30th Birthday’s gifts, the one time somebody got me flowers…


Three great people were born on the 23rd day of January, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Lord Denning and Yours Truly…That’s right Happy Birthday to me.. oh remembered another name, Bal Thackeray. (What a varied range of personalities) Freezing my age at 30…few years down the line you won’t be able to keep track any more :D.
Most frequently asked question on all birthdays, “What plan?” A very depressing one this is, I tell you.


Answer, no plan, you don’t plan your own birthday, your friends and family should be doing that. I don’t have a boyfriend/husband to make the default plan. I stay away from family, so rule them out. Now, I have friends, a lot of them. I certainly don’t want to have dinner alone on my birthday, in fact I would want to be with all these friends, everybody who wished me, everybody I know. But I can’t afford to treat all of them, so you see, to have a ‘plan’ is not that simple.
I would love to have all 20-30 friends I know here in Bangalore, everybody who wished me since morning with me for dinner but I certainly can’t afford to treat you all. Think about it join, me for dinner if you wish to. It’s an open call :).
Snigdha planned a surprise at midnight but I myself disappeared on a date without telling her, so that got screwed. I caught up with her eventually though at around 1pm. More updates on how the day went will follow. Meanwhile, please read my previous birthday posts, 29th (a very depressing), 30th Birthday. And read some more on name and birthday first this one and then this



Updates I : 12.30 pm

Very special gesture by Kreeti, Snigdha, Vinayak and Balaji. They have put up “Happy birthday to Sanjukta (Sanju Boss for Kreeti and Snig)” on their Gtalk status message…How sweet. :-) This also reminds me, over the past 3 years that Kreeti and Snig have been the only friends from school who have consistently been around. Everyone else have drifted.


Update II : Anybody asking for a treat, are being directed to this blog post. Another person asked to join him for a drink, I asked, “Are you like asking me out on a date”, he said, “no its not a date”. Sigh, no plans for evening. 


Update III: I had a great birthday. I didn’t throw a party, my friends didn’t get me gifts, yet yesterday was one of the best birthdays I had merely because my friends were there for me, spending time without the ever conditional “treat”. Thanks guys.


I have new found love and respect for all my friends. I know my life goes through a constant process of beginning and ending, people come and go out of my life like different people board the same train from different station. The train being my journey of life. I don’t expect to keep in touch with people who got down the previous station. But for the first time I feel like holding on to these people I currently have in my life. Nobody stays for life, I know, but today I make a promise to myself that I’ll let go of my stupid habits like ego, paranoia, pessimism, distrust etc. (other screwy habits I have which forced the previous people pull chain and stop train to run) and will conciously work towards keeping this friendship with all of you in times of sickness and health.  These very special people who I don’t want to lose ever, are, (in no particular order) Snigdha, Vinayak, Sunil, Danny, Vinu, Balaji, Kreeti, Sandil, Jerry, Supriy, Sanjay, Papiya, Swagat Sen, Saurabh Garg, SukumarThe Margees (You too Kakan, wherever you are) The SRI Gang, The Yanker Gang and the Blogaloreans. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH


23 thoughts on “Still 30

  1. Happy Birthday…

    So.. am I invited for the dinner treat that you are planning :)

    Good… mine froze at 30 last year.. hey we share the Birth date :) though not the day.. I mean just the date not the month.. 23rd!!


  2. Happy B’ Day to Sanju the Boss, thats going to be my status message for the entire day. Trying my gest to make my friend feel special on this scpecial day.

    45 min from now will take her out for a b’day lunch treat.

    Have not bought any gift for her so far…what will she get, well, that’s a surprise :-)

    31 B’Day bumps to Sanju


  3. Hey Sanjukta…
    Happpy B;ddaayy tooo uuu!!!
    Happpy B;ddaayy tooo uuu!!!
    Happpy B;ddaayy tooo dear sanju…
    Happpy B;ddaayy tooo uuu!!!!!

    been a regular to ur blog after readin bout ur 29th b’day…
    lol..so definitely not gonna miss wishin u tis time..

    keeeepp smilin!!!


  4. Wow…overwhelming

    Thanks all… won’t take each name but yeah putting my birthday in the status message is a very very special gesture…Thanks Snig…

    BTW I finally caught you guys :) I always see the hit counter going up but there is no comment…Now I know who all visit but don’t comment…Actually it was a trap, I knew you won’t be able to resist wishing me :P

    Love all the readers and friends here…

    @Ramya what month?

    @Ayan – well yeah date at midnight am not
    saying anything more :)

    @SG – Cake…hmm…sent…Cake Loading….please wait :P


  5. no offense meant, but from what i read here, i thought u were younger. well, coming to think of my comment, it could even be taken as a compliment.

    either ways, hope u have a great day.


  6. you have always been special my dear girl…and all these years the respect, love and affection only grew. Take care dost and have loads of fun, now and forever. Love you.


  7. Happy Birthday Sanjukta. I derived an unexpected benefit by visiting your blog today. 23rd Jan is my MAMA’s birthday as well. I was ‘this’ short of forgetting his DAY again.


  8. sniff!!! snif!! I love you too sanju. I loved you on your 29th happy budday also, I will love you on you 32nd Happy Budday also. Together we will form community happy budday love you club for all. In which we can always love each other and say “happy budday to you” everytime we do anything.
    Here are a few examples:-

    1. Pain of constipation:- Potty comes out:- Immediate reaction:- happy Budday to me
    2. Orgasm:- Happy budday to us
    3.Anger:-Happy budday to u (almost like saying f&$K you)
    4.marriage proposal:-Guy going down on his knees:- will you happy budday to me darling?
    5. Guy asking for a girl’s hand from her dad:- I want your daughter’s hand for happy budday
    and in the end, When we die:-The moutners will come and say:-Iska bhi ho gaya happy budday.


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