Catalogue for wedding cards. That’s right I came across this awesome series of wedding card designs on India Together

Are you getting married soon or are arranging a marriage for your siblings or children and want to say no to dowry in an elegant and noticeable way? India Together has a simple and no-cost solution for you. Our D-Free wedding card catalogue. Wedding invitations that inform people far and near can be a powerful tool to give prominence to one’s concerns against dowry. A D-Free wedding card can be used in weddings that do not involve any dowry.



Launch the entire catalogue here.  

There are a couple of cool designs there which is a mix of tradition and modernity however if you don’t want to pick the cards in the catalogue you can chose one of the logos from the range of multiple colors Dowery Free Logo which can be put on any card of your choice.


I wonder how many people know about it and even if they know will they ever have the good sense to actually say NO to dowry. I have noticed the affluent educated class in India have been inventing new ways to give and take dowry. True they don’t call it a ‘dowry’. For eg. the other day I heard, the groom’s family did all the arrangements of the wedding and asked the bride’s parents to simply pay up their share in cash. Not a dowry, since you are not spending anything in the wedding its just your share of the usual wedding expenses, fair play eh? 

I don’t think so, any cash transaction looks like dowry to me. Personally the extravganza around wedding and other ceremonies annoys me. I a follower of a socialist mindset in this regard. It’s a crime to spend anymore than the minimum required in a country where people commit suicide because they don’t have enough to eat.

Am reminded of a song by Kabir Suman, title of the track is Dha dhin dhin na and the lines I am particularly reminded of talks about the socialist ideology, don’t accumulate any more wealth  than what you need for the basic survival, and least of all, don’t flaunt your wealth infront of the millions which sleep hungry. .

Aami khaai tumi kaaho,
sakkale khak na.

Keu jodi beshi khaao,
khabar hisheb naao,
jaano na anekeyi bhalo kore khaaye na.

khaoa na khaoar khela,
jodi chale sara bela,
kakhon ki ghate jaaye kicchu bala jaaye na.  


I eat you eat, may everybody eat.
If you eat more, keep a score, coz
don’t you know, many
don’t eat any.

If you play this game,
of having to eat, and not eat
for all day long
you would never know
when would what go wrong.


8 thoughts on “Dowry Free Catalogue

  1. Nice post and Yes definitely a very good idea by Dowry Free card. I dont think many people know about it.

    I think the best way for any body to celebrate any ceremony which includes 2 or more parties is to contribute. Like In our wedding, both my husband and I contributed and the expense got shared rather than 1 person carrying the entire burden on his/ her own shoulder.


  2. When you said contribute, I thought you meant contribute to the society.. think about it..the amount you or anybody spend in any ceremony..if they’d give away that amount or even half of that amount to some one in need…

    wouldn’t world be such a better place…then.

    In earlier days when there used to be Monarchs, the king used to feed his entire kingdom on occassions like birthdays and wedding. I think that’s how the concept of treat came.

    And what do today’s politicians do on their birthday.. ask Mayawati…


  3. I guess how one would want to celebrate their weddings/ birthdays is individual choice. Yes a noble message and inspirations can be givne by serving the needy but again charity/ donation is voluntary and cant be forced. However, Dowry is a social evil and should be curbed at every step. When I said “contribute” I meant what I wrote which is share the cost of expenditure rather than expect the other party to take care of the daughter’s/ son’s wedding. Whether they want to have a lavish wedding or “daan punya” on that day is a matter of choice.

    Yes I agree, when you are in a responsible position like say “politician” then one can do away with lavish birthday parties if that is celebrated using public money or party fund. If politicians want to use their own hard earned money to have a lavish party then why not.
    I am not really a big supporter of socialism any way and who am I to give gyan to others on how should they spend their hard earned money as long as there is no social evil like dowry or wasting public money is involved.


  4. Ya it is individual choice…true which is against socialism.

    There is no clash here actually I am talking of Socialism you are’s pretty simple :)


  5. Dowry per se is not a social evil. It is an age old tradition to financially secure one’s daughter. Then it became a necessity and now it is more of a demand of the society. Socialism is a very good subject to preach but then how many of us actually walk the talk. Eg: You spent 1800/- on music cds, it was your hard earned money and you spent it for yourself. Did you ever think about donating that much amount?? Answer would be NO, I guess..


  6. Seema,

    Your saying dowry isn’t a social evil, takes the movements against it and whatever progress we have made so far, back in time. Dowry as it stands today is a social evil lets just focus on that…doesn’t matter how it all began.

    On socialism that’s exactly the discussion me and Snigdha had off line. You are right, how many walk the talk and Snig is right it’s about individual choice.. So no body is imposing the theory of socialism on us, but tell me how is preaching socialism causing any harm to any of us?

    Socialism as a thought is not bad, its a failed theory but not a wrong theory. I am not a hardcore socialist but assuming I am. I am not imposing anything on anybody am only preaching a certain thought..a good thought.. if somebody do get influence will that be bad?

    As some one who is part socialist and part individualist there does come times when I think twice before spending unnecessarily on a booze party and do something more meaningful out of that money.

    Had I not known about socialism at all, if the name Marx didn’t ring any bell at all in my mind… I would have never given any thought to the rich poor divide.

    So why do people have a problem with the preachers of socialism?


  7. Coming from Marxist states, we know better how socialism works. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I am also a marxist by thought but practically that way of life just doesn’t work. However going back to Dowry as I said it is just a demand of the society now. So easy to blame the system but it is we who make them. The change has to begin from within. That is why I said, preaching is easy but to practice is way more difficult. It is nothing personal but that’s how individuals are. We always tend to balance our conveniences.

    A Tip: Don’t give dowry when you get married and don’t take dowry when your son gets married. Howzzat?


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