Crazy comments made by anonymous commentator who it seems are supporters of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh on my post “Did you read the Morung Express” on Mutiny. The post is wirtten under the categories popular media, new media and India. I have raised some questions about regionalism in our country and how its been so long we have been not paying enough attention to North-east.

There are some 80 comments at the moment so I can’t be copy pasting all that here. In response to their Islam phobia, their horrific allegiance to Hitler’s idea of pure nation and their talibansied version of Hindutva I have been writing these long comments which by itself are good blog posts. Am composing all my comments in this post because not everybody would be able to go through the entire chain of comments but if you do have time it could be an interesting read. This verbal dual is mostly between me, mutiny founder chacko, a friend Seema etc. at the side of Secularism and anonymous commentators, Smart Opinion, Modern Mullah, Sanjay etc. from RSS Brigade.

Comment no. 21
07 Mar 08, 4:43 am

I will ignore some immensely irrelevant comments here…no prize for guessing who and why ignore.

@ Iqbal, WMWC (Gopal), Chacko
Thanks for getting the point i made in this post and thanks for your inputs.


Either you didn’t read it properly or you didn’t read it properly coz if you did I see no reason why you won’t get it… I guess I’ll sit with you in person with this but to make a few things clear for onlookers….

So we can blame it on us, the people who read these papers.

Long long time ago there was a chicken which lay an egg, no wait there was an egg which hatched into a chicken, no wait again.

Whenever people have to sell trash they’ll give this chicken and egg story. When a film maker would have to make a trash film he’ll say sex and masala is what audience like, but then somebody made a Chake De or TZP and those too worked. That audience which goes for a mindless David Dhawan Comedy also goes for a sensible cinema.

One has to serve the right thing to public and then see.

Now the reason why you’ve not been hearing of these states is that, either you are a Bangalore Mirror addict, which believes that Shah Rukh Khan’s hairstyle is more important than draught in Gujarat, or you, like me, just skip the news items when it comes to these states.

Are you serious? No really, that’s what you think that either I am a Bangalore Mirror addict, I mean “addict”… Or I skip channels when it comes to these states.

Wow you must be really naive to give such an either-or soulution to this issue. I mean wow, just don’t stop reading Bangalore Mirror or stop flipping channels and bam the north east part of India.

As I said you must not have read the post propely I mentioned very clearly the series of incidents that I followed before concluded north-east don’t get enough coverage.

To be honest, I really don’t give a damn about news from Nagaland or Mizoram, or Maharashtra for that matter. All I care about is my state (Kerala) news, Bangalore news (’coz I live here), Delhi news to an extent (’coz its the nation’s capital) and news from a few countries like US, UK, Japan, and a few other African countries (because I’m also interested in social work).

It’s not about what you give a damn about, it’s about to what you better give a damn about if you are a responsible citizen, because it is another citizen’s right that other citizens give a damn about his existence.

Now the reason why you see this news in the Morung Express is because it is a LOCAL online news media, catering to a predominantly East Indian audience. Morung express wont contain other news important to a general audience.

Did you visit Morung Express? Did you read the last para of my post? Sigh I have to quote myself again, “As a website it has created a nice blend of regional and national news. It doesn’t look like they are only reporting Nagaland.” Why only national they have nice coverage of International news too.

Get the point?

I don’t think you made a point in response to the point I made. My point, north-eastern states are almost like another country they hardly have any representation in the nation’s eyes… many factors are to be blamed, central governement, people’s attitude, popular media etc. But you my dear mohan disregarded the point and chose to sell some media sentiments here.

Comment no. 54
07 Mar 08, 11:45 pm

You know people from NIMHANS called, they were looking for volunteers for some of their lab research. I suggested Smart Opinion, MM and Sanjay’s names…I told them, “not sure if these items would volunteer or not but hey, you could TOW them away anyway…it’s not that India would lose anything.”

Last I heard, Hinduism was a progressive religion and Christianity was NOT and Islam was a religion which preaches killing of non Islam….now I hear American (which apparently is Christian) Constitution is blessed with the greatest freedom of speech, what more they freely make jokes about Jesus, but again all these days I was hearing Christians don’t make jokes about their religion at all, it is only Hinduism which is a tolerant religion.

This is a hypothetical question posed at the the freely roaming about public nuisance waiting to be towed away by NIMHANS for their lab tests, “Assuming you have your Hindu Rashtra, just as you want, what would be your approach to reintegrate North-East states back into the nation that is known as India. And when I say “state” I mean the people who would survive the spring cleaning that will happen during the take over from Secularism to Hinduism, if there would be any survivor at all i.e.

Alternatively, you could also answer a simpler question.

“What have been the efforts made and steps taken by the Hindutva flag bearers to make the people of North-east feel that they also are part of this Hindu nation?”

A Hindu mother abandoned it’s illegitimate child, left it to die in the middle of the street, a Christian mother came picked it up, fed it, took care of it and just when the child has begin to feel a wee better the Hindu mother comes frantically running beating chest, hurling abuses at the Christian mother for capturing / converting the child.

