As Kashmir Singh returns to country and we celebrate, his counterpart Sohail Shehzad has got his own sad story but are we interested?

This Pakistani man was made to go by the Courts and yet he is kept in prison for the past 20 years. Can you believe that. Imagine yourself in prison for one day. And here you have somebody who was declared to be a free man by the temple of law, the Court, in prison for 20 years. I almost couldn’t believe the news piece. I would have thought it is some rumour had it not appeared in Hindu. Here’s an excerpt.

A Pakistani prisoner languishing in a Rajasthan jail has sought the intervention of the Supreme Court alleging that he has remained behind bars despite his acquittal 20 years ago.

Taking note of a letter written by Sohail Shehzad, from the Jaipur jail, a bench of Justices S H Kapadia and B Sudershan Reddy has asked the Centre and the Rajasthan Government to file their replies on his complaint.

 Source: The Hindu

Just that when you celebrate, take a moment to grief for others who are not as lucky as you.