Catalogue for wedding cards. That’s right I came across this awesome series of wedding card designs on India Together

Are you getting married soon or are arranging a marriage for your siblings or children and want to say no to dowry in an elegant and noticeable way? India Together has a simple and no-cost solution for you. Our D-Free wedding card catalogue. Wedding invitations that inform people far and near can be a powerful tool to give prominence to one’s concerns against dowry. A D-Free wedding card can be used in weddings that do not involve any dowry.



Launch the entire catalogue here.  

There are a couple of cool designs there which is a mix of tradition and modernity however if you don’t want to pick the cards in the catalogue you can chose one of the logos from the range of multiple colors Dowery Free Logo which can be put on any card of your choice.


I wonder how many people know about it and even if they know will they ever have the good sense to actually say NO to dowry. I have noticed the affluent educated class in India have been inventing new ways to give and take dowry. True they don’t call it a ‘dowry’. For eg. the other day I heard, the groom’s family did all the arrangements of the wedding and asked the bride’s parents to simply pay up their share in cash. Not a dowry, since you are not spending anything in the wedding its just your share of the usual wedding expenses, fair play eh? 

I don’t think so, any cash transaction looks like dowry to me. Personally the extravganza around wedding and other ceremonies annoys me. I a follower of a socialist mindset in this regard. It’s a crime to spend anymore than the minimum required in a country where people commit suicide because they don’t have enough to eat.

Am reminded of a song by Kabir Suman, title of the track is Dha dhin dhin na and the lines I am particularly reminded of talks about the socialist ideology, don’t accumulate any more wealth  than what you need for the basic survival, and least of all, don’t flaunt your wealth infront of the millions which sleep hungry. .

Aami khaai tumi kaaho,
sakkale khak na.

Keu jodi beshi khaao,
khabar hisheb naao,
jaano na anekeyi bhalo kore khaaye na.

khaoa na khaoar khela,
jodi chale sara bela,
kakhon ki ghate jaaye kicchu bala jaaye na.  


I eat you eat, may everybody eat.
If you eat more, keep a score, coz
don’t you know, many
don’t eat any.

If you play this game,
of having to eat, and not eat
for all day long
you would never know
when would what go wrong.