This video released by UNFPA tells the stoy of the unborn who was never born.

Picture this,

India outlawed gender selection and selective abortion in 1994, but the practice still continues.

British medical journal Lancet says 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India in the past 20 years

Source: BBC

Over and over again, whenever talks of female feoticide arises it is invariably associated with the cultural preferences of sons over daughters. Indian culture leaves no doubt about the fact that daughters are a burden and sons are your seeds of good karma. She is a proud mother if she gave birth to a son who excels in career, achieves many a name and fame. And she is a proud mother if she gave birth to a beautiful daughter with good values (later on what good values are later) so that she can be married off easily. ‘Beti paraya dhan hoti hai,’ ‘beti ki shaadi,’ ‘bete ki padhaai’ these are the kinds of phrases we keep hearing as a part of culture.

Are we proud of this culture? Do we want to promote and safeguard this culture. I certainly don’t.

But here we have a whole group, which is only growing by leaps and bounds, which has only one objective in life, to protect and promote this culture, not just that it wants to force this culture on the entire country. We see the supporter of this group taking violence in hand breaking Archies Galleries because apparently Valentines Day is against this culture. Yeah right, whatever was the Raas Leela where Lord Krishna used to steal women’s clothes when they used to take bath in the river. But hey Krishna is God after all.

Arjun, he backpacked all around the country and solemnized a marriage in each city and they say only Islam has polygamy.

According the Hindu tradition and culture a man was always allowed to have multiple wives but women were to practice monogamy.

Now I know they’ll argue Hinduism has evolved and got rid of such unjust laws. Right it did. But can we get rid of the want for a son when according to Hindu holy scriptures only a son can perform parents last rites

Also, we may have got rid of many ill practices, but what is the gurantee they won’t be restored once we let this group have their way. What is the guarantee untouchability woudn’t be re introduced? If this group can seek to change the inherent Secular nature of the country they can seek to go back to the original Hindu culture just as it was thousands of years ago.

I hear a lot of people from the RSS / VHP brigade do a lot of kind talk regarding the plight of Islam women and blame it all on the religion, I want to ask these Pro Hindutva guys, where were you when your Hindu brothers were being unfair to their daughters?

Question is why do we have to discard, bad mouth the whole of religion Islam if the purpose is to simply get rid of archaic culture. We can make laws always. The Supreme Court has the power to discard any law religious or personal, if its found to be against the fundamental rights guranteed by Constitution. If the intention is to give the muslim women a better life, laws can be made, why do we need Hindutva to save them.

And how come you didn’t worry about the muslim women all these years, 60 years, now suddenly you are trying to become the messiah of their fate. Why are you so interested in restoring an unfair culture, not just that you want to make the whole nation a Hindu raashtra where people would follow such Hindu culture which kills it women.

I ask, because you all always attack Islam on religious grounds, does Islam anywhere has anything parellel to what we have regarding your last rites being performed only by a Son?