My love visited me last night
Glad I am he did.
“I missed you my love,” said I.

Everything I ever had,
I’d let them go.
Of all the things let gone,
it’s only my love that kept coming back.

Last night he came again,
took me in his arms,
led me to the place we’d make love.

A small cluttered place it was.
I couldn’t see anything.
Couldn’t hear either.
Could barely move,
I curled up to fit in.
Curled and shrunk was I,
inside that cold dark silence.

they were looking for me.
“Where are you”, “come back, we need you”
I heard them say.

But I curled and shrunk some more,
in my lover’s arms.
Pained body, mind and soul,
choked voice and sore throat,
we made love.

We made love,
even as tears gushed out.
Even when we were torn,
burnt and worn out.

What is this savage love you ask?
Savage it may be,
But don’t you see?
What he left me with,
This eternal poem I wrote.