I was on Bangalore Times, yet again. This time quoted as the Bangalore Blogathon coordinator. Yet another moment in my 15 minutes of fame.


Coming soon to town is the Bangalore Blogathon. You hearing that term for the first time aren’t you. Yeah, cause even Wikipedia doesn’t have any page on Blogathon. But no, we Blogalorean’s aren’t the first people who have thought of it.

“In the summer of 2000, blogger Cat Connor decided that a free weekend could be combined with a marathon session of insomnia to have some fun with her personal website. In fact, Cat decided to update frytopia every 15 minutes for an entire 24 hours, for a total of 96 posts over the course of a single day.”

And that probably was the first Blogathon. The same organisation recently concluded the Blogathon 2007.

In India, the Blank Noise Project (BNP) arranged for a blogathon in 2006 on the topic of Eve teasing and Street Harrassment. To quote from the BNP blog:

…you don’t have to run anywhere (thankfully) to participate, you’ve just got to get to your computer this Tuesday (7th March) and post your thoughts on street harassment/ eve teasing on your blog. You can write about anything related to the topic: testimonies, opinions on harassment, comments about the Blank Noise project, would all be great…

Fellow Indian Dr. Mani have made his mark in blogging and new media by his noble project, ‘The Heart Kids Blogathon’ which is an annual 24-hour blogging marathon to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Disease and to generate funding to sponsor life-saving heart surgery for poor children. “During the event which is scheduled in August-September every year, Dr.Mani updates his blog every 30 minutes with a new post – taking no breaks, day and night, for 24 hours”

That said, what Bangalore is going to host in March 2008 is new, innovative and may I say, Big. Wait for my second post of the day to read more about the Bangalore Blogathon India.