The Blogaloreans are meeting again. This Saturday, 12th April 08. On agenda this time is something beyond blogging, an attempt to know our favourite city, Bangalore, how? See below.

Venue: Bangalore Traffic Police Park on St. Marks Road.

So why this venue?

Simple reason – Not everybody knew about the park, as a Bangalorean we all should, and now we do. The park is described thus on the Bangalore Traffic Police’s website “This traffic park has a facility to train citizens and students in road safety and traffic rules.” So you know, may be it would be a good idea to visit the place and find out what are our traffic administrators are upto, something worth blogging about may be?

Time: 4 pm onwards


  • To ask and answer all possible questions on Blogathon India April 2008
  • To revisit the concept of Blogathon
  • To brainstorm on how we can make it bigger and better and how to reach out to more non bloggers.
  • To strategise our participation, role and responsibility in the BCB6

Please blog about it. Please mark your attendance in the comments section.