When Mr. Das found his wife at BCB5 he decided to adopt his wife’s best friend too…me. Well, I say “he adopted” and he says “aap to dahej mein aa gaye ho” whatever, doesn’t matter, I found a second home that’s what is important.


We used to call Mr. Das’s wife as Lappu in school for some reason I just don’t remember. That Lappu joined the 30s bandwagon today…Yipiee…Happy Birthday Snigs, from now on till 39 it’s the same difference…(and she is all set to kill me for disclosing her age)

Snig’s 30th birthday kicked off watching the last few scenes of Om Shanti Om. I, Aparna and Vinayak were with her when she was entering the 30s with a heavy heart. Ek to 30s ki maar upar se Faraa Khan ka waar… So moved were we, to see this heart wrenching story of losing and finding love, life and friendship that we 4 decided to make our own signature tune. 30 years later when we would be reincarnated this tune would help us locate each other, so to say.

The tune is complete with profound lyrics, soulful tune, traditional music instruments like a bang baddo (musical wooden frog), a discarded guitar, an iktara (single stringed guitar used by Bauls singers of Bengal) and was sung by 4 melodious singers till 3 am in the night, trying out various genres like, hindustani classical, ghazal, thumri, quwalli, bollywood 50s (KL Saigal), bollywood 80s (bappi da’s disco) etc. Finally the quwalli turned out to be the most suitable to the lyrics and occassion.

So here’s the lyrics to be sung to the tunes of the famous quwalli “teri mehfil mein kismet aasmaa ke hum bhi dekhenge” from the film Mughle Azam (well you can steal a tune and still call it a signature tune).

You may wonder why the lyrics are profound yet full of profanity, that’s coz to quickly spot reincarnated people you need to strike the most significant chord from the past life, and you know profanity has always been a part of our friendship like a loyal bitch.

Here goes the song…

aaj peheli taarikh hai pay check milega

mere saare bill kya tera baap bharega?

zoro ki kadki chaai hai, saale teri shaamat aai hai

ATM ki server gai chut ab to meri lag gai gaand hai.

aaj peheli taarikh hai…

jitne the madar chod yaha

sab meri lene aaye hai

maine bhi jo chora kaatil paad

sab ulte paao laut gai hai

aaj peheli taarikh hai…

dating ne le rakhi hai

ishq mein bura hai haal

kapre latte bik chuke hai

chaddi ka bacha sahara hai

aaj peheli taarikh hai…


25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lappu

  1. BTW, this photo is from Pecos when Kreeti had come down to Bangalore. Incidently Vinayak that day was at Bewhaha playing pictionary and was smsing me to find find out what I was doing. We were not seeing each other then. It was early August but he wanted to meet me nevertheless. We met the next day, at Fuga’s over Fuga on fire and therefater the fire has not been doused. :-P

    Thanks for this post sanju the boss. I love you na…will you marry me :-P


  2. Bhery bhery cute….I met Mr. Das in Fuga the next day and thought hes very “bangali” but a cute and the artistic jhola types an absolute opposite of saddi lappu [minus the bangali bit] but then opposites attract :-)

    That reminds me snigdha was obsessed with another name “puja” dont know why…anyways thats what adolescence is all about.

    Sanju dont forget the one night stand with me before you give into matrimony with lappu :-)


  3. @Kreeti, madam, my maa kept that name “Puja” after seeing the film Silsila, but she chnaged it to ‘Snigdha” after realising that Puja is a common name. But by that time the damage was already done becuase my whole colony knew me as Puja which was better than “Bubon” which chnaged to “bhaban” Bhooban, babban so on and so forth…
    The name Snigdha also has been overly abused as “Sni-gadha” so Puja was the safest bet. (You see I have always been smarter than the 2 of u)

    You could not think beyound Kitti (from Kreeti) and Sanjukta has still not moved beyond Sanju. I on the other hand became encounter specialist, Dr. Motion, lappu etc etc. (You see I keep evolving)

    As far as Sanju’s 1 night stand is concerned, all along I thought we were plaing to have a group Orgy. :-( and You ditch me at the last moment.


  4. You bitches.. I have men folks reading this page…those alpha males you know…You two have got one and now you screwing my chances…by labelling me as a lesbian.. :(


  5. Red Thong :-( I aint happy. Sanju will look nice in a golden thong. Silver stockings. Peacock feathered bra, and a HUGE I mean REALLY HUGE head gear.


  6. @Sanju:-3 coconut halves…how mean..what about my behind? You want people to laugh behind me at my “behind”. make that 5 coconut halves. I will wear the 5th one on my head.


  7. If it tickles, let it tickle… I know a dress wala in Darya Ganj who makes tickle resistant dress. last time Sanju used that Dress Wala’s dress. Did not she tell you ? How mean :-(


  8. How crap…you could not have been with her that night becuase you were getting married to Mr. Bhatia. Remember we 2 could not make it to ur wedding. Now you know the reason why the 2 of us missed your wedding together? ;-)


  9. Sorry GUYS my typing skills are really bad. Lot of Typos. I meant what crap and not how crap :-( sorry bout that but lets have a consensus on the costume please. Only then can we plan about our positions and venue.


  10. oh lord…sanju the two timing bitch, snigs i too had a night with her and I thought shes talking about that one, never realized that she couldnt even wait for me to be out of the way [sniff!] gone running into your arms on my wedding day!!!!!! Dhoka diya mujhe [more sniffs!]


  11. Kreeti, you have my empathy. Knowing Sanju I should have known, “wo kisi ek aurat ki nahi ho sakti”. But for the last 1 year, she is quite committed to me. Dresses up to kill you know. She has these huge short kurtas with glitters. She sometimes wears only that kurta, you know ONLY the Kurta. :-P and (wo)man what a sight she is, better than your ostrich camoflage, any day.;-)


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