3. Beautiful! I think I can understand the feeling………… but have you ever imagined what the guy would have felt, when he left you there, in the morning……….


  4. Good one …

    Hey Santosh,Good point. why don’t you write about that.. I had always been curious to know things from the guy’s angle…


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