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8.20 pm

I am watching the Filmfare awards ceremony right now on Sony TV. I specially earmarked this evening for this show. Have got some popcorns that I made in the microwave and some apple juice. Well Juice because I’ve already have had enough of beer in the afternoon.

Am I a big fan of Filmfare. Hell No. All my life I have hated filmfare, but could never ignore this necessary evil.

So what I am doing is live blogging my reaction to the biggest show in Bollywood.

The show begin with Father-daughter Kabir and Pooja Bedi presenting the technical awards.

Best choreography – Saroj Khan for Barso re from Guru, Best art direction to Guru, best special effects to Om Shanti Om (OSO) and some more I can’t remember. No personal comments on these awards.

Up next we have neil nitin mukesh performing on stage on the awesome edgy tunes of Johnny Gaddar. Now here’s a problem. Why do we always have to dance in bollywood. I mean cmon this whole dancing with girls thing so does not suits Neil’s image. The reason why i loved him in Johnny Gaddar. Can’t we have a different kind of performance.

8.40 pm

Best sound – Johnny Gaddar,
Best Costume – Gandhi My Father
Best Sound editing – Guru

…and some more there. Ecellent choices.

Ok now we have the real hosts of the show. SRK and Saif. I love Saif but am not so much of a SRK fan, well I hated him all my life too, but now that Aamir has left him way behind in terms of commanding respect in Bollywood I don’t care much about him anymore.

But I am really looking forward to these guys hosting the show and I am sure I’d love the bit where they rip off the critics.

8.54 pm

– SRK mentions the writers strike in America and Saif cracks a joke that in India our story writers are on strike for the last 40 years.

– SRK says to the audience please be relaxed on your seats, we gonna be mean to you, we going to make a lot of fun of everybody present here but please keep it within the family don’t take it outside this home.

8.58 pm

In both female and male debutant category I have not even heard of the other nominations but Ranbir Deepika and Neil. I can’t believe they nominated that guy from Mera pehla pehla pyaar and what…who was it Himesh…!!!

9.05 pm

SRK and Saif are giving away awards to crappy contributions to cinema. Vidya Balan gets award for best wardrobe malfunction. The award is called Na-real award and it resembles a coconut.

This was NOT funny, vidya was definately embarrassed. I wonder the response she gave to SRK was scripted or not.

9.40 pm

Loking at the nominations for best male and female playback singer makes you realise there is so much of talent in bollywood music industry. Just how do you make a choice between Shreya and Sunidhi or KK and Shaan. It went to Shreya and Shaan finally. I won’t complain though Sunidhi is any day a much more talented artist and so is KK.

The lyrics awards befittingly went to Prasson Joshi for TZP Maa.

The best music however was very predicatable and very cliched. I am not such a fan of AR Rehman. He is getting repetative really.

I just realised it’s more fun to twitter my reaction than to blog it here but the 140 character limitation is annoying.

Power awards to Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra. Power List?? What crap is that..Filmfare is such a sucker and LOL this guy while presenting the award said this is a power presentation… as in a Power point presentation :P

Up next we have Himesh Reshamiya without his cap, that’s right WITHOUT the cap. Oh no no no.. the cap is there…and yeah it is red.

9.55 pm

SRK made a grand announcement, “for the first time song and dance performance by this artist as in first stage show” So? What is the big deal. Anyway Deepika Padukone arrives and does a medely of the songs from OSO. Nothing special about the choreography. The same as we have in the movie and in that she is forgetting her steps.

The only real performer we have is Akshay and Salmaan. And Govinda too. Can’t wait to see Akki performing.

10.05 pm

Best supporting male goes to Irfaan. Aamir was in nominations. But I can’t complaint cos I love Irfaan. And then I don’t expect FF to give an award to Aamir, they already made me enough happy by nominating aamir and by giving TZP so many awards. Interestingly while the nominations were being announced there was no clipping of TZP. There was a note, “no clipping made available by the producer.” Well that’s Aamir what can I say.

10.25 pm

See this is what I was saying.. they all have to sing and dance. Vivek Oberoi dancing to the tunes of “we are the bhaais” although the choreography is not that hopeless. Vivek is a great dancer but we don’t want to see him dancing in this song. can’t there be some sort of skit or something, like you have stand up comedy, some sort of stand up scene from the film. I mean they should be creative. It’s not really fun anymore. They are doing this for the past 50 years. Artist dance to the same songs from their movies in the same manner, something we already saw in the movie.

