A friend called me up and said, “I want you to write about something. You said you write for mutiny, please write about this issue.”

Wow! I thought. People call me up to write about important issues.

So I asked him what was the issue. He said,

President of India visited Hampi last week. For security reasons, the entire city was shut down for the whole week, it was evacuated of all tourists and monkeys. All shops were closed and no hotels lodges were allowed to keep visitors.

His concern was that Hampi is a small place, the only source of income that people have there is the tourism industry. If for an entire week tourism and other related business would be shut down, won’t the businessmen face losses? Who would compensate for that loss?

I heard him and in absolute Bollywood style said, “my friend you have knocked the right door, let me do a quick google on the issue and see if I can find some news piece to link to I’ll write about it. After all that is what blogging is, what mainstream media may not report due to political reasons we bloggers would.” Eventually it was him who forwarded the links.

Although I can’t really claim the authenticity of this issue because I couldn’t find any news / article which exactly raised this concern but that doesn’t mean it can’t be there. If only I could interview somebody who actually went Hampi during this time. One such person has written on this discussion thread on Lonely Planet where a certain tourist says he / she couldn’t enter Hampi during that day and that this decision to paralyse Hampi for a week was not announced on any major English daily.

Also, Times of India reported there was a major drive to drive away all the monkeys from Hampi which faced protest by the localites since they worship the Monkey God.

Had I been a journalist I probably would have gone to Hampi to dig more but since I am only a blogger, so I blogged. If any of the readers here have friends or family living in Hampi they can find out more.


Addendum: For more on this read this comment on Mutiny where this piece is crossposted.