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Bangalore Blogathon India to be held in Bangalore some of the major cities in India tentatively, in the 3rd week of March April 2008 is going to be a week long, both online only and offline event on varied topics of socio political importance to Bangalore and India. The online activities would be held on the blog Blogathon.IN. Independent Bloggers Meet might happen on 12th of April on the opening and closing day in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata.

Blogathon objectives:

Call us ambitious but what we are trying to achieve here is big. It’s primarily three fold, of course there are always multiple layers of opportunities in any event.

  • A mass awakening amongst bloggers and citizens to address issues of social importance.
  • Building a close-knit community of people across the nation who are opinionated with a social bent of mind, some of who have taken to blogging and others who we hope would eventually take up blogging.
  • Motivate NGOs and other experts who currently live off-line to get to the net and start blogging with their invaluable ideas.

The idea is to motivate (or even push) people, especially today’s youth, to think and express on topics, they probably have an opinion on but which doesn’t readily cross their mind.

Blogathon Structure:

A linear representation of the blogathon structure would be like this:-

1 week = 6 Topics = 18 seeds = Innumerable Ideas

Each day of the blogathon week the blogathon blog would publish One broad topic —> Spread across 3 distinct debatable views (Discussion seeds) —> For the junta to read and respond.

Your’s is the able shoulder on which Blogathon would walk to glory

That’s right the success of blogathon is dependent on your participation. ‘You’ are the the Junta of bloggers, the blog readers, commentators and any other person with a thinking mind.

As the discussion seeds are released on the blogathon blog, the Junta, is expected to read and respond to these seeds. They are free to either support or discard a certain view already expressed in the 3 discussion seeds or express a fourth view of their own. A debate / discussion is what is reasonably expected to shape up during the course of the day. At the end of the day we’d collate all the blogs written on the given topics and post a summary of the same.

The seeds would be released on blogathon blog in one single page divided in 3 parallel columns with an ability to comment thereon.

If you have only a few lines to say in response, you can do that in the comments section. If you would rather write a long detailed post, you can do that on your personal blog or whatever other space you maintain on the web, just don’t forget to tag it properly so we can track your views and aggregate it on the blogathon blog. (Tags to be released shortly)

You can even send in your views / responses via email,

While aggregating all the posts written in response to the topic seeds, released on , we’d give you proper credits with links to your blog.

At the end of the day we’d have a plethora of ideas and opinions on issues that affects our lives.

Big question, what are the topics?

The blogathon admin team would be meeting tomorrow to finalize the list of topics. The 6 broad topics could be from, Politics, Infrastructure, Education, Law, Administration, Gender, Lifestyle, Media, Cinema etc. We have kept certain criteria to finalize topics and discussion seeds.

  • Topics that are of social importance to namma bengaluru and also the country as a whole.
  • Topics which would have readability.
  • Topics on which we can find good writers to write the initial discussion seeds.

Some examples:

I. Gender: Alternate sexuality in Metros, how broad our minds are?

  • Comparatively broader than the small towns, so it’s a bit easy to pursue your choice of sexuality in a Metro.
  • Not very broad, people in Metros have double standards.
  • It cannot be generalised because there are a lot of dimensions to this issue besides class.

II. Infrastructure: How to improve Bangalore’s Traffic conditions of Indian Metros

  • Make better roads.
  • Ban small cars.
  • Improve public transport
(Note: nothing would stop you from rejecting our 3 views and come up with your own 4th view)
Venue of the event: (Tentative)
  1. A place on the world wide web
  2. Opening day – Tentatively for opening the event, we are going to gather at Evoma on Old Madras Road in Bangalore. We wanted a closed venue with WIFI, where a few of us could gather and talk to enthusiastic people and may be to media about what blogathon is and how do we plan to conduct it during the 6 days of the week to follow. Kameel, fellow Blogalroean, have very generously offered this place to us. However, we are yet to decide on the venues for the other cities.
  3. Closing Day – We hope to have a larger participation on the closing day so we are planning to gather in an open place like Lal Bagh or Cubbon Park. Nothing decided yet.

[Update: Blogahton has now been decided to be online-only event. However each city bloggers have come forward to orgainse Bloggers meet with Blogathon as an agenda. More on that in another post.]

The Blogathon and Blogaloreans:

The community of Bangalore based bloggers, Blogalorean, is the main force behind Blogthon. I won’t take names here but each Blogalorean has some contribution or the other in this event. As we move forward we’d need more and more support.

The event is being supported by bloggers community from other cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bombay etc. One of the reasons to rope in these cities was because many of these cities don’t yet have a regular community of bloggers. This can be a step towards that.

If you want to coordinate a bloggers meet in your city do write to us. To generally keep yourself updated about what’s new in Blogathon – subscribe to the following:

Blogathon India Google Group – It’s mostly an announcement only group so don’t worry about the email traffic.

Blogathon India Twitter

For any query / suggestions / ideas / participation write us to