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Faint is the light
Dim is the hope
Cold is my love
Dead is my dream


I would stand
For so long as river flows
I would stand to see
where do all the lovers go


13 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. “For so long as river flows I would stand to see where do all the lovers go”

    What if lover don’t know how to swim ?? will you still “Stand to see ” and see them drowned or will you jump in to rescue them ?


  2. People:- I asked Sanju, “where is this photo takn?”
    Sanju, “taja mahal”

    me, “what? Taza Mahal?”
    uh! Oh! “Taj Mahal”.

    So, Taj Mahal as a back drop can inspire the poet inside anyone, Sanju also is no exception, but, ye kya? The last line of the poetry, “where do all the lovers go” really surprises me.
    Why on earth would anyone be intersted in such peeping Tomish, Voyeristic behaviour. I mean lovers can go to honeymoon suites, public parks, bedroom or any place where they can do “IT”. How is that your concern?”

    In case the question is intended to find out travel itenarary for nice honeymoon destination one can always log on to Google for God sake.



  3. people who come to read sanju’s blog, visit my blog also and leave comments. The best comment writer will win a date with me. Dinner on the house sponsored by Sanju. This effort is to let Sanju find out the answer of where all the lovers go after they had food…also to increase traffic on my blog..


  4. If you make your
    Lights shine,
    Hopes bright,
    Love Warm and
    Dreams alive,
    maybe you can find your lover and join the lovers gang……

    After all how long can you stand!!


  5. @Seema – Nice poetry..

    @Eye for India – Thanks the photo is as good as bad the poetry is :P

    @ Manoj – thanks…but what was beautiful the poem or the pic.. the poem is crap actually :D


  6. While the mosquitoes swarmed. A swan-like boat pulled aside. With a white horse and a prince. He was so old fashioned that he carried no laptop nor iPhone – but a shining sword tucked in ornate case.
    One look and a touch and a kiss, they were transformed and transported to another world far away. Of course a place without mosquitoes.

    @singdha the search ‘honeymoon spot without musquitoes’ yield just 70 results:
    And not very helpful. FYI.


  7. He He.
    With the spelling corrected, the Google search yields 22k results.
    Well ‘so long the river flows’ can even be replaced by ‘so long google returns results’


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