Holi was good. Nothing much to write about it. I uploaded some pics on flickr, in 2 sets, Pondi and Alleppey’s Holi and Our Holi check them out.


The long weekend was eventful.

Wrote an emotional email, contemplated marriage, got on everybody’s nerve pushing them for Blogathon Admin tasks and then on Sunday evening I went out for a bit to quickly visit the parlour. Parlour was closed, so I thought let me pick up some DVDs from the local rental library, picked up 9 movies. The next thought on mind was, I also need a good ear phone to enjoy the movies, laptop speakers aint enough. So I walked a bit more and reached this electronic shop, checked out a few earphones with mic, picked up one and while I waiting for the shopkeeper to prepare the bill, I did some asking about the many DVD players displayed. The next thing I know, I came back home with a Philips DVD/ MP3 / FM player with 1200 watt PMPO speakers instead of the earphones.

Yet to catch up all the movies that I picked. So far I saw The Darjeeling Limited and Lions for Lambs.


Still from The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited was sweet and nice, directed by Wes Anderson its a story of 3 American estranged brothers Owen wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. Owen who is the eldest of them invite the 2 bothers to join him on a spiritual trip across India to find back the love and emotion they once had for each other. The movie ends with that note exactly. It’s shot entirely in India. Good watch. Incidentally the film is dedicated to Satyajit Ray.


Tom Cruise and Merryl Streep in Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lamb’s directed by Robert Redford is an honest and thoughtful attempt but failed to hit hard enough. Still its worth a watch for Robert Merryl and Tom alone and to reiterate the many quesitons we all want to ask America regarding their so called “war on terror”.

I’ll write about it in details later. Work calling.