So happy to see a dear friend starting to blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging my friend.

Manasinakkare (Beyond my mind) – by SR

I did notice her blog is anonymous, also figured she isn’t too keen on getting traffic. In her introduction she has only mentioned to be a Mallu migrated to Canada. So I won’t give out too much of details here. But friend, wait and see, soon you’ll start getting traffic, then comments, you’ll start liking the comments, and then you’ll seek more and more of it and then you’ll start raking your brain to get all sort of traffic and recognition for your blog, blog awards, blog shares, money through blog and what not. That’s the system in place.

But knowing you, may be you won’t succumb to the system :)

All, do visit her blog, she’s got some interesting post which says “all men are fucked up” :P


3 thoughts on “There she blogs

  1. all men are fucked up

    Sincere advice from a guy who married a karate black belt – moms know more than we give them credit for.

    Benefits of letting them do all the hard work? Plenty.
    It is tough enough handling a career as it is, WITHOUT the headache of hunting and wooing a soulmate for life. :)


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