Seriously, I have never heard anything more ridiculous than this.

A rape convict who shares his name with the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru left the Supreme Court frowning.

The apex court observed that such culprits had no right to share names with exalted national leaders.

“You have committed a rape and share the name with Jawaharlal Nehru? It is a disgrace for the national ethos,” a vacation bench of Justices Arijit Pasayat and P P Naolekar observed.

The apex court which reserved its judgement on the alleged rapist Nehru alias Jawahar, remarked that it was high time that something was done to change the names of criminals who have their names after national icons.

[Emphasis added by author of this post]

Never heard Hon’ble Supreme Court making a comment on something so trivial ever before. What’s wrong with them. Sure let’s have a new law, The Change Criminal’s Name Act, sure we have all the time in the world to draft the new bill, table it, debate it, protest it, codify it and then once codified we have all the resources in the world to appoint implementing authorities etc. “It’s high time” the Hon’ble Apex Court say. ‘High time’ really? We sure have the statistics on how many such criminals with high profile names are already there?

Funny to say the least. And Mr. Shakespeare don’t you ever dare ask “what’s in a name”.