When Mr. Das found his wife at BCB5 he decided to adopt his wife’s best friend too…me. Well, I say “he adopted” and he says “aap to dahej mein aa gaye ho” whatever, doesn’t matter, I found a second home that’s what is important.


We used to call Mr. Das’s wife as Lappu in school for some reason I just don’t remember. That Lappu joined the 30s bandwagon today…Yipiee…Happy Birthday Snigs, from now on till 39 it’s the same difference…(and she is all set to kill me for disclosing her age)

Snig’s 30th birthday kicked off watching the last few scenes of Om Shanti Om. I, Aparna and Vinayak were with her when she was entering the 30s with a heavy heart. Ek to 30s ki maar upar se Faraa Khan ka waar… So moved were we, to see this heart wrenching story of losing and finding love, life and friendship that we 4 decided to make our own signature tune. 30 years later when we would be reincarnated this tune would help us locate each other, so to say.

The tune is complete with profound lyrics, soulful tune, traditional music instruments like a bang baddo (musical wooden frog), a discarded guitar, an iktara (single stringed guitar used by Bauls singers of Bengal) and was sung by 4 melodious singers till 3 am in the night, trying out various genres like, hindustani classical, ghazal, thumri, quwalli, bollywood 50s (KL Saigal), bollywood 80s (bappi da’s disco) etc. Finally the quwalli turned out to be the most suitable to the lyrics and occassion.

So here’s the lyrics to be sung to the tunes of the famous quwalli “teri mehfil mein kismet aasmaa ke hum bhi dekhenge” from the film Mughle Azam (well you can steal a tune and still call it a signature tune).

You may wonder why the lyrics are profound yet full of profanity, that’s coz to quickly spot reincarnated people you need to strike the most significant chord from the past life, and you know profanity has always been a part of our friendship like a loyal bitch.

Here goes the song…

aaj peheli taarikh hai pay check milega

mere saare bill kya tera baap bharega?

zoro ki kadki chaai hai, saale teri shaamat aai hai

ATM ki server gai chut ab to meri lag gai gaand hai.

aaj peheli taarikh hai…

jitne the madar chod yaha

sab meri lene aaye hai

maine bhi jo chora kaatil paad

sab ulte paao laut gai hai

aaj peheli taarikh hai…

dating ne le rakhi hai

ishq mein bura hai haal

kapre latte bik chuke hai

chaddi ka bacha sahara hai

aaj peheli taarikh hai…