Tell you what, bad news for you, no body is spiritual enough to actually listen and understand religious speech and decide which God is greater. People are seeking a change of religion like they go for a change of life style, change of job, change of place, like they move in search of greener pasture, simply because the religion they were born with have failed to give them a life worth living.

If people are being converted in exchange of food shelter education medicine so be it…at least lives are saved, what good a religion do to one, if he doesn’t even have a mouthful to eat.

— If for centuries after centuries all that he and his forefathers have ever got is exploitation on the basis of caste and color – if for centuries his basic rights were denied – if, when the village he lived in was affected by drought, he was denied water from a well which belong to human who were born superior – then why would he not change his religion when some one comes and tells him few nice words, hugs him and says news for you, you are NOT a lesser human.

Why won’t he chose that God which has sent down such representatives who say, “There is only one God that is Jesus, Jesus loves you, and he is your only way to heaven, you don’t have to do much just pray” rather than being with a God whose representative says, “You are not worthy of offering your prayers to God, all your offers and prayers must go through me for I am the blessed brahmin, keep me happy give me good bhojan and you shall go to heaven, you can’t directly talk or see God, in fact you can’t even enter the temple premises because your blood isn’t pure.”

Why won’t he change his religion even though now, those very oppressors are crying out loud “hey don’t go, don’t go, see we have changed, we are now better people, we would no longer treat you badly, here, we abolish untouchability, here we have evolved and got rid of all our bad practices.” He will not. May be he’ll just walk away saying, “well it’s too late, the damage is done, now you pay for it I am off to a better life.” Of course he would walk away.

To the cry babies, my suggestion, why don’t you fight it out in the real ground, why not offer them an even better deal trying to lure them to keep their religion, than what they offer to lure them to convert. If the church offers hut, let the temple offer better huts, if Church offers some few medicines and local clinics let the temple offer swanky hospitals…play your turn man, play your turn, offer a damn good reason and the human shall stay a Hindu.

And hey don’t offer spiritualism alright, no guru gyaan, no vaanis, no shlokas no yogasans from the tapovans, the human needs material good for a better standard of living in the 21st century.

Comment no. 77
08 Mar 08, 11:38 am

wow 80fucking5 comments all in the name of Hinduism v. all other religion

No body gave a good response to my comment no. 54, Nir Mounamed are you?

@smartopinion and other washermen’s dog waiting to be leashed and caged by the municipality

You can shove the Nir whatever and that list of Hindu legacy up your rear…coz I don’t give a damn about any religion at all. It is obvious while we talk about secularism where all religion are believed to be equal you talk about Hinduism v. all other religions.

I am trying to understand what is the root cause of your problem. I think its because either you or one of your previous generation in your greed to earn more and more money, wagged your tail at the whites / americans and left the nation for good.

But now that the crow couldn’t become a swan, he has this new found love for crowism. So there in the swan land he has made his own little community of all crows and preaching crowism to who, the crows back in the home land, those who were until few days back were not even bothered about good religion bad religion and were instead happily going about their day to day lives.

I don’t blame you guys…please spread around your new found love for Hinduism as you understand etc. in the place where you stay coz you need it there, you need some reason to indulge in groupism and feel important about your robotic money making life away from family and friends.

But we don’t need your preaching here in the real India because here everybody is happy the way things are, secular, here all religions did co exist and shall continue to co-exist in absolute harmony UNLESS a foreign hand bearing Hindutva flag pollutes our pure Hindu hearts which never learnt to hate other religions.

You people have no shame, you keep calling us psuedo while you yourselves are the biggest examples of pseudoism. We live here, we don’t need no outsider to come and tell us how things to be, stay out of this you anti national pseudo Indians, you pseudo Hindus working for non hindu companies, adding value to the economic growth of non hindu country, paying taxes to non hindu governments eating non hindu namak in a non hindu raashtra and then by all these hate preaching making a hole in that same plate.

Of the 3 MM seems to have at least some brains, so MM why don’t you logically respond to the questions I raised in comment number 54. How would you re integrate the converts? And what would you do to the non hindus living peacefully in this country as on date. people like our bollywood actors or my friends what is their fate in the hands of Hindutva champion Mr. Modi?


Let’s hear more about this ghar wapsi thingy.. so what exactly happens under it.. how many units operating in how many states? when did it start and how many ghar wapsi happened? Before talking about religion which is highly irrelevant when it comes to ground level problems answer these questions with facts and figures will you.

And btw does the ghar wapsi karyakram includes beghar bacche in US? Are those coming back to India? Bacche log apne apne ghar wapas aajao aap logo ki sab khujli band ho jaayegi, kaha kisne tha doosro ke ghar mein jaane ko?

@ All readers of this comment thread… look at this breaking news…

Comment no 78 smart opinion said:

“I guess this is the cultural difference between the advance USA and the backward Pseudo controlled India which U R living.”

He wants to make a Hindu nation with Hindu culture and he is giving example of cultural advancement of USA….and calls people living in India backward. What more do I have to say.

Yaar when will NIMHANS guys come….badi der kardi.