A lot of things have happened in the recent past, some never before incidents. All of them together has made me write a thousand words with many emotions, I cringed a thousand times too to express them all but I couldn’t. I am now going into a long silence, I just can’t express what I am going through not even on my blog. May be couple of months later I would. Till then it would be difficult to update this space.

I am taking a break. I would continue writing in another blog but that I shall keep secret for a while.

As a last update from my side, I was live on air on Radio Indigo today, giving a full length interview  on Blogathon.

Paulo Coelho said in ‘The Alchemist’ “If you really want something hard enough, whole world conspires to get you to it” Seems to be true for me. Fame is what I wanted and I get it without doing much for it. Today on my way to the Radio Indigo studio I felt I was stepping into some one else’s share of fame, but I didn’t do it deliberately, destiny had it that way. They all conspired to make me famous.

Today, I am the face of Blogathon, but to disclaim my fame, it wasn’t my idea. There was one person who gave the idea, then there was another who took it forward, then there is a team which has put in a lot of efforts in the website and other tech stuff, there is somebody who designed the logos and other badges. Unfortunately as a coordinator I can’t even take all these names, for the fear of missing other names, after all every effort is worth a million no matter how big or small.

Someone dear is losing charm for the things he once held dearly, if i could, I’d do anything to put it all back to the way it was, but he won’t tell me how.

I am signing off for an uncertain period of time…but I will be back.