Being talented is not that fun always. At times you have to pay dearly for it.

Now when you know there are about 54 lease documents that you’d have to go through. Read them, understand them and check if what your client is paying to the Landlord in terms of rent is exactly what he is supposed to pay as per the Lease. You know you have to finish this sample audit by 25th of Feb. And on 15th of Feb if you have to email your client, that the Audit is going great guns you gotta be talented to do that.

Immensely talented at the art of procrastination, that’s what you have to be. But then you have to work your ass off on a weekend to save your ass. So I did today. Cursed myself for delaying the work all these days. After all that cursing and working on a Sunday, to make myself feel good I decided to indulge, in the one thing I never mind indulging to any possible extent.

Shop for music. No matter how much you say you can download any track from the internet I find an immense pleasure buying original CDs from Planet M. I do this every 2 – 3 months. Today I bought music worth Rs. 1800/- In January I shopped out of the excitement of having an appraisal. Imagine.


And those are some of the new addition to my collection

I picked up one of my all time favs INXS. Next time may be April I’ll pick up this set of 5 CDs pack of Alternative Rock hits for Rs. 900/- It would be an ultimate collection. Also if anybody can help me get any of the 3 studio albums by Manic Street Preachers I’ll be forever grateful. It’s been some 5-6 years I am looking for them.


EMI has come out with a collection range “Pure”. Each Pure is a set of 3 CDs belonging to a particular. Liked I picked up the “Pure 60s.” Another good collection I picked today was the “Modern Rock Album – Definitive” by Sony BMG music. Prior to this they had released “Modern Rock I and II” both collector issues. Unfortunately when they were released I bought the Cassettes and been looking for the CDs for so long but can’t find it. This present one have mostly new tracks.


Nice weekend I had which finally concluded with a 2 hour long conference call with the Blogathonners.






7 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. I’ll tell you a joke Sanju.

    When the Star Screen Award for best special effects was given to OSO, my wife who hasn’t seen the film (lucky her!) asked me what the effects were about.
    I told her very surprised, “Shahrukh’s six pack of course!”


  2. “Also if anybody can help me get any of the 3 studio albums by Manic Street Preachers I’ll be forever grateful. It’s been some 5-6 years I am looking for them.”
    The following CDs/LPs are available:- Lifeblood, Some Kind of Nothingness, Send Away The Tigers, Generation Terrorists, Gold Against The Soul, Journal for Plague Lovers, Know Your Enemy, Forever Delayed, Holy Bible-England, The Manics X-Posed, This is My Truth-Tell Me Yours, Just The End Of Love, Know Your Enemy-Hidden, National Treasures, Postcards from A Young Man, Everything Must Go, Lipstick Traces,


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