10.40 pm

Rishi Kapoor gets the life time achivement award. Karan Johars goes on and on and on and on in praise of Rishi. Uff this man is one manipulative liar. Like Saif just said a while ago, agar sabke liye accha bolna hota to Karan Johan ko bula lete.”

10.48 pm

Saif and SRK being really mean but really funny. First they gave applaud to Darsheel. Then they say, the little kid from Hey baby called said how could you not nominate me. And then SRK expresses concern that if this continues tomorrow we’d have to nominate Farah’s triplets.

LOL they giving Na-real award for bravery to Ramesh Sippy for sitting through Ram Gopal Verma’s Aag. They actually nominated Ramu but said no the award don’t go to Ramu, not even this one.” Very funny.

10.55 pm

Time for the critic awards and the introduction given by SRK and Saif is the best part of this year’s Filmfare show. Don’t know where can I get the script, I would want to keep the lines as quotes. SRK and Saif says some double meaning suggestive statements about the critics and I love it because I don’t like the critics much myself. Although this critic award and what I mean when I say I don’t like critic but that’s a different topic.


LOL Again. SRK accused Saif of having Kareena tatooed on his arm, (they are supposed to be a gay couple) saif said, that’s not true, and then he took of his coat and showed the tatoo is actually “Karan”. This whole gay joke thing that they started pulling off since Kal ho na ho really cool. They were also joined by Karan Johar, he came and took his coat and revealed that he has tatooed Saif in one hand and Shahrukh in the other. I like these people who are so comfortable using their image in a humorous way. Also part of this team is Akshay. I remember one of his shows where he did a spoof on himself on the controversy of him editing his co stars roles.

I also totally love the way people like Kareena and Saif, or John and Bipahsa are open about their relationship. Commendable to see Kareena thanking Shahid Kapoor when she gets the best actress actress awards.

11.23 pm

Best Film and Best Director Aamir Khan. What a day of achievement for Aamir. What an amazing winner. For years Filmfare ignored him, Aamir and Filmfare’s differences goes so long back, aamir has banned FF in using his name or pic in any of their activity, TZP clippings are not available for the nominations, but FF couldn’t ingore aamir any more. They had to give in they could no longer play the game in their terms..they had to come terms with AK. I respect FF for giving Aamir these two awards even though the differences are so obvious. I would really want to know what went so wrong between these two giants. I once was reading something written on Rang De Basanti and Aamir was being addressed as “the lead actor” but his name was not used anywhere. Few weeks later a fan wrote a letter why did FF not use Aamir’s name. The editor replied Aamir specifically told them not to.

11.33 pm

And akki is here. My fav performer.

So this is the end of this live blog. Nice show, better than previous years because not for once did I feel that some one deserving didn’t get an award. A feeling I have had in every Filmfare awards before this day. One of the simple reason probably is that when you have Aamir nominated in the best actor category, and the awards goes to some one else who is not an actor but a star I cease to respect that award ceremony. But things have changed over the years. AK and SRK are no longer in competition so I don’t frown so much any more. Also, this year Bollywood has made more quality movies than before.

In the same year you have box office hits like Om Shanti Om which is utterly ridiculous yet immensely honest, which commands respect. Respect to Farah Khan for being the only female director, in this very male dominated industry, who manages to pull of such huge star cast with such huge budget. One woman who made a mark and what a thumping mark by not making an art cinema but a huge box office hit.

We have Jab We Met which is so fresh and effortless and which gives us an all new Kareena and Shahid. Respect to both of them for their great work. The movie reflects the efforts put in by both of them.

We have a movie which is about girl power, which gives out the message that girls are not all about Kitchen, which probably has the first queer icon in the butch Komal Chautala of Chak De India team. And this movie is from a banner which is known for its patriarchal and traditional movies, the Yash Raj Films. Commendable. This movie also proved SRK can act. Something even SRK confessed while taking the award, he thanked Shimit for thinking he could do this role and his kids and wife for finally realising he can act although he have 13 of them on his shelf.

We have a Namaste London which inspite of being a mediocre film with a very weak story line managed to be worth a watch and walked the path from Box office to the success window on the sole shoulders of one star the honest, hardworking, disciplined Akshay Kumar. This star deserves so much more than what he have got. He have come such a long way.

Finally we have Taare Zameen Par. I’ll simply let my review rip off posts speak for it.

Every person nominated in each category was equally deserving this year. So I have no complaints against the judgment. Although one would really find it surprising that Aamir didn’t get the best supporting actor, because Nikumbh was one of the best performance of Aamir the actor, but Irfaan is a very talented actor and given the differences Aamir and Filmfare have its ok.