My love visited me last night
Glad I am he did.
“I missed you my love,” said I.

Everything I ever had,
I’d let them go.
Of all the things let gone,
it’s only my love that kept coming back.

Last night he came again,
took me in his arms,
led me to the place we’d make love.

A small cluttered place it was.
I couldn’t see anything.
Couldn’t hear either.
Could barely move,
I curled up to fit in.
Curled and shrunk was I,
inside that cold dark silence.

they were looking for me.
“Where are you”, “come back, we need you”
I heard them say.

But I curled and shrunk some more,
in my lover’s arms.
Pained body, mind and soul,
choked voice and sore throat,
we made love.

We made love,
even as tears gushed out.
Even when we were torn,
burnt and worn out.

What is this savage love you ask?
Savage it may be,
But don’t you see?
What he left me with,
This eternal poem I wrote.


20 thoughts on “Savage Love

  1. a nice raw account of passion, of highs and lows
    blessed with rhyme and feelings and a few typos
    but of all written above,
    you carve the idea of savage love
    in a likable attempt of blending poetry and prose


  2. Grammar gone astray somewhere but it is nice. However it gave me a feeling of love being savaged instead of savage love..You see love being savaged denotes heartbreak and savage love represents passion.. :)To your question the other day whether love really exists? Answer is “Yes” and you just know it.. ENJOY!! :)


  3. On the contrary, Grammar is the key element of poetry for the sake of brevity. The basic idea is put forth your thoughts and not to confuse the readers. For eg:
    Everything I ever had,
    I’d let them go.
    (“I would” let them go) is futuristic unlike past tense as you intended.
    But for prose maybe you can ignore grammar a little bit as it is more in detail but grammar still would be the backbone of any composition.
    Hey, These are just my thought and I am not a scholar.. maybe someone knowledgeable can help!!:)


  4. Well… you seem to glorify the idea of savage love… I wonder why!

    I agree with Seema.. Grammar and spellings are as important to poetry as they are to prose / blogposts…


  5. seem to have run out of words, cause everyone above used up most of them(not the grammar part, that portion you can just ignore, because the heart knows not the orthodoxies of grammar), but still, let me add, concise, spontaneous, and rending.

    though i have been reading your blog for quite some time, haven’t commented before, coz am not much of a prose guy, whatever little prose i care for deals with the abstract, so anyway, here i begin on your blog.

    Happened to land in your blog, coz one of my friends, told me, you were just the kind of woman, i was looking out for, but hadn’t seen in a long time, so i wanted to check out if you kind still existed(the fortright, straightforward, no-nonsense kind). wonder of wonders, guess such a kind do exist and with a lot of style to boot. great going.


  6. @ Shooting Star and Gupta Ghost

    Wow..such amazing words for me…Thanks a lot :) Hope it’s aint a april fool prank :)


    You were looking out for me kinds…for? Who was that friend of yours who recommended this blog?

    @Suksy New you’d go Seema way

    @Kalyan Thanks. After a long time on my blog? Didn’t see u around…

    @Seema No matter what I do I just can’t read it in the right flow if I do the grammar correction, so the wrong grammar stays


  7. yes i was. got too bored seeing most of them in their “oooooh gently, am so fragile, avatars” that i thought one day it might become the truth. the ‘for’? is a nice question.

    the answer is “simply”. to feel the satisfaction of confirming that fact to myself, for whatever satisfaction it gives me.(well, actually had promised myself something when i did happen to meet someone of your kind, but i guess thats more than 5 years away, or maybe a lifetime)

    the April was just a coincidence, the rest were facts, or should i say complementary facts :)

    the friend, well……. not somebody you know, my roommate who spends a couple of hours a month reading blogs.


  8. Since you changed the spelling of “Grammer” (from your first comment) to “Grammar”(in your latest comment),I would rest my case. What to do? Wrong spellings/grammar becoming one of my pet peeves now :)

    BTW now I can see which “ghost” is giving you nightmares with terrible pick-up lines. ;)LOL.


  9. Hi

    Guess we are almost namesakes. :) Anyways, the poem is beautiful. Loved it.
    Great blog, yours. Have a great week ahead :)

    PS: My primary blog is, and not this wordpress one. Just though I would tell in case you would like to visit. :)


  10. कहे तो कहे कोई , मुझे दीवाना ,
    निशब्द हे जो मेने पाया हे ,
    सौंदर्य की इस धiरा में , खुद को ,
    आज मेने बहाया हे ,
    अस्तित्व की खोज ही थी ,
    जिसने तुज तक पहोचाया ,
    तेरा दiमन ही अब मेरा परस्तिश हे ,
    तू ही मेरा खुदाया हे , खुदाया हे…..


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